Are you a true Gilmore Girls fan? Take the quiz!

gilmore-girls fan quiz

These aren’t cheap questions about random actors and history of the set or writer, these are all about the content of the show. No cheating! I’ll post the answers at the bottom. Don’t look until after you’ve given it your best shot! Then tell me how you did in the comments below. Give yourself 1 point for each one you got right and 2 points for the bonus.

Then you can show this post to your friends and make fun of me for how crazy I am. I don’t mind.

The True Gilmore Girl’s Fan Quiz!

001 What was Kirk’s name in the second episode before he was actually the repeat character, Kirk?

002 Why was Lorelai late on Rory’s first day at Chilton?

003 Why does Lorelai shout Copper Boom as she’s getting Rory moved in at Yale? (Be specific)

004 How did Lorelai hurt her back the night of Rory’s dance at Chilton?

005 Name 4 characters that are talked about but you never see.

006 Who runs the Stars Hollow Bookstore?

007 What was Rory reading when Dean watched her reading in the park before they met?

008 What is Lorelai referring to when she asks Luke, “Is it it’s first time away from it’s mother?”

009 When did TJ have the “lap” epiphany?

010 What does Jess say when he first meets Rory and sees all of her books?

011 Where do Sookie and Jackson get engaged?

012 What does Lorelai start calling Dean after the dance when Rory stayed out all night?

013 What color did Lane dye her hair?

014 When Lorelai first gives Dean a tour of their house what does she say they use the oven for?

015 When Lorelai and Rory play 1,2,3 he’s mine, who does Lorelai get?

BONUS What did Luke break when he was helping Lorelai find Rory’s chick class assignment that got loose? (Be specific)


Answers: NO PEEKING!

001 Mick 002 Her alarm clock didn’t purr on time. 003 Rory was talking about how many beauty products she’s accumulated as she packed them for Yale while Lorelai was upstairs getting ready and said it used to be a dab of copper tone and bing bang boom you’re out the door. All Lorelai heard was copper and boom. 004 Rory’s dress made a pass at her. 005 Al from Al’s pancake world, Mr. Twickham, Lane’s dad, Kirk’s mom. 006 Andrew. 007 Moby Dick. 008 His tiny TV he was watching in the diner while Jess was up in his apartment. 009 At a strip club for his bachelor party. 010 “Aren’t we hooked on Phonics?” 011 At the bid a basket festival. 012 Narcolepsy boy. 013 Purple and black. 014 Shoes. 015 Kirk. Bonus: Lorelai’s lemon lamp.