DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art Tutorial

You’ve seen it before, now you can make it yourself:

tp art 002

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

“I’m sorry, did you just suggest that I hang toilet paper rolls on my wall? I may be poor but I don’t want to show it in my decorating. “

Before you turn it down, do your toilet paper rolls look like this?

bedroom 005

“No they don’t,” you might say, but what you should be saying is, “Not yet.”

Several months back I made this flower hanging and then I saved up a ridiculous amount of toilet paper and paper towel rolls and decided to make something for the holidays. So yes this tutorial is a tad late, but pin it for next year if you want to make that cute Christmas tree you see above! And in five easy steps no less.

Step 1: Save some Toilet Paper/Paper towel rolls

tp art 003

Step 2: Fold and Cut

tp art 004

tp art 005

And try to cut into 5 evenly sized pieces. You can measure it if you want, but it seemed like too much work for me.

Step 3: Design

tp art 006

tp art 007

tp art 008

Play around with different designs until you find something that you like. It’s super versatile so you can make it as big or small or in any shape that suits your needs.

Step 4: Glue and clip to dry

tp art 009

For the record, this is way to much glue. You only need a little dot. It spreads once you push the two pieces together. You can use craft glue or even wood glue works great.

tp art 010

It’s helpful to make your design first and then just glue pieces a few at a time so you don’t forget how you designed it.

tp art 011

Since it would really suck to hold something together and wait for it to dry, I use clothes pins and bobby pins. They’re the perfect size that they can fit around each other to glue pieces that are close together.

Step 5: Paint

tp art 001

I chose the cheapest spray paint possible since the goal of this project was to spend time not money.  But if you’re doing your design in black I would recommend a metallic spray paint.

And Viola! You just made a toilet paper roll wall hanging, Congratulations! Now hang it up so you can sit and admire it.