Make & keep your new year’s resolutions! Free Printable!

It’s that time of year again when we all take a step back and figure out what we want to do differently in the coming year. We take this chance for a fresh start to examine our lives and make changes for the better. We call them New Year’s Resolutions which is a fitting name since most of us forget about them by Valentine’s Day. Maybe a better name to encourage staying on track would be “Resolutions for the coming year” or even better “Goals”.

You can make goals for anything during any time of the year, and really you should edit your goals often. If you only make goals once a year, it’s more likely that you’ll only think about them once a year. Revisiting them and editing them to fit our current situation will keep them more relevant.

However, since you’re most likely thinking about resolutions for the coming year now, I wanted to share with you a great tool to coming up with realistic goals and staying on track until December of 2016.

New Year’s Resolutions Workbook

I made this little workbook for myself as a way to figure out what my goals actually are and come up with a manageable plan to keep up with them all year long.

First: Broaden your goals.

On the first page you try and broaden your goal to the widest encompassing, least specific thing. At first glance this goal might seem unattainable. But getting it as broad as possible makes it easier to refine it next.

For example:

BJ broad resolutions filled out


Second: Refine your goals.

Now that you have a broad idea of what you want to accomplish in the new year, take it down a few notches and refine it to something you can realistically accomplish. On the goals by month page, you can break a goal like “Be healthier” down into 12 steps to get there.

For example:

BJ goals by month filled out


Third: Plan the details.

So to be healthier in January, you’re going to exercise more. Great. Now plan what that looks like on a weekly and daily scale. Maybe weekly you’ll exercise 5 days. On the daily you might plan a certain time of day to get that done.

For example:

BJ details filled out


Fourth: Post Prominently.

Now that you’ve gone through the little workbook exercises and figured out what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them over the next 12 months, write it out concisely on one page and post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. I printed this page out twice. One to go inside my workbook and one to hang up next to my calendar to keep me on track.

For example:

bj resolutions last pg filled out


Now it’s your turn!

You can control your New Year’s Resolutions by planning out how you’re going to accomplish them. There’s no reason to give up by February. Saying, “I’m going to be healthier this year” isn’t very effective when you don’t have a plan to get to that healthier you. Or when you have no set idea of what a healthier you looks like.

Click on these images to download them, then you can print them as is or put them in a word document to make sure you have the sizing the way you want it and then print them out. I printed pages 2-5, double sided, then hole punched it and used brads to keep it together. (But remember to print out page 5 twice, one for the workbook, one to hang up.)

Then it’s as easy as filling it out and hanging the last page up somewhere prominent.

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Free Printables for Weight loss motivation

So my Bossy’s Losing it posts have been a bit scattered. I had a little lapse in motivation but don’t worry, you’ll get a new one on Saturday and it will be loaded with what to do when you just don’t feel like staying on top of it.

Until then, I’ve made some free printables for you! Yay! In the last Bossy’s Losing it post, I listed several suggestions to use as your own weight loss mantra but I only posted my mantra as a printable. My lovely mother requested that I turn the rest of those mantra suggestions into printables as well. So I did.

And here they are for you! Just click on the photo and you can print it right from your browser or download it to your computer and then print it from there. Happy weight loss motivation!

I printed a couple of these out to hang on my fridge which is where I go when I want food. When I see them there they give me a chance to rethink my food choices and make healthier ones to stay on the right track.

better than where i was

ask yourself

do not stop


eat to live copy


hard things


kinda v really



suck it up


will you


mantra collage

Packing List Printables

header packing list

I am a self proclaimed list maker. I make lists about EVERYTHING! Lately, my packing lists have been a little ridiculous. Last time I went to visit my parents my packing list was so detailed, I didn’t just list ‘5 shirts’ I listed the specific shirts, the specific jewelry and make-up, everything in my suitcase was on my list. Then I photocopied it and brought it with me so that on my way back home I made sure not to forget anything.

Yeah I know, it was a tad obsessive. But I really appreciated getting on the plane and knowing that I hadn’t forgotten anything going or coming.

For our trip to Maryland, I made my packing list a little cuter. Nothing motivates me to make a list more than a good pen and eye catching stationery.

Lucky for you, I want to share my disease of obsessive packing and list making so help yourself to these packing list printables!

I love having something I can print out every time I need to pack because it’s a good prompt of what to pack so I don’t forget anything. Plus, these are great because there are two check off boxes: one for the trip there and one for the trip back.

Packing list Front Page final

Packing list back final

How to use:

I’d recommend printing these back to back and printing one out for each person going on the trip.

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Seasonal Subway Art

subway art 003

subway art 004

subway art 005

subway art 002

subway art 001

When I was a kid, I loved October first, December first, and the beginning of April because that’s when my mom would put out all our cute seasonal decorations signaling the start of the holiday season.

I loved the cobweb table cloth and the glass pumpkin candy dish, always full of candy corn. I had a blast finding a place for each of the nativities in my mom’s collection or setting out the adorable little bunny figurines and other pastel colored knick knacks. Thinking back, those decorations are my childhood.

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Cleaning Schedule with Printables

I’ve been neglecting my household duties for the better part of a two month…we’ll call it a vacation. I flew to Georgia on May 21 and got back on June 10, a Tuesday. That Friday we went to Colorado and didn’t get back until Monday evening. On Wednesday, my mom, dad and sister got to town and my mom just left this past Wednesday. So since May 21, I have had a total of three days sans guests.

So needless to say, my house is in need of a deep clean. I know what you’re thinking (I really do, I’m a mind reader ok?) I certainly could have been cleaning while I had family in town. And the floor did get vacuumed….at least once. But it’s no fun to spend time cleaning when you could spend time hanging out with family, and let’s be honest it still felt like vacation and no one cleans on vacation!

Now it’s time to get back to the normal swing of everyday life, and that means a cleaning schedule.

Right after I finished school and I didn’t have a job I was going totally stir crazy in the house all day. It was too cold to want to go outside and I had a new baby who was still figuring out a nap schedule that I didn’t want to mess with. Because nap time is hap(py) time. So to keep myself sane I developed some semblance of a schedule for myself and it is mostly filled with chores. If I’m not going to make money doing a job I might as well put the same amount of effort into being a stay at home mom, am I right?

I thought I’d share that schedule with you today. It’s a sure fire way to make sure your house gets clean throughout the week without spending the whole day, everyday, cleaning.

Big Chores:

weekly big chores sun-wed.jpg

weekly cleaning sched thurs-sat.jpg

You could change any of this to work for you on days you might need certain things done. Even rearranging when you wash which laundry loads. Saturday’s deep clean means one big project like: cleaning out the fridge, wiping down appliances, scrubbing baseboards, washing trashcans, etc. You pick one of those a week and your house will stay pretty dang clean.

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College Study Printables!

I was talking to my favorite Aunt the other day and she was giving my the DL on my cute cousin who just started college. Of course she’s not that much younger than me, but those couple years between us (and the whole me being married thing) makes me feel like I should take her under my wing and give her some invaluable college study advice.

And I figured there are plenty of college students that are otherwise afflicted and are having a difficult time studying and keeping up with their grades, so those students could probably benefit from my invaluable college study advice too!

Then, I realized that no one wants to just a read a bunch of words with advice that they should follow. It’s all about the packaging. So I made these adorable college study printables.

College survival tips

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