Home Update: Living above ground

Guys. GUYS! I am not a sole basement dweller anymore! It’s true, I have moved to the land of the living, above ground!! Can you even believe it?! It sort of feels like it happened all at once but then I remember that we started this process of applying for permits over a year ago.

When Chris’ dad came into town, crap got done. When he got here there was a big whole pile of nothing upstairs. By the time he left, the floors were tiled, the cabinets and most of lighting was installed, the closet shelving was installed, the painting was started, the doors and trim were in and the railings for the stairs were in. It was magical to watch.

While they were doing all that I found and scheduled our carpet and countertops so when he left we mainly just had finish painting before the carpet came in (not a necessity but makes it easier to not drip on new carpets.)

We were so eager to move upstairs that we didn’t even mind that things weren’t finished. My necessity was a toilet for those midnight bathroom runs. Since moving up Chris has gotten all our appliances working and even the kitchen sink. We still don’t have working sinks in the bathrooms and we have to go downstairs to shower but we’re getting it all done a little at a time. Hopefully it will be 98% done by the time baby boy decides to show up to the party.

Well I know most of you are looking at the pictures anyways so, I’ll just stop typing now.

First some work in progress pics:

update 001

^^When Chris’ dad was here I was trying to be helpful so during one of Evelyn’s naps I took a massive shopping list to Home Depot and was absolutely exhausted by the end.

update 002

^^The nursery sans carpet

update 003

^^The kitchen sans appliances

update 004

^^Living room pre-carpet. I’m seriously so happy with how all my paint colors turned out!

update 005

^^Entry way and stairs

Our house in its current state:

update 006

^^Living room. We got a new (to us) couch off KSL (classifieds) for some temporary seating upstairs. When we save up and can get the furniture we really want this will go into the basement.

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Exploring Philadelphia

This is the third in a series of posts about our 5th anniversary vacation. View the first post on Maryland here, and the second post on Washington DC here.

000 header

Our day trip to Philadelphia was honestly the highlight of my trip. The original plan was to go to New York City for the day but after our exhausting afternoon in DC and the prospect of 6 hours of travel time round trip, Chris wasn’t too crazy on the idea. I was super disappointed at first, but looking back on how great our day was I don’t even mind that it was spent in Philadelphia instead of NYC.

001 bridge

I did a little research the night before and had a long list of places I wanted to try and see while we were in town. Philadelphia is obviously a really historic city but not being a big history buff myself, I really wanted to do some other ‘fun’ things besides just taking a history class. But Chris took a look at my list with a loud groan. He is the history buff kind of guy and wanted to take advantage of being in such a historic city.

Free Activities

002 liberty bell

Much like DC, there was a lot of free stuff to do. We took a quick walk through the Liberty Bell museum, got a pic of the bell and moved along to Independence Hall. I still don’t really get the big significance of the Liberty Bell.

004 independence hall

You have to get tickets for the tour at Independence Hall but they’re free. You just pick them up at the information center across from the Liberty Bell. The tour was actually pretty cool. I liked our tour guide and surprisingly I wasn’t bored even though my attention span and interest level is similar to that of a 15 year old girl.

003 philly

^^This is where the magic happened. Washington sat in that chair at the front

The US Mint (where they make money) is right across the street and also free, but we decided to skip out on that one.

005 philly


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Washington, DC

This is the second post in a series of three on our 5th anniversary trip. You can read the first one here.

dc 011

Washington DC is such a fun city and I love how much there is to do there for free.

It was one of the selling points to my husband. We could go on a trip and do cool stuff without having to pay a fortune.

Our original plan was to spend a whole day in DC with my aunt and cousins while they were still on spring break. But due to unfortunate weather conditions that didn’t work out. Instead it was just the three of us for a quick afternoon jaunt.

Taking the Metro

dc 001

To avoid terrible parking situations due to the Cherry Blossom Festival, we decided to drive to a metro station and take that the rest of the way in. In theory this was a great idea, but as it turns out there were no super descriptive instructions on how to purchase our metro passes.

Basically you buy a metro card and put money on it. Each stop costs a certain amount of money. So you have to figure out which stops you’re going to go to, see how much each is, figure in the round trip and then apparently add an extra dollar which is the fee for not having a permanent metro pass (My SIL gave me a head’s up on that one).

