10 Weird New Year’s Superstitions


We all know that we want to give someone a kiss as the clock strikes midnight and the calendars roll over to January…but do you know why?

Snopes.com lists several New Year’s Superstitions and why people do them, but I’ve summarized them here for you. I’m so nice.

001 The Midnight Kiss

Kissing a loved one on midnight is not only a way to celebrate together, but it also ensures the affection between you will continue for the next 12 months. Failing to have that midnight kiss will start a year of coldness.

002 A Handsome Man will come a Knocking

The first person who comes into your house after the stroke of midnight will be reflective of the kind of year you’ll have. Naturally you’re gonna want that person to be hot..er uh..handsome.

“Ideally, he should be dark-haired, tall, and good-looking, and it would be even better if he came bearing certain small gifts such as a lump of coal, a silver coin, a bit of bread, a sprig of evergreen, and some salt.” Obvi.

Also, make sure your handsome fella is actually a fella. A woman would bring disaster on your household. It’s recommended that you aim a gun at them to ward them off lest they come into your house before a man does. You guys..I’m not making this up.

Likewise a blonde or redhead man simply will not do unless you want bad luck for the upcoming year.

“First footers must not be cross-eyed or have flat feet or eyebrows that meet in the middle.” Well that goes without saying.

Once your handsome man drops off his gifts he has to make his way through the house and leave through a different door. No one else can leave the house until the handsome man (also known as a first footer) enters. The first movement across the threshold of your home must be entering and not leaving. Which brings us to…

003 Nothing leaves the house

Like nothing…absolutely NOTHING can leave the house on New Years Day. Not even garbage. If you have deliveries to make, put them in the car before the stroke of midnight. Don’t even think about shaking out a rug or anything else for that matter.

The year must begin by something being added to the home before anything is subtracted from it. It is indicative of the year ahead of you.

Someone who is celebrating all alone could put a basket of treats on his front porch, right outside the door with a string tied to it and after midnight pull the basket in by the string, careful not to reach out and grab the basket.

004 Lucky Food

If you want luck in the new year, make sure black eyed peas and some kind of green something are on the menu. Other acceptable foods are pork, lentil soup (lentils look like coins which equal financial goodness. duh.) and sauerkraut (mainly because it goes well with pork apparently).

Stay far away from poultry of any kind. Birds scratch at the ground which symbolizes the eater scratching for money the whole rest of the year. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

005 Work

Do a little bit of work similar to your career on New Year’s day and be successful at it BUT DON’T do too much because that’s bad luck.

Also stay away from doing laundry because that means that someone close to you could wash away (i.e. die) in the coming months. And to be safe you probably should do the dishes either.

006 New Threads

Wear new clothes on Jan 1 to make it more likely that you’ll receive more new clothes in the coming year. Done and done.

007 Financial Luck

Don’t pay any debts or give out loans on new years day lest you want to be paying them all the year long.

008 Breaking something

Breaking anything encourages wreckage to be apart of your new year. No one wants wreckage. Oh and crying…not a good idea. Unless you want to be sad for the next 12 months.

009 Stock up

Go out and do all your grocery shopping TODAY! Any bare cupboards come January 1 will be a symbol of how they will look for the whole year.

010 Out with a bang

Once the clock strikes midnight, all the doors in the house must be opened to let the old year out. Also it’s important to be as loud as humanly possible to scare away the evil spirits…so..yeah.


It’s not to late. You can still run to the store for some black eyed peas and new clothes and take out all the garbage before midnight. But I hope you’ve found your handsome man already. Those can be hard to come by.


Welcome Fall

welcome fall

It seemed like a normal summer morning, just like any other. My beautiful summer had been filled with mornings kissing the sweet cheeks of my new son and days tickling the chubby feet of my little princess. My summer newborn limited the season’s activities. Instead of sunbathing I was relaxing and recovering and nursing and cleaning and figuring out what it meant to suddenly be a mom of two. Many a Saturday morning was spent roaming garage sales and furnishing my newly finished house. I missed going on vacation or spending days at the pool, soaking up the rays. I wanted this summer to roll on indefinitely.

But then this morning came and I walked out onto the back deck, unassuming and it hit me. Fall is here.

