I think I often overlook the significance of Easter. I usually think of egg hunts, deviled eggs and lots and lots of candy. This year we had the chance to spend Easter weekend listening to council from the leaders of our church and it was a good reminder of why we actually celebrate Easter.

If you need the reminder, watch this short but powerful video put out by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka LDS or Mormons).

On Friday afternoon, Evelyn and I made some Easter crafts. And by that I mean, I was trying to make cute Easter crafts and she just wanted to play with the mini pom-poms. Maybe still a tad young. She liked her bunny hat though and kept asking, “bunny, hat, wear?”

easter 001

easter 002

easter 003

General Conference was wonderfully uplifting as always. My sister, Maddie, and Christopher’s sister, Caitlin are both in school at BYU and came over both Saturday and Sunday to watch with us. I have to admit that it’s harder to pay attention when you’re hanging out with people you like and just want to chat with.

We let Evelyn open her basket on Saturday so we could munch on candy during conference. The first thing she saw was the little stuffed Elmo and she hasn’t put him down since. She especially  loves sharing her meals with his wide open mouth and frequently sings, “La la la la” from the intro to Elmo’s World.

easter 004

easter 005

She really got into her Easter basket this year, playing with the toys and opening the eggs to find candy. It’s amazing how much she’s transformed since last year. I think we overwhelmed her with candy though, because she didn’t eat or sleep well the whole weekend.

easter 006

easter 007

In between sessions I had to help Chris with a work errand and he rewarded me by taking me out in this baby, a Dodge Viper R/T 10. Oh em gee it felt like I was on a roller coaster! If I didn’t trust my husband so much I might have feared for my life. That thing has the roar of a lion. I get shivers just remembering the ride. We didn’t make it back before the afternoon session started, so we were rolling around with the windows down listening to conference on the radio haha. SO baller.

easter 013


On Saturday afternoon we all headed into the backyard to enjoy the sunshine and play some ridiculous games like stretch, a rope swinging competition, and a cartwheel race. You can see more photos from the afternoon on my instagram (follow @bossyjocie_).

Sunday we hung out in sweats and pajamas, watched conference, ate more candy, and finally decorated some eggs. Both Maddie and Caitlin were determined to beat Christopher’s egg from last year. I think Caitlin won.

8 mo 003

^^Christopher’s egg(s) from last year

easter 009

^^Caitlin’s egg. Why yes, that is Christ’s tomb.

easter 010

^^And oh look, Mary is on the other side.

easter 011

^^It’s Rapunzel and Pascal!! Maddie made this one.

easter 012

^^And mine is a cupcake to symbolize my most frequent pregnancy craving.

  • Mallory Elise Morris

    Those eggs are super impressive!