Jamberry Bridal party


^^She’s wearing gold sparkle with chantilly over the top on the ring finger and thumb.

When Chris’ brother got married, I decided to give the bride an early wedding present and offer to do her nails for the big day. She was so excited to have Jamberry nails for her wedding and took advantage of a super classy design.

bridesmaids looking down

^^They’re wearing boysenberry with gold sparkle accent and the bridesmaid is gold sparkle with boysenberry accent.

Her bridal party decided to get in on the action and have matching nails for the big day! The pictures looked so great, especially the close ups of their bouquets. All those matching nails..I can’t even handle it! Since each sheet of wraps comes with enough for two manis and two pedis, all the bridesmaids could share and it was only about $6 each.

brown bags

^^Everyone had their own bag with everything they needed to get the perfect Jamberry application.

inside bag

^^Everyone gets their wraps, application tools, and a catalog

I did a party the day before the wedding to help all the girls get their jams on. The party was so fun! I had a great time getting to know all the bridesmaids. Give me a good girls night any day! It was a great chance for them all to have a relaxing afternoon together the day before the wedding. Sometimes weddings can be a big ol’ ball of stress for everyone who is working to make it perfect and a little spa party in the middle of it all is a nice pampering distraction.

bridesmaids hands

^^boysenberry and gold sparkle

The bride’s nails were perfect for all those close up ring shots that will be framed on her wall and in photo albums for the rest of forever.

bride close

^^Gold Sparkle and Chantilly

Are you planning a wedding or event where to you want to have matching nails without breaking the bank? Jamberry has so many options to choose from and the best news is, I’ll come help you get a perfect application. These can be great for a girls night in, spa night, right before a vacation, you name it. Gorgeous nails are appropriate for every occasion.

my nails

^^Boysenberry and ombre lotus accent

groom sisters

^^Sisters of the Groom wearing boysenberry and ombre lotus

groom sistah

^^Groom’s sister rocking plum lotus from the Jamberry junior collection

You can view all the nail wrap designs online here. Email me to place your joint order and book a party.

5 Beauty products I’m Obsessing Over

Being a girl is so great sometimes. Sometimes it sucks, but it can be super awesome too. Like one of my favorite parts is getting to get all dolled up and pamper myself. I just love products. I’m a total product person (I even like the word. Weird or no?)

So today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites, or to clarify:

5 Beauty Products I’m Totally Obsessing Over

001 Jamberry nail wraps

 You guys, these things are incredible. If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen my post pictures of my many manicures. I love having a great looking mani but don’t really have time or money to go get my nails done. When I try to do it myself with polish, it takes forever and I end up smudging it before it dries or it starts chipping within a couple days.

Jamberry nail wraps don’t have to dry, don’t chip and can be done without a steady hand (Not like painting with your non-dominant hand). They’re heat and pressure activated and last for two whole weeks while staying flawless!

 I’m so obsessed! I was buying so many of them that I decided to bite the bullet and join the company as a consultant to save a few extra bucks. So if you wanna try them out, let me know!

002 Purple Shampoo

purple shampoo

This past fall I went super blonde, toned white. I really wanted it to look icey and get rid of those brass yellow tones. This shampoo does the trick like nobody’s business. Every time I use it, my hair looks like I’ve just gotten the color redone. I don’t know if the brand really matters here, I got the generic version of shimmer lights and it’s fabulous.

003 Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation


I’m a drugstore foundation girl all the way and this stuff is the best I’ve ever found. My complexion isn’t wonderful and this foundation has full coverage. I put it on with an urban decay foundation brush that just buffs it onto my skin and it stays looking smooth and perfect all day long.

The pot runs out faster than a liquid foundation but since I’m only paying a drugstore price for it, I don’t even mind.

004 Maybelline the Falisies Push Up Drama Mascara


Once again with the drugstore products, I know, but seriously. My all time favorite mascara is Perversion by Urban Decay but at $25 a pop it’s not a frequent splurge. This mascara rivals Perversion and, dare I say, I almost like it better. It seriously makes my eyelashes look like falsies which is way easier than actually putting falsies on.

005 Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

powder play

This stuff is incredible. I have really fine hair that doesn’t really like to do volume but just a couple shakes of this and I look like I’ve just had a professional blow out. It may seem a tad pricey but a little goes a long way! I’ve been using the same one for almost two years and it’s not showing signs of running out yet.

You just pull up a section of hair by your part, sprinkle some on, use your fingertips to rub it in and VOILA! It’s some kind of magic forreal. I’m obsessed. I especially love using it in between days that I wash my hair. It helps revive it and hide a little greasiness, although it is NOT a dry shampoo.


