How to Host a Jamberry Party


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Welcome friend. Today on Bossy Jocie we will delve into the exciting world that is Jamberry nail wraps. Before we get started, a brief questionnaire that will help you decide your future with Jamberry.


001 Are you physically or do you identify as or with a female??

002 If you answered no to 001, have you ever met a female??

003 Do you enjoy looking your best??

004 Do you have hands??

005 Do you have feet?

If you answered any of the questions above, GREAT NEWS! Jamberry is for you, my friend!


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Jamberry nail wraps are gorgeous wraps for your fingernails and toenails. They are applied with heat and pressure and last for two weeks (up to 6 on toes) without chipping or dry time! They have approximately a bajillion designs (including a collection by Disney, WHAT?!) so there is something for everyone. PLUS, this is huge, you can design your own wraps!! Need I say more?

So are you ready to delve into this Jamberry journey but don’t know where to get started? Why not throw a Jamberry party!

Uhm what?

A Jamberry Party!

A Jamberry party can be online (Facebook) or in home. Your party will include games, prizes, demos and even freebies for you and your friends.

Reasons to host a Jamberry party:

  • Girls night in
  • Spa night
  • Get ready for an event
  • Bridal party or gift for bridesmaids
  • Birthday party (there are wraps for tiny fingers too!)
  • Just because you want to!

brown bags



To host an in-home Jamberry party it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

001 Invite your friends and tell them how fun it will be!

002 Straighten your house and make some snacks.

003 Hang out and play games while I do demos and give out prizes!

BONUS! Get rewards from all the orders from your party!


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To host an online Jamberry Party it’s as easy as having a computer or smart phone:

001 Invite your friends to the Facebook page

002 Comment on my posts and tag your friends

003 Post pics of your favorite wraps

BONUS! Get rewards from all the orders from your party!

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Make & keep your new year’s resolutions! Free Printable!

It’s that time of year again when we all take a step back and figure out what we want to do differently in the coming year. We take this chance for a fresh start to examine our lives and make changes for the better. We call them New Year’s Resolutions which is a fitting name since most of us forget about them by Valentine’s Day. Maybe a better name to encourage staying on track would be “Resolutions for the coming year” or even better “Goals”.

You can make goals for anything during any time of the year, and really you should edit your goals often. If you only make goals once a year, it’s more likely that you’ll only think about them once a year. Revisiting them and editing them to fit our current situation will keep them more relevant.

However, since you’re most likely thinking about resolutions for the coming year now, I wanted to share with you a great tool to coming up with realistic goals and staying on track until December of 2016.

New Year’s Resolutions Workbook

I made this little workbook for myself as a way to figure out what my goals actually are and come up with a manageable plan to keep up with them all year long.

First: Broaden your goals.

On the first page you try and broaden your goal to the widest encompassing, least specific thing. At first glance this goal might seem unattainable. But getting it as broad as possible makes it easier to refine it next.

For example:

BJ broad resolutions filled out


Second: Refine your goals.

Now that you have a broad idea of what you want to accomplish in the new year, take it down a few notches and refine it to something you can realistically accomplish. On the goals by month page, you can break a goal like “Be healthier” down into 12 steps to get there.

For example:

BJ goals by month filled out


Third: Plan the details.

So to be healthier in January, you’re going to exercise more. Great. Now plan what that looks like on a weekly and daily scale. Maybe weekly you’ll exercise 5 days. On the daily you might plan a certain time of day to get that done.

For example:

BJ details filled out


Fourth: Post Prominently.

Now that you’ve gone through the little workbook exercises and figured out what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them over the next 12 months, write it out concisely on one page and post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. I printed this page out twice. One to go inside my workbook and one to hang up next to my calendar to keep me on track.

For example:

bj resolutions last pg filled out


Now it’s your turn!

You can control your New Year’s Resolutions by planning out how you’re going to accomplish them. There’s no reason to give up by February. Saying, “I’m going to be healthier this year” isn’t very effective when you don’t have a plan to get to that healthier you. Or when you have no set idea of what a healthier you looks like.

Click on these images to download them, then you can print them as is or put them in a word document to make sure you have the sizing the way you want it and then print them out. I printed pages 2-5, double sided, then hole punched it and used brads to keep it together. (But remember to print out page 5 twice, one for the workbook, one to hang up.)

