DIY Felt Flower on Canvas Tutorial

felt flower 008This is my number one most popular craft tutorial! Let me know if you make it, I’d love to see your end result. Now, let’s get started,


  • 8-10 sheets of felt, color of your choice
  • Canvas size of your choice
  • Painters tape
  • Spray paint
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Some sort of bead for the center



001 This was the hardest part and I have no good way to tell you how to do it. Basically you need to use the painters tape and the ruler to make a chevron pattern on the canvas. I measured so that each piece was 1 inch long. So 1 inch to each point of the chevron. As you can see, it’s not perfect. But I figured there will be a huge flower in the middle so it’s okay.

felt flower 001

felt flower 002

**Note**You can also find a chevron stencil to make this easier. For an even easier DIY stencil, cut a zig zag shape into cardboard. You’ll want to still use the painters tape to spray paint.

002 When you’re done with that, spray paint it, any brand of paint will do. Make sure to spray paint from all angles so you don’t miss any spots.

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Thank you card

I get bored pretty easily and I love doing something with my hands. Since I’ve been in bed so much lately, I’ve been pretty bored. So to help with this boredom I made a little card for Chris and I didn’t even have to leave bed to do it.

He liked it.

thank you card 001



thank you card 002

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art Tutorial

You’ve seen it before, now you can make it yourself:

tp art 002

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

“I’m sorry, did you just suggest that I hang toilet paper rolls on my wall? I may be poor but I don’t want to show it in my decorating. “

Before you turn it down, do your toilet paper rolls look like this?

bedroom 005

“No they don’t,” you might say, but what you should be saying is, “Not yet.”

Several months back I made this flower hanging and then I saved up a ridiculous amount of toilet paper and paper towel rolls and decided to make something for the holidays. So yes this tutorial is a tad late, but pin it for next year if you want to make that cute Christmas tree you see above! And in five easy steps no less.

Step 1: Save some Toilet Paper/Paper towel rolls

tp art 003

Step 2: Fold and Cut

tp art 004

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Monster Hand: Back Scratching Aid

monster 001

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy getting your back scratched. My husband loves it too! And lucky for him he has a wife with long nails who sometimes likes to get acrylics. Nothing is better for a back scratch than acrylic nails. Unlucky for me my husband does not have long nails and does not like to get acrylics. Therefore, his stubby little nails are not the best for back scratches. SO, I came up with this little beauty. It’s the perfect way for a wife to get ‘acrylic nail’ scale back scratches, without having a husband who is a little more feminine than you would prefer.

I got a pair of exfoliating gloves for like $6 at Target and a pack of acrylic nails that came with nail glue for about $5. I used one glove to make a back scratcher and kept the other to use in the shower.

Want to make your own monster hand, back scratching aid? Have at it:

monster 002

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A Bedroom fit for Paradise

bedroom 001

A poor girl has to make a house feel homey somehow. Even if it means making everything myself. Now that I’m living in Hawaii and sharing a house with other people I don’t really have the luxury of decorating the whole house. So instead I put all my good skills to work on our teeny tiny little bedroom. What I came up with is a bedroom fit for paradise.

I got a mirror and a shelf to hang on the wall and bought a little memo board and then did the rest myself.

bedroom 002

bedroom 003

The walls looked a little bare, even with the things I hung up, so I decided to fill in the cracks with one of those toilet paper roll creations. If you haven’t heard of them, I’m sure this sounds pretty crazy. But this is what they look like.


bedroom 005

These are super easy to make! Just fold a toilet paper or paper towel roll until it is flat. Then cut it into relatively even sized pieces. After that you can just arrange the pieces in whichever way you like. I used wood glue to put them together because it’s all I had laying around. But I’m sure that regular craft glue would work too. So that I could glue more than one flower together at one time, I used bobby pins and clothes pins to hold the individual pieces together while they were drying. When I was done, I just spray painted them with metallic black paint. Viola! Click here for a detailed tutorial.

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How to NOT throw a surprise party

**In case you don’t want to read the very detailed version of my 21st birthday and surprise party gone wrong, I’m going to lay out a few basic steps for you up front**

surprise header

How to NOT throw a surprise party

001 When you throw a surprise party make sure the birthday girl doesn’t see you sneaking around.

002 Don’t ignore her or neglect her birthday fun because you’re too busy planning a party and making shady calls.

003 Don’t make the birthday girl think that you are going out to a fancy dinner and might miss the reservations (that you never actually made)

004 Don’t do everything at a glacier pace so that the birthday girl gets annoyed and thinks her perfect night will be ruined.

005 Don’t laugh when she gets angry that she doesn’t know what’s going on. (Also, try and keep her from getting angry).

Now, if you want to see how ignoring the aforementioned advice will play out, keep reading.

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College Study Printables!

I was talking to my favorite Aunt the other day and she was giving my the DL on my cute cousin who just started college. Of course she’s not that much younger than me, but those couple years between us (and the whole me being married thing) makes me feel like I should take her under my wing and give her some invaluable college study advice.

And I figured there are plenty of college students that are otherwise afflicted and are having a difficult time studying and keeping up with their grades, so those students could probably benefit from my invaluable college study advice too!

Then, I realized that no one wants to just a read a bunch of words with advice that they should follow. It’s all about the packaging. So I made these adorable college study printables.

College survival tips

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Colorful Rustic Bathroom Decor


bathroom header

So being the poor married college student that I am and also having the desire to have a pretty house, I have been finding cute decorations that I like and making my own version of them so it doesn’t cost nearly as much money. Plus it has my own personal flair.

I started with our half bath. There’s so much woodwork in here that I thought it would be cute if I made it feel kind of woodsy, and rustic so I went with rustic bathroom decor. But I’m a colorful person, so of course everything was bright with my own colorful flair.

bathroom 1


I got lucky and found an amazing sale at Michael’s for paint (0.29 a pop) and the rest of my materials have been things I found or already owned (For the most part).

I’ve got this great handy man of a husband who likes to collect random pieces of wood. Plus my aunt has a very large wood pile in her back yard for fire wood so I had a lot to work with.

bathroom 2


I found the pine cones in the back yard and I already had the vases. It took forever to paint the pine cones because I didn’t have enough paint to dip them so I did them all by hand with a paint brush. Luckily because they are all on top of each other in vases they didn’t have to be perfect so only one coat was necessary.

bathroom 3



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