There you have it! Some of my favorite products right now. What are you loving that I should try? I’m always open to suggestions.

Make & keep your new year’s resolutions! Free Printable!

It’s that time of year again when we all take a step back and figure out what we want to do differently in the coming year. We take this chance for a fresh start to examine our lives and make changes for the better. We call them New Year’s Resolutions which is a fitting name since most of us forget about them by Valentine’s Day. Maybe a better name to encourage staying on track would be “Resolutions for the coming year” or even better “Goals”.

You can make goals for anything during any time of the year, and really you should edit your goals often. If you only make goals once a year, it’s more likely that you’ll only think about them once a year. Revisiting them and editing them to fit our current situation will keep them more relevant.

However, since you’re most likely thinking about resolutions for the coming year now, I wanted to share with you a great tool to coming up with realistic goals and staying on track until December of 2016.

New Year’s Resolutions Workbook

I made this little workbook for myself as a way to figure out what my goals actually are and come up with a manageable plan to keep up with them all year long.

First: Broaden your goals.

On the first page you try and broaden your goal to the widest encompassing, least specific thing. At first glance this goal might seem unattainable. But getting it as broad as possible makes it easier to refine it next.

For example:

BJ broad resolutions filled out


Second: Refine your goals.

Now that you have a broad idea of what you want to accomplish in the new year, take it down a few notches and refine it to something you can realistically accomplish. On the goals by month page, you can break a goal like “Be healthier” down into 12 steps to get there.

For example:

BJ goals by month filled out


Third: Plan the details.

So to be healthier in January, you’re going to exercise more. Great. Now plan what that looks like on a weekly and daily scale. Maybe weekly you’ll exercise 5 days. On the daily you might plan a certain time of day to get that done.

For example:

BJ details filled out


Fourth: Post Prominently.

Now that you’ve gone through the little workbook exercises and figured out what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them over the next 12 months, write it out concisely on one page and post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. I printed this page out twice. One to go inside my workbook and one to hang up next to my calendar to keep me on track.

For example:

bj resolutions last pg filled out


Now it’s your turn!

You can control your New Year’s Resolutions by planning out how you’re going to accomplish them. There’s no reason to give up by February. Saying, “I’m going to be healthier this year” isn’t very effective when you don’t have a plan to get to that healthier you. Or when you have no set idea of what a healthier you looks like.

Click on these images to download them, then you can print them as is or put them in a word document to make sure you have the sizing the way you want it and then print them out. I printed pages 2-5, double sided, then hole punched it and used brads to keep it together. (But remember to print out page 5 twice, one for the workbook, one to hang up.)

Then it’s as easy as filling it out and hanging the last page up somewhere prominent.

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Bossy’s Losing it Week 20: Sugar Fast Results

Apparently it’s either feast or famine with blog posts around these parts. But you know how it goes. Things get crazy around the holidays.

In case you are wondering the sugar fast went surprisingly well. The first 3 days were pretty miserable. I wanted ALL THE SUGAR. But around day 4, every time that craving came around I immediately remembered that I’m not eating sugar right now. The mantra I kept repeating was, “I can have sugar, I just don’t want sugar.”

Thanksgiving was my first day back on sugar and I was really conservative considering we had cinnamon rolls, candied yams, and two kinds of pie. BUT it only took a little over a week for me to just swing right back into my sugar eating habits.

I lost nearly 2 pounds the week of Thanksgiving and I attribute that to my successful sugar fast. And while the fast did help me during Thanksgiving and a few days afterwards, it’s long term effects were not as successful as I had hoped. Unfortunately, that outcome is what kept me from doing another sugar fast before Christmas. I kind of wish I had though. This week before Christmas I’ve kind of been losing control in terms of sugar consumption and that is the one huge thing that the fast did for me.

It gave me the feeling of control. I didn’t feel controlled by my sugar craving, I controlled it and I loved that. I never wondered if I’d be able to say no to the sugary treats that I didn’t even love that much in the first place, there was no question, I just wasn’t eating sugar.

I think I’d like to do another sugar fast and approach the aftermath differently. Maybe I’ll ease back into it and always keep control by always having a limit. For instance, when I start eating sugar again it will only be one sugar-y type something a day or every other day or something like that.

Things in weight loss land have gone a little down hill since my Thanksgiving success. It’s like I planned so much to not go overboard during Thanksgiving that afterwards I just lost it. I haven’t gained any but my loss hasn’t been too big either.