Then it’s as easy as filling it out and hanging the last page up somewhere prominent.

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How to cope with PVD

You’ve just had the most fabulous week ignoring real life and focusing on amusement. You ate decadent food and didn’t stress about exercising. You relaxed and didn’t worry about chores or work. The only time you checked your email was to see your online shopping receipts. But now it’s all come to an end. You are back home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and an empty fridge.

Immediately you are thrown back into the mundane tasks you left behind and they have piled up because of your absence and suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks right in the gut:

Post Vacation Depression

Oh, it is real my friend, and it sucks. There was no easing back into things. It was peaceful bliss to boring chores overload in 2.5 or less. So when you wake up in your own bed for the first time in 7 days and feel that cloud of overwhelming despair creep upon you, do not fret. I’m gonna help you through this. And by tomorrow, you’ll feel ready to tackle everything that life throws at you. Fo reals.


How to Cope with PVD

001 Step one happens before you even go on your trip. When you’re taking your days off of work or whatever else you have to do in preparation for you trip, plan one extra day after you get home for extended vacation. You could also just come back on the weekend and take a weekend day to recoup. If you are a parent of children that will need to be taken places, try to make other arrangements for them so you can guiltlessly relax.

002 Next we’re gonna skip ahead to your trip home. This might be a flight, drive, train ride, etc. You need to mentally prepare yourself for what you’re coming home to. If you left your house in shambles, be prepared for that and don’t freak out. Remember, your vacation isn’t over yet. Remind yourself of that and tell yourself that you will continue to live out of that suitcase for the next day. If you tell yourself now that you don’t need to do your chores, it will be easier when you are actually home.

003 This last step is crucial. Your first morning after your vacation is officially over, roll out of bed whenever you feel like it. And this the important part: DON’T DO ANYTHING ALL DAY LONG. Don’t work out, don’t eat healthy, don’t unpack, don’t clean anything. Just veg out. Read a book, watch endless amounts of TV and only get off the couch to go to the bathroom or answer the door for take-out.


By day two at home you will most likely feel sick of all the sitting around you were doing the day before and you’ll be ready to conquer the day. Go ahead and let yourself unpack and catch up on laundry. Yes, you can go to the grocery store now but it won’t be awful or miserable. You planned for it and now you feel refreshed and relaxed and super pleased at your 8 day long vacation.

You earned it, girl!

Letter Writing Challenge

Letter writing challenge

I LOVE getting mail!

Let me rephrase that: I LOVE getting mail that isn’t automated bills or junk or ads, etc.

There is just something so exciting about pulling an envelope out of the mailbox and seeing your name hand-written on the front.

The art of letter writing is lost these days. Most people only get actual snail mail in the form of invitations to some party or event. But I guess a lot of that can online now too. I miss the quaint-ness of sitting down with a pen and some adorable stationary to write an actual message to someone as opposed to typing it out and having it instantly appear in the other person’s inbox the moment you hit send.

Something is lost in interweb communication when you don’t have to try and decipher someone’s handwriting or when you’re not actually holding the paper that they held when they wrote it. I miss the personal correspondence of catching up with someone that is more than just stalking their facebook or sending a few brief texts.

I can still remember going to summer camp and getting people’s actual addresses to keep in touch, and then mailing them letters. I miss when that was the norm.

letters 001

^^I just love stationery

Does anyone else feel the same or is this just me?

I have a challenge for you, whether you’re like-minded or you think letter writing is lame sauce.

Summer 2015 Letter Writing Challenge

Find an old friend who you have a hard time connecting with who doesn’t live in the same state as you. This could be an old high school or college friend, a relative whose company you really enjoy, even someone from when you were a kid. Now, write them a letter. That’s it. That’s the whole challenge.

Ask them how they’re doing, tell them about your life, maybe even send a few actual photographs (What?!) and bonus points if you find some super cute stationary and use some fancy lettering when you address it (see letter writing tips below).

If you get lucky, they may even write you back. Try to write back and forth at least three times this summer. Enjoy your trip back in time to the simpler days of letter writing.

Hopefully you can complete this challenge without the use of social media, but I understand if you have to connect with someone online to get their mailing address, you can have a free pass on that one.

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How to Choose a Midwife

midwife 001

When we for sure decided that we were going to do a home birth with baby 2.0 I started my hunt for a reputable, kind, loving, gentle midwife who I got along with. It was no easy task.

