{Baby Boy Update} 2 months old

2 months001

In an effort to stop saying the phrase, “I can’t believe my baby is already______months old” I’m going to jump right into this boy’s stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz 43%

Length: 25″ 98%

Head: 41.5′ 93%

His weight percentile has gone down a tad but he’s a tall little guy.


^^Doesn’t he look huge in this pic??

I seriously love that he’s a little chunk though. I think it’s why he sleeps so well at night. And by ‘so well’ I mean he sleeps from about 10pm-6:00am which is seriously magical. If only he slept that well during the day.

2months 004

He’s such a little cuddle monkey and LOVES to be held which is fabulous until I need to go to the bathroom or shower or do any housework. The moby wrap has proven to be pretty useful but it does have it’s limitations.

At two months he’s started having lots more awake time which is full of smiles and kicking.

2 months002

When he naps during the day, the biggest trick is trying to figure out where he wants to sleep: the crib, bassinet, floor, swing, rocking chair, my bed..nobody knows. And there’s no constant factor. Its different every time. But one sure fire way to get him to sleep is a stroller ride.

2months 005


^^He super LOVES baths…maybe we should get him a boy towel haha

Remi hate hate HATES to be cold! We could be outside in 90 degree weather but if there is any amount of a breeze he wants to wrapped in a blanket.

So far having a baby boy isn’t too much different than having a baby girl. A baby is just a baby.

The biggest difference is the fact that he’s baby number two. I spend most of my time oggling at Evelyn’s vocabulary and brilliance and there’s not much time left to stare at the angel that is my sleeping baby boy.

Bossy’s Losing it Week 6: The dreaded weight gain + mindless eating

There are two big things to understand when embarking on a weight loss journey.

001 It is slow. We all want to have lost the weight yesterday but a fast weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean long lasting results.

002 Every week will not be perfect. (Some weeks will be even less perfect than not perfect.)

It’s not fun but it’s pretty inevitable: Weight gain is bound to happen and this past week it happened for me. But the key is to let it motivate you instead of derail you.

Going into Weight Watchers on Tuesday, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I did pretty well most of the week but kind of lost it on the weekend and never got back on track. It was only a .8 gain but since I know why I gained, it gave me the kick that I needed to fix some bad habits I had been making.

In weight watchers, all food has point values based on how healthy it is and then you get a daily point allowance based on your weight. My daily point allowance is the highest it can be because I’m nursing. It’s pretty fabulous. I can eat a lot and if I eat my main meals really well then there’s plenty of room for dessert.

But I have this little problem. Sometimes I have it in my head that I have so many points that I can eat whatever I want and I’ll eat something before check and see how many points it is.

For instance, this weekend Chris and I went to the movies and I got those little Twix bites to snack on. A regular package of Twix is 7 points so I figured the little bits would be safe. Boy was I wrong. The next day I checked the points and as it turns out, I spent nearly an entire day’s worth of points on a bag of chocolate.

Similarly I decided to make cinnamon rolls from scratch and then proceed to eat them. Like all of them. And I never even bothered to figure out how many points they were. Not really in line with success.

3 weeks goals blank lines


^^Since I just love to make goals and fill out worksheets, I made this goal sheet to keep track of what I want to accomplish in small 3 week increments. Scroll down to see how to fill it out.

What I learned this week:

I need to check the points of the food I’m eating before I eat it instead of after. What I’m doing isn’t exactly mindless eating, I’m not just sitting down with a big bag of something and shoving them in my mouth without paying attention to how much I’m eating, but I’m not being mindful in advance and that’s nearly as harmful.

A little planning is all it takes. I can still have those little Twix bites, I just need to check and see how many points they are, decide how many pieces I want to eat and then plan the rest of my meals for the day accordingly.

