Koko Head Hike, Oahu

koko 001

My legs are shaking just remembering this hike. This one was much different from Manoa. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Instead of the hike being beautiful and the end result being sub par, the hike is extremely difficult and grueling but the view from the top is so worth it.

What you need to know:

The Koko Head hike Oahu is not for the faint of heart. Is is not a hike for children or strollers or people who are extremely out of shape. The hike consists of about a million ‘stairs’ up to the top of a mountain. The so-called ‘stairs’ are in actuality railroad ties, and they don’t exactly make the hike a lot easier.

koko 002

There are many places where the steps are difficult to walk on and some places there is cement filled in the middle making it very easy to lose your balance and fall.

The steps just get steeper and steeper and steeper, the further up you go. There are no switch backs. Just the steepest hike of your life. And there are no hand rails. Just you, the other people hiking, and the constant fear that you are going to go tumbling to your death. I might be over exaggerating. a little.

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Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

HB 001

So I have been in Hawaii for almost three weeks now and I FINALLY went snorkeling at the bay that is a 10 min drive from my house. It also happens to be the bay where I will be working everyday. What have I been doing with my time?! Oh yeah… Being lazy and reading 5 mystery novels. Well better late than never I suppose.

Anyway, we bought snorkels and masks and flippers at Wal-Mart and spent probably 45 minutes of our late afternoon swimming.


The fish at the bay swim all around you. It’s crazy! They are everywhere! We saw like schools of fish and random lonely fish and rainbow fish and fish the size of dinner plates. I’m not gonna lie the fish scared me a little at first. But they were so beautiful and it was so fun to watch them eat off he reef.

The prettiest fish I saw was so gorgeous! It had an electric blue spine and it was mostly light green and had little splotches of pink and purple. AH! I cannot describe how beautiful it was!!! I wanted to take it home. I am determined to buy an underwater camera.


But by far the coolest thing we saw was a SEA TURTLE!!!! It was so cool. We literally just followed it around for a while and watched it eat off the reef. It was so cute. It kinda looked like it was flying through the water.

Oh, it was such a fantastic trip! I discovered, with the flippers, if I swam with my feet together I could go faster. Made me feel like a majestic mermaid. I probably looked like a fish out of water, flopping around, but I felt like a mermaid.

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Manoa Falls, Oahu

manoa falls header 001

Out of all the things there are to do in Hawaii, I think hiking is my favorite. That’s all apart of the fun of coming to a place like this; enjoying the beauty of nature and how different it is from wherever you came from. Because believe me, it’s different.

And out of all the hikes, Manoa Falls, Oahu is by far my favorite.

The hike is so beautiful and green and you see plants and trees that you have never seen before.

manoa falls 004

You are hiking through this jungle of trees and tropical rainforest and then all of a sudden there is bamboo all around you that came out of nowhere. It’s so incredible.

manoa falls 008

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Turtle Bay, Oahu

header 2

My time spent at Turtle Bay, Oahu was way too short! The beach is gorgeous and is the backyard of a resort. I went there on my second day here and we just walked around and waded in the water a little.

Turtle bay 001

We were lucky to be there for the sunset and it was absolutely incredible. And I have the pictures to prove it.

I definitely want to go back and spend more time there.

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How we ended up living in Hawaii

I have made a goal to live my life in constant search for adventure. Life is just too short to waste time doing something that you hate. Now granted I am not a very big fan of school, but school is just one of those things that you do so that you can have bigger and better adventures in the future. And school is really an adventure all on its own. I mean my school adventure included getting married for goodness sake.

So now you’re wondering what in the world this adventure is that I keep going on and on about. Obviously I must have some sort of adventure planned or else I wouldn’t even be bringing this up.

Well how about this. I’ll let you guess, here are your clues:


ended up in HI 001


ended up in HI 003


ended up in HI 002

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