It’s stressful choosing a doctor to deliver your baby in a hospital but with a midwife you’re meeting a lot of them in their homes, and while this is pretty much how it’s done, it can be hard to get used to when you’re more familiar with doctor’s offices.

Granted, my care so far has been fabulous. My appointments have lasted well over an hour each time and not because I’ve had to wait. I get all my questions answered in the fullest way possible. At my last appointment, my midwife took me into her kitchen to let me try a tea she recommended and some trail mix that she combines herself. She didn’t give me one-word answers but very thorough in depth responses. And I enjoy her company so much that I didn’t even realize how much time had passed.

Point 1 for midwifery.

But I interviewed quite a few midwives before I found the one I KNEW I wanted. Today I want to give you a little advice on how to find a great midwife.

Step 1: What kind of midwife do you want?

There are all sorts of confusing initials when dealing with midwives, so let’s clear some of those up.

CNM Certified Nurse Midwife. A CNM becomes a nurse before becoming a midwife so they are trained and certified in two fields. Generally they only work in hospitals.

CPM Certified Professional Midwife. A CPM is an independent professional who has met the standards and certification through the North American Registry of Midwives. They are trained to work out of a hospital environment.

CM Certified Midwife. A CM has the same certification of midwifery as a CNM, they difference being that they didn’t get certified as a nurse as well.

DEM Direct Entry Midwife. A DEM is trained through self study, apprenticeship, a midwifery college or university program that is separate from the nursing discipline. They are trained to provide the Midwife Model of Care primarily out of the hospital. This includes a Licensed Midwife (LM) and a Registered Midwife (RM).

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Weaning from breastfeeding

breastfeeding header

I always knew I wanted to exclusively breastfeed. I’d read about all the amazing health benefits to baby and that it’s a great bonding experience, plus I figured saving money by not buying formula was just an added bonus. I didn’t super love it from day one but I eventually found my stride. Little did I know just how hard weaning from breastfeeding would be.

I had heard so many people say how they just loved the experience of breastfeeding. They loved that special time between them and their baby. I wanted that, it just sounded so lovely.

At the same time, I heard other people talk about how much they hated breastfeeding or couldn’t do it and stopped after just a few weeks.

I literally had no idea which one of these I would be, having never breastfed before but my goal was to try and breastfeed Evelyn until she was a year old. If I could get that far, I would pat myself on the back and it’d all be good.


Thing is, I didn’t like breastfeeding. I didn’t like trying to awkwardly pull my boob out in public. I didn’t like that every time Evelyn cried, Chris handed her to me because obviously she was hungry and there was nothing he could do about it. I didn’t like that I had to be the one to get up with her in the middle of the night because there was honestly no reason for Chris to get up…he didn’t have the milk. I didn’t like being the only one who could feed her or console her. I hated have to work my wardrobe around boob accessibility. I loathed being covered in milk all. the. time.

Don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding had some high points. It was nice to be able to fall asleep while nursing Evelyn in the night. It was convenient that I didn’t have to pack bottles when we left the house. We did save money, I suppose, by not having to buy formula. And getting to eat more was definitely appreciated. Regardless, I still didn’t like it.

But I was gonna stick to my goal of breastfeeding until she was one year old. What’s one year? I could do anything for only a year, right?

Fast forward to this past August when Evelyn turned a year old. I had already weaned her down to only nursing before a nap or before bed. I figured by that point, getting her to stop completely would be a piece of cake.

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How to Tan without Burning {In Arizona}


tan 001I have successfully survived a sun filled pool week in Arizona without even a whisper of a sunburn. This is absolutely a first for me. Past Arizona trips have landed me at the computer with my mother scrolling through Google images of skin cancer. While that didn’t make me suddenly decide that I should never lay in the sun again, it had a brief impact. Actually it wasn’t until this summer that I decided burning just wasn’t worth it.

So after one week of not getting a sun burn in the fiery oven that is Arizona but instead getting brushed with a bronzed sun kiss, I am obviously an expert in the field. So here I will present you with a comprehensive guide to tan without burning (in Arizona).

(What’s that you say, Summer is basically over everywhere, why do you need this guide? Maybe you don’t this year, but go ahead a pin it for next year! You’ll be glad you did.)