So I’ve made a few new goals for this upcoming week:

  • Track the points of everything I plan to eat before I eat it. No more of this back tracking and realizing that I went over my limit at noon and just kept on eating.
  • Drink 8, 8oz glasses of water before I have any other liquid. I love me my diet mountain dew and diet A&W but it tends to make me crave other unhealthy things. Water on the other hand helps me stay full longer and plus it’s like good for you or something..
  • Not use any weekly points. To kind of refresh this week and make up for gaining last week, I’m not going to use any of my extra weekly points. But thankfully since I get so many daily points, I won’t feel deprived.

3 weeks goals filled out


^^Just grab some cute little star stickers, fill out your goals and rewards and get earning. I kept my 3 week weight loss goal modest so that it will still take some work but it’s a reasonable goal.

One more big lesson this week was that this is not a straight on track journey. I’m going to get derailed sometimes and slip of course but I have to learn from those slips to make them fewer and farther between and not let human mistakes make me feel like a failure.

Non Scale Successes:

It’s hard to feel like I had any success this week but if I count this whole past week as a failure I might as well give up now.

Despite my bad eating this week, I still got myself out of bed at 6am and worked out 6 days this week! That’s huge for me, especially when I’m ready to get back in bed at around 4pm.


Week 6 weight loss: +.8 (gain)

Total Weight loss: 9.4 lbs

Bossy’s Losing it Week 5: Goal Setting

goal setting worksheet

What I learned this week:

Wanting to reach an end goal is all fine and dandy but it doesn’t do you much good unless you make a plan to get there.

I, for instance, want to lose 40 lbs and I can say that all the live long day but there are a lot of steps from wanting to lose 40 lbs and actually doing it. It’s all the little things, the day to day things, that are so critical to overall success.

First you have to make the big goal: Lose 40 lbs.

Then set a time that you want to reach that goal: 5 months.

Next you need to set monthly, weekly and daily goals that lead up to that big 5 month goal.

Monthly: Lose about 10 lbs a month

Weekly: Workout 6 days a week. Jog at least 3 days. Stay within weekly points (weight watchers term).

Daily: Wake up early and workout before the kids wake up. Track everything I eat and stay within daily points (weight watchers again).

So right now, today, 40 lbs sounds a little overwhelming but doing an early morning workout and tracking what I eat for these 24 hours is totally doable and gets me well on my way to that 5 month goal.

goal setting filled out

Non Scale Successes:

Someone commented on how great I look for just having had a baby. Someone else mentioned that they could tell I was losing weight. It’s validating to hear that people notice all the hard work I’m doing.

My workouts have finally become a habit. When my alarm goes off impossibly early I don’t lie there and wonder whether or not I should get up. There’s no question. I just do it. Because that’s what I do in the morning. Bam.


Remember how I said I wanted to lose about 10 lbs a month? Well this has been month one and so far I’m right on track! Woo hoo!

Week 5 Weight loss: 2.2 lbs

Total Weight loss: 10.2 lbs

Celebrating Evelyn’s Birthday

So you guys might not remember this..but I just had a baby. Shocker I know. But I haven’t really felt like I had the energy to make a big birthday celebration happen for Evelyn this year, not like last year for sure.

So this year was just kind of chill and as a 2 year old, Evelyn still loved it. It was a two part birthday.

Part one was the Museum of Natural Curiosity on Tuesday. Evelyn was insistent on inviting her friend Zaydree (or dree dree as Evelyn says). They both had a blast! Evelyn was a little overwhelmed by all the people at first but when she warmed up to it she had so much fun!

bday 011

bday 007

bday 008

bday 012

bday 013

bday 014

bday 015

Her actual birthday was pretty chaotic. I had all these grand plans of how I would make the day special for Evelyn but then Remi decided to be the snottiest, whiniest baby ever and wouldn’t let me put him down. It was causing me an excessive amount of stress and disappointment and Evelyn didn’t know what having a birthday meant and was happy to sit and play while I glared at my crying baby (Don’t worry, we’ve since made up).

