Disney Princess Photo Shoot

[These photos were taken approx Sept/Oct 2016. I’m just very belated on blogging ok?]

Like most moms, I’m kind of addicted to my kids (when they’re not driving me insane). I may be a little biased when I say this, but my daughter is cute enough to be at toddler model/actress status. A friend of mine is a really talented photographer and when I told her about this idea I had for a photo shoot (derived from pinterest of course) she lit up and we scheduled a date right away.

A couple Christmases ago, I bought Evelyn a set of 5 Disney princess dresses for super cheap on Black Friday. Combine that with her most recent birthday and generous grandparents and you have the recipe for an incredibly adorable photo shoot.

Scroll down and enjoy.


Why yes, she is combing her hair with a fork…er uh…dinglehopper.

She was singing in her best Ariel impression, “Ahh ahh ahh, ahh ahh ahh” ( You’re singing it now aren’t you?)

The infamous lost slipper

I’d like to picture Anna as a child was adventurous and played outside, barefoot by her lonesome (cause Elsa wouldn’t play with her.)

You guys. She’s in a tree. AND holding a frying pan. Like can you even right now?!

Granted the real Rapunzel swung on a rope made of her own hair. But this is cute too. Story moment: Evelyn as Evelyn and not as Rapunzel swings on this rope swing all the time.

As close as I’d like her to kissing any boys for a real real long time. (or ever.)

Her favorite princesses go between Ariel, Aurora, and Anna (because Elsa is a queen..duh.)

She really is this sweet and adorable when she first wakes up. It’s the sweetest thing in the mornings, “MOM! GOOD MORNING!” My heart is so full.

My little princess might not always act as sweet and regal as she looks in these photos, but she fills my life with joy and excitement. Her imagination keeps me on my toes and our days are frequently filled with laughter. Being a mom is hard every single day. And yet, every single day I am reminded of why it is so worth it.