A Quiet Hawaiian Christmas

xmas 001

Christmas was almost a month ago but I still want to tell you about our quiet little Hawaiian Christmas.

Mid-December I decided to get Chris an early Christmas present. You can see the video here.

Our actual holiday festivities didn’t feel super holidayish or festive. To be quite honest, it didn’t really feel like Christmas. I wasn’t as homesick as I was last year because it didn’t feel like the holidays. The weather wasn’t cold, the few Christmas lights that I did see just made me feel like some rednecks left their lights up through the summer, and our decorations were just a tiny tree in a tiny bedroom.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t that disappointed. Since it didn’t feel like Christmas, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. To make it even less Christmassy, I wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t feel up to making our traditional Christmas Eve dinner OR even eating anything sweet. A weird Christmas indeed.

Since we didn’t have very many presents and there are only two of us, I came up with a little game to make Christmas morning last a little longer.

xmas 002

Before either of us could open a present, we had to pick a slip of paper from a jar and do the activity it described.

Some stuff was basic like eat breakfast or get dressed. Others were more fun like play with something you opened, have a bicycle race, watch a Christmas movie, bake cookies.

My favorite one was the first one we drew out: Make a list of things you love about each other.

Well the morning didn’t last as long as I had hoped because Chris is like a little kid and we started opening presents at around 6am or so.

xmas 003

Little did I know there was a good reason for that…he was just so excited for me to open my big present. One that had been staring at me from the top of our dresser for a few days now. The shape didn’t resemble anything I could imagine but this is the same guy who wrapped a ring in a huge box with a rock in it and another box and another until I finally got to the ring about 3 boxes down. He’s cute that way.

Once I tore off the front layer of wrapping paper, this is what I found: Super Laptop Upgrade Device- by Dell. An interactive gift…the best kind!

**Back story: I’ve had my laptop for 5 or 6 years AND it’s a hand-me-down. It’s sort of a piece of crap. What I really wanted for Christmas was a macbook pro but I knew we couldn’t afford it. So I told Chris that any new computer would be great.**

SO then he handed me a dollar coin to put into the upgrade slot of my choice. My options were: standard upgrade, super upgrade, or ultimate upgrade. Obviously I chose ultimate upgrade.

The instructions then told me to insert my old dell into the labeled slot receiver.

So I did, and out of the other side came a big computer sized box. The box was wrapped, so I set it down and unwrapped it. And wouldn’t you believe it, it wasn’t a Dell after all…

xmas 004

I got my Macbook Pro!!!! I actually cried when I opened it, no joke I totally started crying. My cute, perfect husband got me the only present I really wanted even though it was out of our budget and we couldn’t afford it. (Let me be clear, we had the money, we didn’t go into debt for this computer. But we are not made of money and there were other things we could have spent that money on).

So Chris spent my whole Christmas budget on one present (and overspent about $900). But to make me feel better he wrapped boxes of nothing for me to open so it looked like I had more than one present. I asked him to please not do that again because it’s sort of sad to open an empty box, #thanksbutnothanks.

Anyway, it was a good pretend Christmas that didn’t feel like Christmas. We were both happy and I spent the rest of my day playing with my new toy and calling our family.