My knight in shining armor (Chris..duh) came and took Remi to work with him for the rest of the day and gave me a chance to give Evelyn some one on one time. We had a ton of fun at the splash pad, then picked up her cake and her dad and brother and headed back home for a little family celebrating.

bday 006

bday 005

bday 004

She loved each one of her presents and wanted to play with them as she opened them. I think next year one present will suffice. But her favorite thing was those silly little characters on top of the cake. She takes them everywhere! But she also loves her bike from Grammy and PeePaw too. She just needs to grow a couple inches so she can ride it.

bday 010

bday 009

bday 001

bday 002

bday 003

^^Everyone had to wear a party hat. Even Pooh!

All in all the day turned out well in the end. And I don’t have to plan another party until Remi’s 1st next June. Whew.

Bossy’s losing it week 4: Building Endurance

losing it week 4

What I learned this week:

Exercise is key for faster weight loss and a more well rounded healthy lifestyle.

The key to exercise is consistency, endurance, and consistency. And those two things really work off of each other.

Allow me to elaborate.

It’s totally possible to lose a bunch of weight by just eating right and not really changing your activity level. But for me, eating seems so passive because it’s such a long term thing whereas when I exercise it feels like right at that moment I am actively losing weight and toning my body.

But the best part is that exercise helps you lose weight faster. My midwife compared it to repentance. She said that you may splurge on food a little here and there but you can make up for it with exercise. Totes legit.

It’s literally like that with weight watchers. You earn points when you exercise that can be turned around and used for food. So if you think ahead, you can literally earn your piece of cake by exercising to get the right number of points.

Plus the more you exercise and become more active to lose weight, the more that is becoming a habit and will be incorporated into your daily lifestyle even after you’ve lost all the weight you want to lose.

So I actually really enjoy exercising but last week I had a hard time getting up early enough to do it, if you remember. So I made a goal that this week I would get up every morning and exercise. That was made a whole lot easier when I got a running buddy! Yay!

I’ve never liked running with other people but with this friend it’s perfect. We’re both at the same fitness level because we had babies like a week apart. And she’s also training for a race. Plus we have a lot in common so it’s easy to find things to chat about while we run. The best part is that neither of us wants to let down the other one, so it’s more motivation to get up and run in the morning. I have gone faster and further since I started running with her and I’m so grateful to have someone to do this with.

But here’s where the consistency/endurance lesson comes in. Because I have been so much more consistent with my exercising this week it’s actually gotten a lot easier! There’s not as many days in between my workouts (read zero days) so my endurance is really building. On Saturday I ended up going 5 miles (4 in one go and 1 in another). My Monday workout DVD seemed a lot easier than usual.

I am actually changing my body and I can totally tell by the way it’s performing!

Which brings me to…

Non-Scale Successes:

So obviously a huge one is that I did my fastest mile this week since I started working out again. It was not fast by any means, but it was the fastest I’ve done yet and that seems like a huge victory for me.

Another big one is that I met my goal of working out everyday! Consistency builds endurance people. I’m cold, hard proof (read: body temperature, squishy proof).

This next one is kind of silly but right after I had Remi, I tried to wear a pair of maternity shorts that hadn’t fit at the end of my pregnancy (pretty much for the last trimester) and still didn’t fit. Sad. I hated that I wasn’t pregnant but couldn’t fit into these maternity shorts. Well this week I tried them on and they fit!! Plus a couple pair of maternity capris that were getting a little tight are pretty dang loose on me now. Yeah…I know they’re maternity clothes…what’s the big deal. Well it’s a big deal to me. Progress people.


Week 4 weight loss: 2.4 lbs

Total weight loss:8 lbs

Bossy’s Losing it Week 3: Emotional Eating

ice cream

 What I learned this week:

Food does not make me feel better. The end.

Listen guys, I’m an emotional eater. Like hard core. This past week was a little rough…well to be honest everyday around 3:00 pm becomes a little rough. It’s the time of day where the kids get up from their nap and I’m starting to get tired (cause I obviously didn’t spend their nap time taking a nap for myself) and I just don’t know what to do with the rest of my day until Chris gets home. These are the times that I am tempted to hunker down in front of the TV and fill my gullet with excessive amounts of anything sugary that has the potential to cheer me up.

And it does for like 2.5 seconds.

