50+ DIY Mason Jar Ideas

I have this habit of saving mason jars. I’m not even sure why, but I do. I save baby food jars and pickle jars and pasta sauce jars. I am Jocelyn, (Hello Jocelyn) and I am a jar saver.

mason jar header

So what in the world can I do with ALL THESE JARS? I figure it’s about time that I figure that out. So I scoured the internet and came up with 50+ uses for mason jars. Click on the links to find the tutorials. It’s like your own little mason jar encyclopedia.

001 Flower vase

002 A place to put change

003 Use as a glass

004 A place for a tea light candle

005 A cute light fixture

006 Paint the inside

007 A place to keep office supplies: paper clips, thumb tacs, pencils…

008 A rustic toothbrush holder (just add a decorative twine bow)

009 Hand soap dispenser

010 Container for a gift

011 To hold make-up and brushes

012 To hold cupcake liners

013 To store large spoons and spatulas in the kitchen

014 Put a cookie or cake mix in it as a gift

015 Hold bathroom essentials like cotton balls and q-tips

016 As a bird feeder

017 Poke a hole in the lid and use it to store string or ribbon

018 Wrap rubber bands around it

019 Fill it with vacay momentos for a memory jar

020 Pack a salad in it

021 Make it into a Christmas tree ornament

022 Use it to hold utensils and straws at a party buffet

023 Use colored sand to make sand art

024 Paint stars and stripes for the fourth of July

025 Store a cupcake

026 Grow herbs

027 Store spices

028 Store art supplies like paint brushes, markers, colored pencils…

029 Store craft supplies like beads, glitter, and buttons

030 Make them into tiki torches

031 Paint Frankenstein, a jack-o-lantern and a ghost on them for Halloween

032 Use them to hold pinwheels

033 Hang them from ribbon at different lengths for a cute backdrop

034 Make it into a sewing kit with a pincushion on top

035 Use it as a glass and make the lid a coaster

036 Make it into a snow globe

037 Grow succulent plants in them

038 Use it for a child’s piggy bank

040 Paint bunnies and eggs on them for Easter

041 Make a pie in a jar

042 Fill with candy

043 Make a salt scrub

044 Adhere the lids to the under side of a shelf for hanging storage

045 Make cute lids by gluing toy animals to the top and painting them.

046 Paint white orange and yellow to look like candy corn for Halloween

047 Store nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware

048 Make a little scene inside, like a snow globe without water

049 Frost the outside

050 Affix the side to a board for another type of hanging storage

051 Decorate with sheet music (maybe even punch out a heart and stick a candle inside

052 Spa night in a jar

053 Mason jar lid wreath

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday! I’m going to a water park!