My senses were overwhelmed. I could smell it in the crisp scent of decaying leaves. I could feel it as I closed my eyes and the breeze brushed across my face with a slight hint of chill. I could see it in the leaves that were slowly turning my yard red and yellow. And just like that I was done with summer.

All it took was a few minutes in the fresh fall air to remember why autumn is and will always be my favorite season. It’s getting to spend time outside without turning into a puddle of sweat. It’s the new colors that appear in nature right when you seem to have forgotten that the world could be anything but green. It’s the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon and baked goods that make your home feel the coziest. It’s that desire to cuddle and read all day. It’s coming inside smelling like smoke after spending an evening basking in the glow of a campfire. It’s the satisfying crunch of stepping on leaves. It’s the chance to redecorate your home in celebration of the new season and pull out the boxes of fall clothes that you forgot you had.

all my senses for fall

Amazingly, this feeling makes me nostalgic for the start of school. I always loved back to school shopping for a new fall wardrobe to show off to my friends and a plethora of office supplies. I know school has been in session for a month or so but it’s only now that I almost wish I could go back. Maybe it’s time to take a trip to the store and stock up on some notebooks and pens, for old times sake.

This year I’m ready for new traditions with my young family. I’m ready to introduce my toddler to hay rides and corn mazes and pumpkin patches. I can’t wait to see her eyes light up as she learns about all the magic that fall brings. I’m excited to share with her my love of Halloween and get to relive my childhood through her tiny self.

its the new colors

It’s okay for autumn to be a time of nostalgia and remembering all the beautiful childhood memories that shaped me into the person I am today. But that nostalgia is the fire beneath me, motivating me create similar moments for my kids that will beautiful memories for them when they’re building families of their own.

Welcome Fall. Won’t you stay a while?


Today, I dragged my 10 month pregnant self out into the sunshine with my 22 month old daughter and pushed her in the swing. I ignored the pains in my back and hips as I pulled myself off the picnic blanket to help her onto the trampoline and again 5 minutes later to help her down. I let the sun warm my already overheated body as I gulped down ice water and cheered for my daughter who went down the slide head first. I maneuvered my oversized self back inside to quickly retrieve ‘snuggle bear’ and again when she needed juice.

Today I awkwardly leaned my pregnant belly over the side of the bathtub and retrieved toys that had floated too far away while Evelyn played. I encouraged her to “Swim. Swim. Swim.” And didn’t protest when she wanted to splash. I did,however, discourage her from drinking the bath water.

Today I helped my almost two year old decorate her ‘rocket ship’ with Hello Kitty stickers. I sat on the floor in her bedroom, periodically changing positions to keep from getting too sore and pried her chosen sticker from the sheet. I held her hand as she climbed in and out and back in again. I spent 5 minutes trying to stand up when she wanted to go into the living room while she ran back and forth waiting for me to follow.

Today, I cradled my toddler in the rocking chair while she clutched her “bee” and her juice after she requested, “Rock you?”  I watched her eyes droop and pop back open, fighting off sleep. I snuggled my little angel on my chest, her body bent around my large pregnant belly and replied, “Hi baby,” to her sleepy, “Hi Mom.” I relished in every second that she let me hold her, remembering when I used to nurse her to sleep in this very chair. Before she let sleep overcome her, I laid her in her big girl bed and sang to her while I watched her eyes finally close and her body relax.

Today I am still pregnant at 40 weeks and 4 days, but I don’t mind. Because today I let my daughter be an only child for one more day. And today that’s exactly what we both needed.

I get by with a little help from my friends

help from friends

I have spent a good portion of my life pretending. It starts pretty normally for most people. As children we’re encouraged to use our pretendenarium (as my husband likes to call it, imagination if you’re a normal human) to explore worlds without even leaving the comfort of our own backyards.

As I got older, the pretending kind of stuck with me. I was big into theater in high school, historian of our Thespian club thank you very much and I never missed a Thespian conference (ThesCon) if at all possible. Being on stage was all about pretending to be something you weren’t. It was a fabulous escape from the stresses of life to take a walk in someone else’s life.

But my pretending wasn’t confined to the stage. Like many high schoolers, I was trying to find myself and that involved a lot of pretending to be someone that I thought other people wanted me to be. It wasn’t until I had been married for a few years that I started to be okay with who I am, with the help of a loving and accepting husband, and stop caring so much about how other people saw me.