And then I feel stuffed and uncomfortable and guilty for bingeing on food that wasn’t really worth it.

And that’s the what I’m trying to remind myself when 3:00 rolls around, accompanied by that temptation. I’m trying to remember that eating doesn’t actually make me feel better and in the long run it makes me feel worse.

For the most part when I gave in to that temptation this week, I checked to see how many points everything was and still tracked everything (weight watchers terms, people). So even though I was emotionally eating, I was intentional and thoughtful about it.

I made it all the way to Saturday night without going over my points for the days/week (you get a daily point value to spend that then another 49 points that you can use throughout the week). Then for some reason on Sunday I gave up and stopped tracking/caring. Part of me figured that by that point it was too late and I was going to gain weight this week anyway. Plus I hardly had a chance to workout this week.  So I decided I’d start fresh next week and chalk the whole thing up to a lost week.

If I had kept tracking on Sunday and Monday it probably wouldn’t have been a bad week.

In the end, although I lost a little momentum, I was still able to lose .4 lbs! Not an all time high but considering the week I had, I was just glad it wasn’t a gain!

My plan for this next week is to make a list of things to do when that 3 o clock feeling rolls around instead of spending my afternoon on the couch.

  • Go for a walk
  • Take the kids to the park
  • Do a craft with Evelyn

Non-Scale Successes:

I don’t feel like this week was much of a success in any regard. Although I will say, while I didn’t work out as often as I would have liked I did try and get in more movement than usual. Going on more walks or playing with Evelyn at the park. I don’t know if it really made a difference but every little bit counts right?

Looking Ahead:

This week I made a goal to get up before the kids everyday and workout. If I can do it for one week maybe I can make a habit and start doing it more regularly. And, like I mentioned, I’m going to make a plan for combatting that emotional eating and find something else to do that will make me feel better in the long run. I should possibly nap more.

Oo and I signed up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon! Yay! I’m so excited and a little nervous.But mostly excited to get to training and change my body! This will be such a new adventure for me. I think that running something like this is not just about the physical training but the mental training that goes into telling your body what to do and believing that you’re capable.

Even when I’ve lost the weight I want to lose, I don’t ever want to stop pushing myself to try something new, work a little harder, do a little more. I don’t want to become complacent. This race will be the first step on the way to that goal.


Week 3 Weight loss: .4lbs

Total weight loss: 5.6 lbs

Bossy’s losing it: Week 2


Week two on this weight loss adventure turned out to be a raging success!

What I learned this week:

Only weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day in the same type of clothes. Otherwise you’ll hard core freak yourself out. Or at least I did.

See I have this scale sitting right next to my toilet. There’s really no need for me to have it since I weigh in at Weight Watchers each week. I like it that way because it’s good accountability to have someone looking at my weight loss (or gain) and giving me a pat on the back when I do a great job. There’s something about knowing that someone is going to be seeing that number on the scale each week that makes me want to prove that I can stay on track and lose weight. But I digress.

As the week goes by and I’m totally killing by sticking to my diet (it’s really more of a lifestyle change but we’ll call it a diet for simplicity sake) and exercise, I see the scale just sitting there staring at me.

And the scale says, “Hey, you’ve been doing super awesome the past few days you’ve probably lost buckets of weight. Heck you’re probably back down to your goal weight by now…you should check.”

And I reply, “No scale, the numbers you show me might be some kind of trick. I only weigh myself once a week. I’m not falling for your shenanigans.”

And the scale is all, “But what harm could it do. Think of how happy you’ll feel when you see how much you lost.”

And then I realize that I’ve been talking to an inanimate object and I don’t reply, but instead I step on the scale. And do you know what the scale says?  (Yeah it’s still talking) It says, you haven’t lost any weight you fatty…stop eating. And then I fall into a depression thinking, I’ve done everything right this week..what gives?!

But my husband lovingly reminds me that I weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers and to stop freaking out already.

Fast forward to weigh in…I lost 3.6lbs this week!!! What?! Stupid scale.

