“Oh the Places You’ll Go” Graduation Party

places 007

After a little Pinterest searching I came up with this cute theme for my little sister’s graduation party. It ended up taking longer than I expected to put together but it came out exactly as I had envisioned it in my head. I love it when that happens.

You’ll have to excuse my horrid photography skills. Maybe someday I’ll be able to take good photos for my blog so it’s not so miserable to look at. (In fact, my SIL is doing an awesome series on her blog for beginning photogs that I will absolutely be taking advantage of. Check it out here.)

places 001

places 002

^^Guests were greeted with a map that let them predict the course that Maddie’s life would take. They could make her path across the United States and label any big life events like college, jobs, marriage and other silly, random things

places 003

^^My parents house is split level and so guests arrived to a view of the stairs. Pictures along the staircase served as a timeline of Maddie’s life, starting with her infancy and ending in her senior pictures.

places 004

places 005

places 006

^^An old window I found in the garage became the perfect rustic picture frame for the hearth. I didn’t have time to track down any gorgeous vintage suitcases or trunks so I made do with the hideous luggage I found in my parents attic. I think it worked.

places 008

places 009

^^Three chalkboards dispersed throughout the living and dining area held quotes from the Dr. Seuss book. I used places from the book to make a little arrow sign that was tied to the staircase.

places 013

places 010

places 011

places 012

^^Hot air balloons made from hanging paper lanterns and wicker baskets were the perfect receptacle for notes for the graduate. Notes for boy problems, her first day of class, her first exam, her first final, if she feels stressed, and if she needs a pick me up.

places 014

^^A die cut made this map/heart garland 100 times easier to make.

The party was a blast and the house was packed. I can’t take credit for the food though. That was all my mom. But doesn’t it look so YUMMY? (It was!)

places 015

places 016

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