I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m building so much muscle in these weight lifting classes I’m doing at the gym (Power Pump and X Fusion). One week I was sure I had gained 5 lbs from all the Nutella I had consumed but was surprised to find out that I lost .2. Not huge, but better than gaining. I really think it’s because muscle helps you constantly burn more calories. amiright?? (I’m no health guru here…just making guesses.)

Maybe after the holidays I’ll join the rest of the free world and do some kind of sugar or juice fast or something to try and get in gear for New Year’s health resolutions. Or maybe I’ll just start tracking my points again. That would be a good idea too.

I haven’t been to weight watchers in a couple weeks because holidays got me feelin like I’ve gained back everything I’ve ever lost and I’m not really ready for that harsh reality. But next week I start training for my half marathon so I’m hoping that will give me the motivation I need to get back on track.


Total Weight Loss: -23.8lbs

A Thanksgiving Tree

thanksgiving tree 001



thanksgiving tree 003


thanksgiving tree 004


thanksgiving tree 002

First of all, I know what you’re thinking.

This is just some lame excuse to put your Christmas tree up early isn’t it?

Why yes, yes it is. But let’s be honest, who needs an excuse anymore? My neighbors fully decked out the outside of their house for Christmas on November 1st. Like lights, wreaths, an enormous nutcracker on the front porch, the whole shebang.

I’ve been wondering where I would put my Christmas tree since before our living room even had carpet. Or walls for that matter. (If you’re new here, head on over to the home remodel to see what I’m talking about.) When the living room was more or less put together, I realized that it’s super tiny and there isn’t a whole lot of room for a big ol tree.

But the ceilings are high so I decided to get a tall and skinny one. And when I set my mind to wanting to buy something, I can’t really change focus until that something is in my living room, put together and plugged in. So here we are.

And that’s where Daniel Tiger comes in. All my fellow moms of toddlers raise your hands if Daniel’s in the house!! Daniel is in our house all the time. If you don’t watch the show, it’s a cartoon based on the characters in Mister Roger’s neighborhood and it’s full of catchy tunes that teach kids things like, “Grown-ups come back” and “Friends help each other, yes they do, it’s true” and my personal favorite, “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way.”

But I digress.

On a particular episode of Daniel Tiger it was Thankful Day and the whole town (neighborhood?) gets together and hangs thank you cards on the tree to those they are thankful to. All the cute little characters draw pictures and whatnot to their parents, teachers, and mailman and that’s when the light bulb went off in my head.

Yes this is a children’s show, but that’s a good idea.

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what we have and apart from eating a crap ton of food (which I guess means we’re thankful for how much we have..or something) and going around the dinner table to say what we’re thankful for, our family traditions don’t focus a whole lot on gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great holiday for gathering and spending time with friends and family but when are we acknowledging our gratitude?

So here I am with this undecorated Christmas tree in my living room and this Daniel Tiger thank you tree idea in my head and BAM! The Thanksgiving tree is born.

The basic idea is to take time either throughout the month of November or just on Thanksgiving day itself and write a thank you note to someone. It’s a way to show your gratitude and help someone else feel appreciated. If you do it all November long, you could just set your cards on the tree as you write them, for decoration, and then mail them out later.

I love the idea of everyone sitting down and reading our cards to each other before we indulge in a lovely meal. And hey, maybe we’ll save the cards with the Thanksgiving decorations and each year the tree will get more and more full of cards and we can always look back and remember what, or who, we were thankful for in years past.

So here’s to a new Thanksgiving tradition! What do you like to do to show you’re grateful during Thanksgiving?

Bossy’s Losing it Week 16: Bye bye sugar!

This Bossy’s Losing It post is long over due. It seems like I only ever feel the need to update my weight loss progress when I’ve been doing horribly and then resolve to do better again. If there’s one main thing I’m learning from this whole process, it’s that a weight loss journey is not one straight path there is a lot of up and down and if you get discouraged at every uphill battle, you’ll never succeed.

Since my last update I have been on a big uphill battle. I found a workout buddy and started some epic challenging classes at the gym that I LOVE! Working out is definitely my thang! But my eating habits have plummeted into..well almost worse than when I was pregnant. Appalling, I know.

My aunt and mom came into town and I flipped a switch and was binge eating while binge watching Nashville which resulted in gaining 2 lbs in one week! Gah!! What is that?! It has been so long since I’ve lost 2 lbs in one week and now I’ve set myself way back.