But even now as a wife and (almost) mother of two, I find myself pretending.

You may not know this, but I have this blog and sometimes I write posts that make it seem like my life is perfect. Sometimes I take staged pictures of a clean house or adorable child that make it appear that everything is fine and dandy and wonderful all the time. Same for my instagram feed or the photos that make it to facebook. They are carefully selected to only show the highlights; the good moments.

Sometimes I pretend that everything is okay when it’s not. That I’m okay, when I’m not. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that I’m not the only one.

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Motherhood is Patient

patient 001I always thought that patience in motherhood was in reference to unruly children who got on your last nerve. While that is definitely the case, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany as to the longer term success that being a patient mother can offer.

On the day to day as a mother it can be hard to be patient. Evelyn would rather walk than be carried but her pace is approximately 1/8th of mine. But to prevent the screaming that would likely ensue, I let her walk (usually). She wants to pick out a bow for her hair but changes her mind 15 times before settling on one, and then promptly rips it out. It’s a little frustrating.

And how about sweeping the kitchen floor only to have Evelyn dump her entire plate of food out only minutes later. Or straightening up her toys in the living room only to see that she has been carrying all her toys one by one into my bedroom. Daily tasks have gone from boring and annoying to boring, annoying and nearly impossible to complete. It’s 3 steps forward, 4 steps back.

I’m gonna be honest with you, this whole stay-at-home-mom thing has really been weighing me down. I’ll sit on the couch at the end of the day and look at the disaster of a living room that I tried to clean 10 times before giving up and just feel defeated. Is this what I signed up for?

As a kid chores were the things you got out of the way so you could do the fun stuff. Now, chores are my life. On the bad days I feel like little more than a teenage babysitter who has a never ending list of chores. How did this become my life? When I got over my dreams of being a famous movie star, I knew that I wanted to be a housewife/mom as a profession. Now I find myself living that life and it’s not at all what I expected.

At the end of a particularly rough day that came in the middle of an awful week I finally broke down crying to my husband and admitted all the thoughts I’d been suppressing.

“I’m not a good mom. I don’t want to be a mom. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m just so unhappy. It’s too hard and stressful and I can’t get anything done. Nothing makes me happy anymore. And I drown out the depression in front of the TV and then feel even more guilty about how I spend my time. I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t.

He listened quietly and rubbed my back, no doubt terrified that I was falling apart at the seams.

He calmly suggested, “Let’s talk about this. Let’s figure out what we can do to make this better. If that means you getting a job, we can make that happen.”

I spent the rest of that night alone in my bed trying to figure out what might make me happy.

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No Judgement Here

It’s kinda sad how easy it is to judge someone else and their situation when you’ve never been there. What’s that phrase..hindsight is 20/20? Boy is that the truth.

Being a mother has definitely put my mom-judging in check. For instance, I used to hard core judge a mother at church who let her child run up to the stand multiple times during the service. Now, having had a daughter who loves to run up to the stand and yell and scream during the service, I don’t judge so much.

I also used to slightly judge parents whose kids had messy hair or faces. Ha. I have no room to ever judge that ever. again.

Here’s a short list of other ways I was way too judgey:

  • Giving a kid too much sugar
  • Letting a kid watch too much tv
  • Getting chubby
  • Having a gross messy house
  • Going to the store in your pajamas
  • Opening a food item that you have yet to purchase

Sister, I have been there and I will no longer judge you on any of those things.

no judgement

^^Yes you can play on the ipad, just please stop yelling “ELMO” at me!

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A Different Me

I moved out of the house when I was 18, pretty typical age for most people I think. Every time I’ve come back to my childhood home has been to visit. Every memory I have in this house is from ages 10-18. That’s some prime growing up right there.

So you know how sights and scents can bring feelings and memories running back? That’s sort of what it’s like coming back to the home where I transformed from awkward preteen to slightly less awkward adult (yeah 18 is technically an adult. Ridic right? That’s basically still an infant.) who thought she had life figured out.

