Idle hands make Jack a dull boy…or something like that (amiright?!). There’s no better way to take care of idle hands than some awesome do it yourself projects! In the links below you’ll find tutorials, ideas, inspiration and even some free stuff!

For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest page. 

Parties–Click here

You know those pinterest perfect parties that you crave? They’re not as impossible to come by as you think. Check out these parties to get help on making it happen all by yourself (with my help of course.)

Printables–Click here

Printables for art, organization and everything in between. The best news is, you didn’t have to make them! Just click and print. Easy as 1, 2.

Projects–Click here

I get great ideas from pinterest but I can’t always find a great tutorial to go with them. Check out the projects link for tutorials on everything from thrift store makeovers to holiday decor.