But instead of missing my meeting and having a pity party, I decided to go into Weight Watchers and get re-motivated to kick this in the butt.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I eat WAY too much sugar. Sure it fits into the number of points I’m allotted for the day but I can’t sustain this type of eating pattern for the rest of my life. I’m realizing that as I get older it will be harder for me to keep weight off, so I might as well develop some good eating habits now to carry me through those later years.

For a while, Chris and I were going through two cartons of ice cream a week. A WEEK! That’s utter nonsense. Between his high metabolism and me nursing, it hasn’t effected us too badly in the weight gain department. But like I mentioned before, we cannot sustain this lifestyle.

Then I watched this fabulous documentary that I highly recommend. It’s called Hungry for Change and it’s on Amazon Prime right now. Among other things it talks about how sugar is an addictive drug and it’s about time the world starts recognizing the havoc it wreaks on our bodies.

That gave me the extra push I needed to enact a sugar fast. We started yesterday and we carry through until the day before Thanksgiving. My hope is that this fast will kind of reset my body to not crave sugar as much. I need to realize that I don’t need a “dessert” after every meal and periodically throughout the day. We’re even saying goodbye to diet soda for the time being (and probably forever) because it’s essentially like drinking a glass of yummy crap. It might taste good and send happy vibes to your brain but it makes you crave more sugar and actually kills brain cells. Boo.

So far I’m doing pretty well, and so is Chris which is amazing considering he basically lives off free candy at the office.

Instead of saying “I can’t have it” I’ve been saying, “I can have it, I just don’t want it.” Reminding myself that I’m choosing to do this and I don’t need to feel deprived.

Last night instead of watching a show we had a gym date and worked up such an appetite that I had four eggs when we got home. All about that lean protein when trying to build muscle. I wasn’t even sad about not getting my bowl of ice cream.

Today I’m feeling the same way and I’m even loving all these extra points I have to eat that aren’t wasted on treats that leave me feeling hungrier than when I started. My meals have become more substantial and keep me satiated longer than normal.

Now here’s to hoping that I can keep this up for the next 7 days.


If I want to keep my lifetime status at Weight Watchers I have to lose roughly 12 pounds in 6 weeks! Eek! It’s time to buckle down and get to work. I always was did procrastinate.

And while I’m working on that, you go watch Hungry for Change. Seriously. It’s eye opening. ::

Week 16 Weight loss: + 2.2lbs

Total Weight loss: 18 lbs

Bossy’s Losing it Week 12: Getting back on the wagon

Confession time: I know you may think, since I posted about it a few weeks ago, that I have overcome emotional eating. Ha. If only writing about it on my blog made me an instant expert, that would be nice. But no. So the past two weeks or so I fell off the weight loss wagon a little bit.

**Fun historical side note** The phrase “on the wagon” originated during the height of prohibition in the 1890s. It was originally “on the water cart” or “on the water wagon”. A water cart was used to wet dusty roads in the summer. People would say, “Yes I’m thirsty, but I’d rather climb aboard the water cart for a drink than break my pledge to stop drinking.” So if they started drinking again they had fallen off the wagon. Interesting or nah?

Every couple days I would remember and try to eat well but I had no desire to go grocery shopping so we were eating out a lot and I worked out maybe twice in two weeks. I started reaching this point where I forgot why I wanted to lose weight. I was looking in the mirror and thinking, “I think I look good enough…there are plenty of attractive people who are the same size as me. Who’s to say I need to keep working at this?”

What I learned this week:

choose your hard

I didn’t go to weight watchers for those two weeks because I didn’t want to know how much weight I had gained. THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA! If I had gone and gained weight it would have motivated me to do better. If I had gone and lost weight it would have motivated me to keep going.

In my daily facebook scrolling a few days ago, something popped up on my timeline that was a major “Aha!” moment.

“Losing weight is hard. Being over weight is hard. Choose your hard.” I’ve started applying that to every aspect of my life.

Getting up early to work out is hard, but trying to find time to work out during the day is hard. Choose your hard.

Eating right is hard. Having a body running on junk food is hard. Choose your hard.

It helped me remember that I’m not only losing weight to look better but to feel better too. To get back my confidence. To be able to run that half marathon. To comfortably fit into the clothes that I love.

Going back to Weight Watchers this week was the first step. I had lost 3.6 lbs. It was the motivation I needed to jump back on that wagon and get my eating and workouts in check.

So here I am friends. I am flawed but I am trying. It doesn’t matter how slowly I go, as long as I don’t stop.