I’m staying in my old bedroom and it doesn’t even feel like the same room even though it hasn’t changed too much. Did I ever actually live here or was that a dream?

bed nook collage

^^Then/Now: My sister obv needed some more closet space

I’m reminded of all the truly immature, stupid stunts I pulled when I thought I knew everything. I can actually remember thinking that I didn’t need rules or advice or anything from anyone. Which is probably why I broke all the rules and poured all the actual good advice down the toilet and was out the window before it made it to the sewer.

I’m having these moments where I’m thrown back inside the head of sixteen year old me and realizing that I’ve actually grown up a bit in the past 8 years.

window collage


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“Baby it’s Cold Outside”- What’s it really about??

I know you’ve heard the song. You probably even like it, I know I do. But have you ever taken a minute to really analyze the lyrics of the song? Don’t worry, I’ve done it for you and the results are a tad disconcerting. My brother actually brought it to my attention a few years ago. 

The cold hard truth: “Baby it’s cold outside” is about date rape.

baby its cold outside header


I really can’t stay – Baby it’s cold outside

I’ve got to go away – Baby it’s cold outside

This evening has been – Been hoping that you’d drop in

So very nice – I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice

We can sum up this whole section with an obvious, “It’s been fun but I’ve got to get going.”

My mother will start to worry – Beautiful, what’s your hurry?

Father will be pacing the floor – Listen to the fireplace roar

So really I’d better scurry – Beautiful, please don’t hurry

Maybe just a half a drink more – Put some records on while I pour

She’s laid out a very sound argument but he’s started putting on the moves. Well sure it’s hard to leave when your crush is all like, “Heeeey” so she agrees to another sip of a drink. No judgement girl, we’ve all been there.

The neighbors might think – Baby, it’s bad out there

But then she realizes the connotation of her actions.

Say, what’s in this drink? – No cabs to be had out there

And the roofies are starting to make her dizzy.

I wish I knew how – Your eyes are like starlight now

To break this spell – I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell

Of course she’s calling it a spell, she’s been drugged and is starting to lose her speech. He, however, is totally ignoring her fears and is continuing to ‘woo’ her, as if this is the normal way to get a girl to go to bed with you.


I ought to say no, no, no – Mind if I move in closer?

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Mormons and General Conference

hinckley quote

monson quote

uchtdorf quote


Hey all you friends who do not happen to share my religion. How are you? During this past week you may have noticed your Mormon friends, me included, talking about General Conference. Or you may have read some inspirational quotes on Pinterest by cool guys like Thomas S. Monson, Gordon B. Hinckley, or Dieter F. Uchtdorf and pinned those suckers before realizing who exactly they were (Prophets and leaders in the LDS church). Maybe you even stumbled upon the hashtag #ldsconf and wondered what that’s all about.

I am here today, to answer that.

So what is General Conference anyway?

In the simplest of terms, it’s where we listen to the Prophet, Apostles, and other leaders of our church give uplifting messages that we need to hear from our Heavenly Father.

Twice a year us Mormons, (AKA members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS) don’t go to our regular church meetings but instead view and/or listen to a broadcast of the Prophet, his counselors, the twelve apostles, and other various church leaders in which they give, what we as Mormons refer to as, talks.

Each of the people who were asked to talk were not given a specific topic. Instead they determine what it is the Lord most wants to tell his children (us) by thoughtful prayer and meditation. General Conference is in April and October and has 5 different sessions, Saturday through Sunday. It is broadcasted internationally.

General Conference messages are not meant only for Mormons, LDS, or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. General Conference messages are directed to everyone in the whole world. They are uplifting, spiritual, instructive messages that are meant to benefit all of us. Every last one.

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It’s Fall Ya’ll



I kind of hate to admit it, because fall is seriously my favorite season, but I’ve sort of been dreading the start of fall and I don’t know why. I love everything about fall. The cool crisp air, the changing leaves, the start to the holidays, pumpkin flavored goodies, warm beverages, the list goes on.

But for some strange reason, I feel like my summer was short lived. Maybe it’s because I was planning on having a house to decorate by now and I’m disappointed that I don’t. I really did have a good summer.

If I’m being honest, I think the real reason is that I’m not starting school. This is the first fall in the history of my life (since I turned 5) that I’m not going back to school. Even in Hawaii I had my internship. Summer was always the signal of a break in academics and a chance to relax. But I didn’t get that this summer. I didn’t get a break from wife or mom duties and life is just continuing as usual, the only change being the weather.

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