Thankfully there was a big sign that said to avoid Cherry Blossom traffic, we should use the Archives stop to get to the National Mall. We just bought a pass that would get us to that stop and back. There might have been a cheaper way to do it if we were going to multiple stops but at that point we were just so ready to get on the metro and get into the city.

The Smithsonian

dc 012

^^Smithsonian Castle (Just a walk by)

dc 002

^^We attempted a baby harness to keep Evelyn from running away. It didn’t work quite as planned. Turns out babies are a little different from dogs. Who knew?

Once off the metro, the baby was sitting right on my bladder and I needed to find a bathroom IMMEDIATELY! There was no bathroom that I could see at either metro station (Keep that in mind if traveling with kids who may need a bathroom), the closest place we could find was the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. Thankfully all of the Smithsonian museums are free admission, so I was able to run inside and relieve myself.

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Home Remodel: Expansion continued

expansion cont 010

Since we’re not working on the house full time, things have been very start/stop. Drywall and stucco outside seemed to happen so fast. But since then we haven’t done much.

Isn’t it funny how I keep using “we”?? My contribution is complaining that it’s not done yet.

I guess that’s not entirely true. I did help pick out doors and trim, while also wrestling a toddler who did not want to sit still and talk to the nice man about our interior finish work.

So where are we now?

The stucco is DONE!

expansion cont 010


The color turned out a little more blue than I was expecting.

expansion cont 011

We still need to do the front and back porch. I also want to add some shutters and paint the door and whatnot, but that comes at the very end.

The drywall is DONE!

(How about a little tour??)

expansion cont 001

^^View of the kitchen as you enter the house

expansion cont 002

expansion cont 002a

expansion cont 003

expansion cont 004

^^The nursery and all our doors!

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5th Wedding Anniversary in Maryland

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Christopher and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. It was fabulous. Not only because we’ve had 5 lovely years of marriage but also because I convinced him that 5 years was so significant that we needed to go on a trip to celebrate. My  compelling argument included the fact that soon we’ll have a newborn and two children which will make traveling a tad difficult. I may have also convinced him of this while he was only half listening (and also playing a computer game).

Naturally on the list of my top dream vacation spots, Maryland doesn’t actually make the cut but we decided to go there for four main reasons.

  1. We could stay with my aunt so we’d save money on hotel and eating out expenses.
  2. She and her two daughters would be fabulous babysitters in the event that Chris and I want a day to ourselves.
  3. She lives relatively close to DC and New York City so we could still do some fun touristy things without having to pay to stay in the city.
  4. Also I really like my family a lot and was excited for an excuse to visit them.

I have to admit, this vacation turned out to be so much more wonderful than I ever expected. It was such a glorious mix of relaxing/doing nothing and sight seeing. I got to chill and there were always people around who wanted to play with Evelyn so I got a little mom break. Plus Chris took off work for an entire week. So even if no on else was around to watch her, he was. And that was fabulous.


I may have even left him home a few times with her so that I could have some girl time and I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

One of the highlights of my trip was getting my hair done. I’ve been wanting something fresh and new for a while now and I am thrilled with the outcome!

MD 000

Chris was not okay with the pink, so I compromised and just got them as extensions. That way I don’t have to worry about them fading either. Win-win.

MD 002

^^My aunt tried to get Evelyn to call Uncle Darryl ‘Duncle’

but it didn’t catch on…he was just Uncle.

Evelyn loved getting to know her great aunt and uncle and her (second?) cousins too! She especially loved Jack who taught her how to fist bump. Should I be worried that she is so keen on boys? I was honestly surprised at how quickly she took to my Uncle. She just did what he said from the get go. And danced and played ball.

The weather was pretty crappy the whole time we were there but on one of the nice days we went to the park (where Chris kicked a soccer ball into my face..) and then walked on this adorable promenade down to a lighthouse.

MD 018

MD 019

MD 020


^^It was a hoodie and yoga pants kind of day

MD 021


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Babyland General Hospital (Cabbage Patch Hospital)


The Saturday before I left Georgia, my mom took Evelyn and I to the Babyland General Hospital. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s basically a huge toy store for Cabbage Patch dolls but it’s set up like a hospital.