So the moral of this story is: 1) Don’t talk to scales and 2) Only weigh yourself once a week on the same scale in the same clothing preferably on an empty stomach.

This week’s non-number successes:

I got my jog on again this week and was able to go just a little further and little longer and a little faster than last week. Seriously the numbers are nothing big. But if I can keep doing just a tad better every time I run, I’ll be in good shape.

As far as weight training goes, I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It’s always my go to DVD to get back into shape. The workouts aren’t easy by any means but they’re nice a short and I like to use them to ease myself back into exercise.

This week I started level two and once I started getting a little more comfortable with the moves (as in I could almost complete all the reps without stopping, almost.) I decided to combine level two and level three for a longer workout. Whew! It kicked my butt but I was able to do the full 45 ish minutes of a workout that was originally only meant to be 2o minutes. Go me!

But probably the biggest success this week is realizing that I like how I look. I have about 40 extra pounds (give or take) that I’d like to get rid of but when I look in the mirror I’m happy with how I look. No body shaming here people! I’ve learned that if you hate on your body now, nothing is going to change even after you lose that 40 pounds. It’ll never be good enough. Love yo’ self!

Looking ahead:

I mentioned before that I’m planning on running my first race, a half marathon! I’m excited to announce that I’m going to sign up for the Tinkerbell half marathon in Disneyland in May 2016. I know that’s super far off but it’s giving me something to look forward to and work towards. I’m so excited!!


Week 2 Weightloss: 3.6lbs

Total Loss: 5.2lbs


How to cope with PVD

You’ve just had the most fabulous week ignoring real life and focusing on amusement. You ate decadent food and didn’t stress about exercising. You relaxed and didn’t worry about chores or work. The only time you checked your email was to see your online shopping receipts. But now it’s all come to an end. You are back home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and an empty fridge.

Immediately you are thrown back into the mundane tasks you left behind and they have piled up because of your absence and suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks right in the gut:

Post Vacation Depression

Oh, it is real my friend, and it sucks. There was no easing back into things. It was peaceful bliss to boring chores overload in 2.5 or less. So when you wake up in your own bed for the first time in 7 days and feel that cloud of overwhelming despair creep upon you, do not fret. I’m gonna help you through this. And by tomorrow, you’ll feel ready to tackle everything that life throws at you. Fo reals.


How to Cope with PVD

001 Step one happens before you even go on your trip. When you’re taking your days off of work or whatever else you have to do in preparation for you trip, plan one extra day after you get home for extended vacation. You could also just come back on the weekend and take a weekend day to recoup. If you are a parent of children that will need to be taken places, try to make other arrangements for them so you can guiltlessly relax.

002 Next we’re gonna skip ahead to your trip home. This might be a flight, drive, train ride, etc. You need to mentally prepare yourself for what you’re coming home to. If you left your house in shambles, be prepared for that and don’t freak out. Remember, your vacation isn’t over yet. Remind yourself of that and tell yourself that you will continue to live out of that suitcase for the next day. If you tell yourself now that you don’t need to do your chores, it will be easier when you are actually home.

003 This last step is crucial. Your first morning after your vacation is officially over, roll out of bed whenever you feel like it. And this the important part: DON’T DO ANYTHING ALL DAY LONG. Don’t work out, don’t eat healthy, don’t unpack, don’t clean anything. Just veg out. Read a book, watch endless amounts of TV and only get off the couch to go to the bathroom or answer the door for take-out.


By day two at home you will most likely feel sick of all the sitting around you were doing the day before and you’ll be ready to conquer the day. Go ahead and let yourself unpack and catch up on laundry. Yes, you can go to the grocery store now but it won’t be awful or miserable. You planned for it and now you feel refreshed and relaxed and super pleased at your 8 day long vacation.

You earned it, girl!

Losing the baby weight again

For most people dieting and losing weight is a daunting task. Usually that’s the case for me too but this time around I’m actually looking forward to losing my baby weight.

