Goat Island

goat 001

Goat island isn’t far from shore in Laie, Oahu. In low tide it’s (fairly) easy to walk from the beach to the island and believe me, the trip is well worth it.

What you need to know:

Water shoes are a necessity for walking across the rocks and the reef to reach the island. And don’t bother bringing lots of stuff with you. (We brought a cooler and it was just a big hassle). The area you walk across is right where waves from either side of you break, so it is a bit of a balancing act. Expect to get wet.

goat 002

goat 004

Once there you can take your time walking around the whole island and enjoying the view, the sea life, and tons of shells. We had a blast sifting through shells and found some really beautiful ones.

goat 003

goat 005

On the left side of the island (If you’re looking at it from the shore in Laie) is probably the best beach I have ever been to! The sand is so soft and white that I wanted to roll around in it. There weren’t many people there, which was nice because the beach is small. And I assume the walk through the water discourages lots of tourists from going there.

 Verdict: Do it!

Don’t bother with a towel (you’ll get wet on the way back) just leave one in the car. Bring a small bag with a bottle of water and sunscreen and WEAR WATER SHOES!