I used to love going when I was a kid. And when I was a little older than a kid. I’ve always loved dolls and the way they had it set up was so fun. You could walk through a baby nursery and the NICU. Then there was a whole schoolroom setup and playground scene. The main room was set up like an enchanted forest and had cabbage plants everywhere with babies growing out of them. There were twinkling lights and little fairies and a huge tree where a baby was born every time you visited.

Since I was a kid, they built a new location and redid everything. I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed. Maybe it’s because everything is better when you’re a kid but I’m thinking it was mostly because they transformed it from a cool exhibit to basically a big toy store. You can still walk through some baby nurseries but they aren’t staged…it’s just a bunch of baby dolls in cribs.

The exterior of the new building is incredible!


The inside was less impressive compared to the old one.



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Adventures in Home Remodeling

remodel 001

People ask all the time how our house is coming. It’s the first question they ask when I haven’t seen them or talked to them in a while. And you know what, I’m starting to be okay with the question. I’ve stopped thinking so much about it. It doesn’t make me cringe quite as much anymore.

My default answer is, “It’s coming.”

The worst question now is, “When will it be done?”

Well that really is the question isn’t it?! One we would ALL like to be answered. So if you find out the date it will be completed, please let me know. I’d love to plan around that.

Does that answer your question?

Now on the subject of the slow moving progress:

We caught Home Depot on the tail end of their November Black Friday sales and got great deals on all of our kitchen appliances. It was a lot of fun to pick them out and picture our soon to be kitchen.

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Home Remodel stage 3 part 2

Home remodel pt 2 001

home remodel pt 2 002

home remodel pt 2 002a

home remodel pt 2 002b

home remodel pt 2 003

home remodel pt 2 003a

home remodel pt 2 004

home remodel pt 2 005

home remodel pt 2 006

So things are actually starting to look pretty dang impressive. For the most part, the whole house is framed. I can actually walk through each of the bedrooms and see how big they are and imagine how I’m going to decorate. I’m so excited!

No really I am! It is all seeming more real.

Now that the rain has slowed down and we no longer have a cup duct taped to our ceiling in our bedroom to catch drips, things are on their way up.

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Are you a true Gilmore Girls fan? Take the quiz!

gilmore-girls fan quiz

These aren’t cheap questions about random actors and history of the set or writer, these are all about the content of the show. No cheating! I’ll post the answers at the bottom.┬áDon’t look until after you’ve given it your best shot! Then tell me how you did in the comments below. Give yourself 1 point for each one you got right and 2 points for the bonus.

Then you can show this post to your friends and make fun of me for how crazy I am. I don’t mind.

The True Gilmore Girl’s Fan Quiz!

001 What was Kirk’s name in the second episode before he was actually the repeat character, Kirk?

002 Why was Lorelai late on Rory’s first day at Chilton?

003 Why does Lorelai shout Copper Boom as she’s getting Rory moved in at Yale? (Be specific)

004 How did Lorelai hurt her back the night of Rory’s dance at Chilton?

005 Name 4 characters that are talked about but you never see.

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Home Remodel stage 3: Expansion

expansion 001

expansion 002

expansion 003

Building a house is seriously hard work. I mean I’m not actually building the house, but it sounds like hard work.

I’m sitting peacefully (ha) beneath the house and my only job is to keep my daughter alive. So nothing has changed really. Except that now I have to keep her happy while it sounds like there is a war going on above us. It’s making nap time really interesting.

Although as I write this she is amazingly fast asleep and I’m sort of in disbelief. But I’m just going to quietly count my blessings and hope it’s a long nap so I can regain some semblance of sanity.

I never realized how stressful this whole process would be on me. I mean I’m not actually doing any building but it’s still pretty stressful. I guess living in a construction zone can do that to you.

Chris’ dad got here on Saturday morning, bright and early and they started working right away. Then unfortunately on Sunday the ceiling was leaking (I say ceiling because there is obviously no roof) so they had to work to get things finished faster to prevent a Noah’s ark sort of situation.

expansion 004

expansion 005

expansion 006

But things appear to be coming along quite nicely. I have a doorway up, which is pretty thrilling. Makes the whole thing seem real. I stood up there and squinted my eyes to pretend that it was finished and I was looking out my open door. And they’re done with the plumbing so I can see where my bathrooms will be.

There’s even a stack of walls in the back yard that I assume will go up as soon as they put the floors down.

It’s pretty exciting stuff people!

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