Stay with me. I know that it’s hard to keep motivation all the time and it’s okay when you fall off the wagon. Just make sure you don’t stay off.

When you get a flat tire do you get out of the car and slash the other three? No. You fix the one and get back on the road.


Week 12 weight loss: 3.6 lbs

Total weight loss: 18 lbs

Free Printables for Weight loss motivation

So my Bossy’s Losing it posts have been a bit scattered. I had a little lapse in motivation but don’t worry, you’ll get a new one on Saturday and it will be loaded with what to do when you just don’t feel like staying on top of it.

Until then, I’ve made some free printables for you! Yay! In the last Bossy’s Losing it post, I listed several suggestions to use as your own weight loss mantra but I only posted my mantra as a printable. My lovely mother requested that I turn the rest of those mantra suggestions into printables as well. So I did.

And here they are for you! Just click on the photo and you can print it right from your browser or download it to your computer and then print it from there. Happy weight loss motivation!

I printed a couple of these out to hang on my fridge which is where I go when I want food. When I see them there they give me a chance to rethink my food choices and make healthier ones to stay on the right track.

better than where i was

ask yourself

do not stop


eat to live copy


hard things


kinda v really



suck it up


will you


mantra collage

Meal planning made easy

Meal Planning made easy

Getting married was totes awesome and exciting as a young nineteen year old. It was full of new adventures but with that came a whole crap ton of new adult like responsibilities. By far the worst of these that I was burdened with as a wife was meal planning and grocery shopping.

I have spent countless hours over the past 5 years trying to make this process as easy and painless as possible. I tried talking my grocery list into my phone so I didn’t have to write it down. I tried copying and pasting recipes into a word doc to print out ingredients. I’ve tried complication spreadsheets of recipes and food groups and ingredients. In the end everything I tried was miserable and torturous and left us eating random cans of food in the pantry in an effort to avoid the process altogether.

That was until I found this app that TOTALLY changed my life. My. Whole. Life. Go to the app store right this instant and get MealBoard and your life will be changed too.

mealboard 001

So here’s why it’s so fabulous

Upload Recipes

mealboard 002

The app has a handful of recipe sites that it partners with and you can go to those sites and choose any recipe you want and hit the import button and BOOM it appears in your little recipe section of your app. Why is this necessary? Because from your list of recipes you can drag them into the calendar so you know what days you want to eat what. It even gives you the option to say what’s for breakfast lunch or dinner (if you’re one of those crazy people who plans ALL THE MEALS).


But Jocelyn, I don’t like recipes from any of the websites that partner with this app. I want my own recipes on there..this will never work..wahhh.

Stop your whining! The app gives you a little code to let you login online and sync it to your computer. Then it’s as simple as copying and pasting recipes from other websites or manually inputting some from your favorite cookbook. Yes this part may be a bit time consuming but you only have to do it once and then you’re done for like ever.

Speaking of time consuming but only doing it once, this app has another feature that seems really cool but I have yet to use. You can take an afternoon (or month depending on how much you have in your pantry) and use the pantry tab to input all the food already in your house. That way when you’re shopping you don’t keep buying more of the same thing. 16 boxes of lasagna noodles anyone? No? Ok.

Grocery Shopping List

But wait, it gets even better! Then you click on the little ‘shopping’ tab and you can sync your calendar of recipes to your shopping list. If you planned for the whole month, you can choose which days should sync to your list so you don’t have to shop for the whole month if you don’t want to. But that’s not even the best part.

The only thing I hate more than meal planning is grocery shopping. I’m always carrying around this massive list and end up leaving an aisle before I got everything I needed and having to go back and forth across the store like 50 times and it takes forever and then you add two babies into that and it’s a nightmare.

mealboard 004

Then this app syncs the ingredients to your recipes in the grocery list, it also organizes the food by category!!! WHAHHH?!?!? I’m totally forreal right now. So there you are in the produce section of the store and you just scroll down to the produce part of your list and get everything there and walk over to the deli knowing that you didn’t forget ANYTHING!

Then you can check it off bing bang boom. The grocery shopping feature is nicer than other lists I’ve used because it doesn’t delete a checked item right after you check it off. I’ve had problems of accidentally bumping into the check mark and losing an item before I realize that I still need to get it. On this app you click the trashcan button at the bottom and have the option of deleting all items or just deleting checked items. Or if you like to see a job well done you can just leave them there and be happy with all that’s in your cart.


If there are certain things you like to buy at different stores you can have shopping lists for each store you like to go to.

