Full House

My family got into town this past week!! My Aunt Darla, and her three kids Savannah, Sierra and Jack and then my mom and little sister, Maddie. I had 8 people in my itty bitty two bedroom apartment! But it was such a blast and I was so happy that everyone was here. It had been over a year since I’d seen them and that’s just too dang long!

In lieu of telling you everything we did, take a look at these fun pictures:

full 001

full 002


Chris helped my cousin make his own vivarium

full 003

full 004


^^Trying on clothes at Target (35 Weeks)


full 005


^^Getting food ready for our 4th of July picnic



full 006

full 007

full 008

full 009

full 010

full 011

full 012

full 013


^^Some charms for a necklace from my mom. C for Chris, J for me, and E for baby girl.

full 014

^Trip to the Salt Lake Temple

full 015

full 016

^^My mom and Aunt threw me a little surprise  baby shower and one of my favorite dessert joints