Our last week in Hawaii

Well, it’s April and Hawaii is just a distant memory. Okay, it’s not  really that distant. I thought I would be a little sadder about leaving ‘paradise’ but I’m actually happy to be back to the mainland (or America by Chris’ standards). We haven’t found an apartment yet or a car or a job for Chris for that matter, but we’re working on it.

Our last week in Hawaii was bitter-sweet. We were excited to start the new phase of our life with a baby and new place to live and new job, but it’s a little nerve-wracking to leave something stable and go into the unknown where we have to start over. Plus all in all, we really did enjoy our time in Hawaii. It was a fun adventure and I’m glad we got to do it.

The main thing we wanted to again before we left was hike Manoa, which is Christopher’s favorite hike.

last week 002

last week 003

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Beachy Gender Reveal

reveal 001

Are you all super excited to see the results of our gender reveal photo shoot?! I know I’m excited to show them to you. But be patient, they’re coming.

We had our ultra sound early this morning and had the technician seal the gender in an envelope. It was SO hard not to look. The ultra sound was incredible! Our sweet baby actually looks like a baby now and not a blob. We saw it’s little fist and little toes. I’m so grateful for technology that we could check for any problems and have some cute pictures of our little growing baby.

This evening, Chris’ cousin and his gorgeous photographer wife took our gender envelope and bought balloons for our gender reveal photo shoot.

Since most of you have already scrolled down to the pictures, I’ll just stop writing now and get to the good stuff.

reveal 002

reveal 003

reveal 004


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10 Worst things about living in Hawaii

Well we’re headed back to Utah in a mere 7 days!! (What?!) and I think I’m finally qualified to make this post.

It’s been about 10 months since I moved to Hawaii and don’t get me wrong, it’s really beautiful place. In fact there are lots of things I like about it. However, if I have learned anything in these past 10 months, it’s that Hawaii IS a great place, but I wouldn’t want to live here (permanently at least).

So here’s my list, in no particular order, 10 of the things that make Hawaii a place I don’t want to live:

worst 001

1. Trash day

worst 002

There is a law here that says one day a month a truck comes by to pick up all your crap that you don’t feel like hauling to the dump.

Well what’s wrong with that, you may ask. That sounds convenient. And I will say it is kinda nice to drive around and find one person’s trash that could become your treasure.

HOWEVER, the rule is that people are supposed to put their junk out the evening before the truck comes.

But people tend to put their junk out pretty much whenever. And the truck often doesn’t come on the day it’s supposed to. So we are left with junk in front of people’s houses ALL-THE-TIME! It’s ugly and gross and quite frankly, it’s just trashy.

2. ONE ROAD= epic traffic

worst 004

Oahu is not that big and there are a lot of people on it (which I will later discuss) and there is only one major road that goes all the way around the island. Yes, I said around the island. Not through it. Sure there are different freeways in parts of the island, but regardless, traffic usually (more often than not) looks like the picture above. It makes going anywhere frustrating, stressful, and extremely time consuming.

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Belated Hawaii Honeymoon in Ko’Olina

honeymoon 001

Chris and I never went on a real honeymoon. After we got married (almost 3 years ago!) I had to take a couple finals and then we drove directly from Utah out to Florida for my internship at DisneyWorld. In our entire marriage we have stayed in a hotel 3 times. Once on our wedding night, once for a brief stop in Tennessee on our way to Florida, and once in Savannah, Ga on a trip with my family. Never has it been a real vacation just the two of us.

Up until this point, we never really had the time or money to have an awesome honeymoon. But now we’re living in Hawaii and were presented with the perfect opportunity for a tropical paradise honeymoon for a fraction of what it cost other people.

So we headed about an hour West and stayed in the beautiful Marriott Vacation Club in Ko’olina

Along the beach are four man-made lagoons each one serves as the backyard to four resorts, one of which is Disney’s Aulani Resort. Our resort had three pools, and four hot tubs that kept us good, busy and relaxed.

So let me take you through our trip day by day.