This guide will provide with two relatively fool-proof options. Take your pick. We’ll start numerically with

Option 1

tan 002

001 Gather up all the items you’ll need for a safe burn-less day at the pool. Here are some suggestions: a book, magazine or whatever else will keep you occupied, sunscreen, water, and sunglasses. (See *note* at the bottom for a guide in choosing the best sunscreen)

tan 004

002 Slip into your favorite bathing suit and cover-up to protect yourself from the sun on your journey to the pool.

tan 005

003 Now curl up on the couch with your book and your sunglasses in the comfort of the air conditioning as the warm sun spills in through the window until the cover of nightfall when you can safely swim without threat of the leering sun. Then tomorrow go get a spray tan and call it good.

Sunburn is to option 1 as pregnancy is to abstinence: It’s just not going to happen! But you can always try…

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Clean your bathroom in 5 minutes!


Uhm…cleaning the bathroom is probably the most disdained chore in the history of cleaning for children all over the world. Most likely. I know I always hated it. That and mopping. I really hate mopping.

Unfortunately you still have to clean your bathroom if you want any friends. Or rather, if you want them to ever feel comfortable coming over. So today I’m going to help you clean your bathroom SUPER FAST! And then you can be done and go binge watch Netflix because we both know you don’t actually have any friends anyway. Be honest.

First things first you need the right supplies:

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What I wish I’d known about buying baby gear


Since having Evelyn and needing to use all the baby stuff I purchased before she was born, I’m thinking there is a flaw in the system. I wish that there was some way you could borrow a baby while you’re pregnant and do a trial with all the baby gear. It would most definitely save money and heartache. Buying baby gear is so needlessly stressful.

So even though all babies are different, some of the things that bothered me might also bother you. For all you soon to be mothers out there, take note.

1. Carseat- Britax B-Safe

I hate Evelyn’s carseat with a fiery passion of hell. I chose it because it had all these amaze-balls safety features. But it is SO HEAVY. I bought the thing so that when she was a newborn, or heck even now, I could carry her in it from point A to point B. That is nearly impossible. Her weight plus the carseat’s weight is just too much. Looking back I realize that all carseats have to pass the same safety tests and a lighter (probably cheaper) carseat would be way better.

Also the sunshade is stationary. So if the sun is directly in her face I can’t pull the shade down to block it. I have to use a blanket of some sort while I’m contortioning my arm into the backseat and driving at the same time. And then she inevitably tears it down cause she’s a baby and that’s what they do.

And it’s black. So it’s way hot in the summer.

2. Stroller- Britax B Agile

I actually really love Evelyn’s stroller…for the most part. It maneuvers easily with one hand and has three wheels. But it turns out I’d really love for it to have bigger wheels because where we live, the sidewalks are terrible and it’s hard to push over any of them.

Also the basket underneath is nonexistent. I didn’t think this would be a big deal but IT IS, it really is. Lastly, it doesn’t have a cup holder on the top for me or a tray for her. All features that would really come in handy.

I did end up buying a cup holder that you can attach which works pretty well but it’s just not the same.

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Doing Disney Part 5: What to Wear to Disney World

This is the fifth post in a five part series on a Walt Disney World trip. Click here for part 1 on Disney for Adults, here for part 2 on Accommodations, and here for part 3 on Restaurants/Dining Plan, and here for part 4 on Disney with a Baby.

doing disney part 5.jpg

This post is aimed directly at people who want to look stylish/cute and are going to Disney World in the summer. If you couldn’t care less how you look as long as you’re comfortable, grab a t-shirt and your tennis shoes and have at it. Otherwise, read on.

I did a dumb amount of research before my Disney trip (as I mentioned before) considering how many times I’ve been there. But I figured that other people might have better advice than me and it never hurts to get ideas from someone else. The biggest thing I searched for is what shoes to wear to Disney.

My criteria:

  • Able to match cute outfits
  • Not make my feet sweaty
  • Not stay wet if they get wet on a water ride
  • No blisters
  • Comfortable by the end of the day

I saw lots of people on forums suggest tons of different shoes from tennis shoes to some crazy expensive weird sandals and the ones that caught my eye the most were Yellow Box flip flops. My mom has a pair (or 4) and raved about them so I thought I’d give them a try. I got them on sale when I was in Georgia and it was the best investment I have ever made.

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