If you have items that you need to add to your list that aren’t in one of your recipes, no sweat man. You can add the item, input what aisle it’s in, the quantity you need, etc. But to make things go faster a lot of normal items are already inputed. Say you wanted to add bananas to your list. The app knows that bananas are in the produce section and it even predicts that you were typing bananas after only the b-a-n and just like that it’s added to your list.

No more fumbling with a piece of paper and pen. No more forgetting to get something in a certain aisle. It’s a beautiful thing my friend.

The only thing I’ve found that can be a little tricky is that sometimes the app gets confused and will put something in the wrong section of your list. Like one time 28 oz of tomatoes ended up in the produce section of my list instead of the canned section and I got a tad confused. Like how do you buy 28 oz of fresh tomatoes? But I digress.

Meal Plan On-the-go


The reason Meal Board works so perfectly for my situation is because it has eliminated the 3o minutes to an hour that I would have to sit down and plan our meals for the week or month and make a grocery list. In fact, I hardly plan at all anymore.

mealboard 003

Often times I’ll update my grocery list as we run out of something because my phone is pretty much always on my person. Then when I’m out doing things with the chillins and think to myself, “Hey self, you should run to the store and grab something for dinner tonight. But what will you cook?” I don’t have to resort to something boring like spaghetti. I just choose a recipe, sync it to my grocery list and before I know it I’m loading my bags into the trunk of my car while my son sleeps in his carseat and my daughter noshes on some M&Ms because the trip was short that she stayed happy the whole time and earned herself a treat.

Now yes, the app does cost a little bit of money, $4.00 to be exact, but if you’re wondering if that’s worth it than you obviously didn’t read the above post thoroughly enough. Go back and don’t skim this time…I’ll wait.

So what are you waiting for. Go get it and plan how you’re going to spend your extra 30min to an hour that you save every week. I think I’ll use that free time locked in a dark closet with headphones in listening to anything other than crying children. I can’t wait!

**I was not paid to write this, or asked to write this, heck, I paid to get the app myself. That’s how amaze balls it is.**

Bossy’s Losing it Week 7: Weight loss Mantra

So remember how I gained weight last week? Turns out it was exactly the motivation I needed to break my bad habits and kick my butt in gear to do better. I definitely made up for it this past week! I lost 3 pounds!!

What I learned this week:

As much as you want to accomplish something like weight loss sometimes it’s easy to forget that’s it’s what you really want and why you really want it. As evidenced by my weight gain last week.

The biggest thing that helped me this week, besides my determination to make up for my gain, was this little diddy that I repeated to myself roughly 50 times a day.
eat to live
Usually after the kids are down for a nap and the house is quiet I like to reward myself with something delicious. I make eating more of an event and less of a source of nourishment.

Repeating this to myself reminded me that there are more ways to enjoy myself and other things I can do besides eating.

When I go out to eat, my initial thought is that if I’m going to go out and spend money I’m going to make the most of it and really treat myself to something delicious.

But this mantra has helped me realize that eating out is not a reason to indulge. It’s not like I’ll never eat out again in my life. My purpose for eating is first to sustain life and second to enjoy what I’m eating.

This isn’t to say that I can’t ever eat purely for the sake of treating myself to some mouth watering morsel of goodness; I still have a root beer float nearly every night. It’s just to remind myself that eating for enjoyment is the exception, not the rule.

Non-scale Successes:

When I started this 7 weeks ago I took a “before” picture and it was not pretty. Maybe when I get to where my after should be I’ll let you see it. But in the before photo I have zero visible muscle definition. I have been periodically taking photo updates and I can see a slight difference.

I can actually see some muscles starting to show up in my arms and legs. And I can see that my body is slowly starting to shrink. It’s a pretty good feeling.

So darling readers, if any of you are going through this weight loss journey like me, it’s time for you to come up with your own weight loss mantra. Think about what motivates you or what will encourage you to kick a bad habit or keep going when you really want to quit. If you’re having a hard time, here are some suggestions:

  • A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips
  • I can do hard things
  • It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, only that you don’t stop
  • I may not be where I want to be but I’m better than where I was
  • If you kinda do it, it kinda works. If you really do it, it really works
  • Success requires a backbone not a wishbone
  • What you eat in private shows up in public
  • If you’re driving and you get a flat tire, do you get out of the car and slash the other three? No, you fix it and get back on the road.
  • The question isn’t can you, it’s will you?
  • Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
  • Suck it up and someday you won’t have to suck it in


Week 7 loss: 3 lbs

Total loss: 12.2 lbs