DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

bottles 000

This tutorial is so easy, you  just need a little extra time and patience. Once they’re done, the bottles add the perfect rustic touch to any room.

bottle collage


  • 3 bottles of varying shapes and sizes (See shopping tip)
  • twine and yarn, your choice of color
  • craft glue and or hot glue & gun
  • a few flowers to garnish it

001 Starting with the first bottle, squeeze some glue around the top in a zig zag shape. Do enough glue that you can wrap your yarn around a few times. The glue won’t dry too fast.

bottles 001

bottles 002

002 Wrap your yarn around tightly, leaving no gaps. Cover all the glue.

bottles 003

bottles 004

003 Continuing to hold the piece of yarn with one hand so it doesn’t unravel before the glue dries, add more zig zags of glue further down the bottle. Don’t be afraid to do quite a bit of glue. You’ll have time to wrap the yarn before it dries.

004 Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get to the bottom of your bottle and then decide where you want the back to be and use a dot of hot glue to fasten the end of your yarn.

005 Repeat with remaining bottles. Then add your flowers for a finishing touch.

bottles 005

Shopping note: Since the condition of your bottles doesn’t matter, I’d recommend getting them at a thrift store, so you don’t break the bank. Keep in mind that the more different curves and edges the bottle has, the more difficult it will be to  make your yard smooth.

I just had my bottles laying around, but they had so many edges and curves that I had to wrap low at a curve so the yarn would stay put, and then wrap above it. So they didn’t turn out as smooth as I would have preferred.