Day one.

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Laie Point

laie 001

If you’re looking for an incredible view, a great place to scuba dive (and get eaten by a shark), or fish (judging by all the fishermen) Laie Point on Oahu is the place. It really is beautiful here.

Look at a map of Oahu, find Laie, find what looks like a point…bingo, you’re there.

I really couldn’t take enough pictures, it was so pretty there! Just look at the color of that water.

laie 002

What you need to know:

It’s totes free. You can drive right up to it and just walk around. It’s a gorgeous view and great place to get some pictures.

laie 003

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Goat Island

goat 001

Goat island isn’t far from shore in Laie, Oahu. In low tide it’s (fairly) easy to walk from the beach to the island and believe me, the trip is well worth it.

What you need to know:

Water shoes are a necessity for walking across the rocks and the reef to reach the island. And don’t bother bringing lots of stuff with you. (We brought a cooler and it was just a big hassle). The area you walk across is right where waves from either side of you break, so it is a bit of a balancing act. Expect to get wet.

goat 002

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Maunawili Falls

maunawili 001

Maunawili Falls is a cute little waterfall that people love to jump off of into the water below.  But you can’t just drive up to it, oh no, you have to hike. And it’s not a short, nor easy hike.

Somehow we missed the whole hike aspect and showed up in flip flops. Boy, was that a mistake. It was so muddy that we ended up just going barefoot to avoid slipping. There is something satisfying about feeling the mud squish in between your toes.

maunawili 003


maunawili 004


The biggest problem about this whole hike thing is that is was three miles and not especially easy. I was just barely starting to get over the whole wanting to puke my guts up 24/7 stage of pregnancy and the most exercise I had done was walking from my bed to the bathroom. So we took our sweet time and took A LOT of breaks.

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A Quiet Hawaiian Christmas

xmas 001

Christmas was almost a month ago but I still want to tell you about our quiet little Hawaiian Christmas.

Mid-December I decided to get Chris an early Christmas present. You can see the video here.

Our actual holiday festivities didn’t feel super holidayish or festive. To be quite honest, it didn’t really feel like Christmas. I wasn’t as homesick as I was last year because it didn’t feel like the holidays. The weather wasn’t cold, the few Christmas lights that I did see just made me feel like some rednecks left their lights up through the summer, and our decorations were just a tiny tree in a tiny bedroom.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t that disappointed. Since it didn’t feel like Christmas, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. To make it even less Christmassy, I wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t feel up to making our traditional Christmas Eve dinner OR even eating anything sweet. A weird Christmas indeed.

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The Honolulu Zoo


Don’t get me wrong, the Honolulu Zoo was fun.

HOWEVER, if I had saved up my pennies to go to Hawaii I would not waste those pennies at the Honolulu Zoo. It was a great activity for living here and needing something to do on a day off. But it wasn’t free and it was just a zoo. Nothing especially Hawaiian about it.

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Internship Reflections

last intern 001

Well my internship at Hawaii News Now is over. Sad. I had so much fun with it and really learned a lot. That was definitely the best way to spend my fall semester. Plus being in Hawaii the whole time didn’t hurt. Although, I’m still not sure that broadcast is what I want to go into. There are a lot of elements of it that I really enjoy, but my main career goal is to be a mom and I’m not sure I can be as hands on as I want to be when I’m working such crazy hours and on holidays and weekends.

My last day was really perfect. It was extremely news worthy because of the Connecticut school shooting (of which I have decided not to discuss in this post, because this is a happy post and that was void of anything good). I also got to meet Art Alexakis, the lead singer of the band Everclear. (You may remember Everclear from 90s hits such as Father of Mine, or Wonderful). And all my colleagues were super nice and grateful for the time I spent being an intern. Someone even told me that I was the best intern they ever had!!! (Whoa!)

last intern 002

last intern 003


^^First day/Last day. Yes I wore the same outfit.

Scroll down to take a look at all the standups I did during my internship. And with those come, of course…BLOOPERS!

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