Sounds crazy right?!

weightloss again 002

When I went to lose weight the first time after having Evelyn I was stressed and worried and self conscious like nobody’s business. This time, I even gained more weight than I did with Evelyn. Technically I’m at the same number as I was with her but I had a lower starting weight. You would think that I would feel frustrated at being right back where I started but I’m not. Quite the opposite actually.

I remember how empowering it felt to watch the number on the scale go down every week. I remember looking at my before and after pictures and seeing how drastically my body had changed. I remember how good it felt to go shopping and buy clothes in a size smaller than I had ever bought before.

weightloss again 003

^^The second pic is me trying on clothes that I’d have never thought looked good on me before.

I loved seeing how defined the muscles in my arms and legs became. I love the adrenaline of working out and the way I feel when I’m eating right. I am so excited to get back to that place.

weightloss again 006

But I’m not just excited to be that size again, I’m excited about the process of getting there. I’m looking forward to pushing my muscles to their breaking point. I want that feeling of soreness that says, “You changed your body today.” I need to feel that power that comes from intense cardio. I think this time around I can do even better, do it faster, and get even stronger.

I cannot wait to see what my body can do!

weightloss again 004

Last week I started exercising again for the first time in like 2 months or so. I did a moderately good job of keeping up with fitness during my pregnancy but that last trimester kicked my butt. That first day last week that I went for a run, I felt like I was flying. Like a ten pound baby weight had been lifted off my abdomen and suddenly I could move my body again, the way I wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a hard run and I didn’t go very far. Before I even made it past the first block I was panting and my chest was burning. By the second block I had to walk for a bit. But it didn’t stop me. I pushed myself to go a little further than I had originally planned and at the end I made myself keep running until I got back home, even though I was ready to stop. But I did it. And for day 1, that’s all that matters.

weightloss again 001

Weight Watchers helped me achieve such success last time, that of course I’m using it again! This time around I was able to hit the ground running. Since I’d done it once, I knew what foods I needed to be eating and was able to stock the fridge a few days before I was set to start. When I did it the first time, I had no idea how to be successful or what to eat and it took me a week or so to really hit my stride. Now I can start losing right away and hopefully reach my goal weight even faster.

weightloss again 005

And since working towards something specific is the best type of motivation, I’m planning on running a half marathon sometime in the near future.

Time to get to work. Here goes nothing!

Letter Writing Challenge

Letter writing challenge

I LOVE getting mail!

Let me rephrase that: I LOVE getting mail that isn’t automated bills or junk or ads, etc.

There is just something so exciting about pulling an envelope out of the mailbox and seeing your name hand-written on the front.

The art of letter writing is lost these days. Most people only get actual snail mail in the form of invitations to some party or event. But I guess a lot of that can online now too. I miss the quaint-ness of sitting down with a pen and some adorable stationary to write an actual message to someone as opposed to typing it out and having it instantly appear in the other person’s inbox the moment you hit send.

Something is lost in interweb communication when you don’t have to try and decipher someone’s handwriting or when you’re not actually holding the paper that they held when they wrote it. I miss the personal correspondence of catching up with someone that is more than just stalking their facebook or sending a few brief texts.

I can still remember going to summer camp and getting people’s actual addresses to keep in touch, and then mailing them letters. I miss when that was the norm.

letters 001

^^I just love stationery

Does anyone else feel the same or is this just me?

I have a challenge for you, whether you’re like-minded or you think letter writing is lame sauce.

Summer 2015 Letter Writing Challenge

Find an old friend who you have a hard time connecting with who doesn’t live in the same state as you. This could be an old high school or college friend, a relative whose company you really enjoy, even someone from when you were a kid. Now, write them a letter. That’s it. That’s the whole challenge.

Ask them how they’re doing, tell them about your life, maybe even send a few actual photographs (What?!) and bonus points if you find some super cute stationary and use some fancy lettering when you address it (see letter writing tips below).

If you get lucky, they may even write you back. Try to write back and forth at least three times this summer. Enjoy your trip back in time to the simpler days of letter writing.

Hopefully you can complete this challenge without the use of social media, but I understand if you have to connect with someone online to get their mailing address, you can have a free pass on that one.

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