Oreo Ice Cream Dessert

oreo 001

Chris and I had dinner group last night with some friends. I made the easiest, yummiest Oreo ice cream dessert and everyone went crazy for it and demanded the recipe. So I figured I’d share it with you today.

oreo 002

oreo 003

oreo 004


1 package Oreos

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Cleaning Schedule with Printables

I’ve been neglecting my household duties for the better part of a two month…we’ll call it a vacation. I flew to Georgia on May 21 and got back on June 10, a Tuesday. That Friday we went to Colorado and didn’t get back until Monday evening. On Wednesday, my mom, dad and sister got to town and my mom just left this past Wednesday. So since May 21, I have had a total of three days sans guests.

So needless to say, my house is in need of a deep clean. I know what you’re thinking (I really do, I’m a mind reader ok?) I certainly could have been cleaning while I had family in town. And the floor did get vacuumed….at least once. But it’s no fun to spend time cleaning when you could spend time hanging out with family, and let’s be honest it still felt like vacation and no one cleans on vacation!

Now it’s time to get back to the normal swing of everyday life, and that means a cleaning schedule.

Right after I finished school and I didn’t have a job I was going totally stir crazy in the house all day. It was too cold to want to go outside and I had a new baby who was still figuring out a nap schedule that I didn’t want to mess with. Because nap time is hap(py) time. So to keep myself sane I developed some semblance of a schedule for myself and it is mostly filled with chores. If I’m not going to make money doing a job I might as well put the same amount of effort into being a stay at home mom, am I right?

I thought I’d share that schedule with you today. It’s a sure fire way to make sure your house gets clean throughout the week without spending the whole day, everyday, cleaning.

Big Chores:

weekly big chores sun-wed.jpg

weekly cleaning sched thurs-sat.jpg

You could change any of this to work for you on days you might need certain things done. Even rearranging when you wash which laundry loads. Saturday’s deep clean means one big project like: cleaning out the fridge, wiping down appliances, scrubbing baseboards, washing trashcans, etc. You pick one of those a week and your house will stay pretty dang clean.

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DIY Bench Cushion Tutorial & Ikea Hack

cushion 001In our old apartment we had very limited seating, so we bought this entertainment center from Ikea:


Chris didn’t put the legs on or shelves in it but instead put on some wheels. That way when we were eating in front of the TV we could wheel it over and use it as a makeshift table. The only problem was that it didn’t look much like a place to sit. It needed cushions.

I scoured stores looking for cushions and couldn’t find anything in a pattern or color that I liked, so I decided to make my own.

I almost bought the foam at Joann’s where you could have them cut it to the size you want but it turned out to be much cheaper to buy the pre-cut and prepackaged foam at Hobby Lobby. I also found the fabric that I loved there. Then, at Home Depot I bought the cheapest plywood and had them cut it to the right size for me (no extra charge) and also got a staple gun. I really loved how it turned out and they’re pretty comfortable to sit on too.





Staple gun and Staples


Ruler and pencil

Hot Glue Gun

cushion 002

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Fourth of July Festivities

july 001

Yesterday was so perfect. We spent the first part of the day chilling out and getting ready for our evening cookout. In my book, it was the way a fourth of July should be. Chris has really perfected our yard with a great pathway, fire pit, tree swings, and even a little pond for the ducks. Yes…we have ducks. We had a few friends over and ate yummy food and just enjoyed each other’s company. And the evening ended the way all summer evenings should: with s’mores.

july 005


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5 Easy DIY Fourth of July Decorations

Ya’ll. YA’LL! The fourth is on Friday and if you’re anything like me you’ve majorly procrastinated putting up adorable decorations so your house looks festive (maybe you’ve also procrastinated making party plans..also like me.)

fourth 001

Well lucky for you, I have five quick and easy decorations you can make with stuff you have at home (mostly)…right now….while the baby is sleeping. For reals. Do it and decorate and your husband (or wife, I’m not judging on who has the crafty tendencies) won’t know what hit ’em.

So don’t just read it, go grab the materials and get crafting!

Festive Wine Glasses

fourth 003

I layered beans in some cute wine glasses for this one and finished it off with a bow. If you have the resources any red, white, and blue small object would work. (i.e. m&m’s, jellybeans, marbles). Yes, those are black beans…nothing gets passed you. But I think they work for this and kind of have that vintage-y feel to the colors.

fourth 002

001 go grab two of your cutest looking wine glasses/stemware.

002 raid your pantry slash food storage for red beans, white beans and black beans.

003 grab some cute red, white or blue ribbon.

004 Layer the beans and tie yourself a cute bow.

Success! Now move on to Pinwheels.

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“Oh the Places You’ll Go” Graduation Party

places 007

After a little Pinterest searching I came up with this cute theme for my little sister’s graduation party. It ended up taking longer than I expected to put together but it came out exactly as I had envisioned it in my head. I love it when that happens.

You’ll have to excuse my horrid photography skills. Maybe someday I’ll be able to take good photos for my blog so it’s not so miserable to look at. (In fact, my SIL is doing an awesome series on her blog for beginning photogs that I will absolutely be taking advantage of. Check it out here.)

places 001

places 002

^^Guests were greeted with a map that let them predict the course that Maddie’s life would take. They could make her path across the United States and label any big life events like college, jobs, marriage and other silly, random things

places 003

^^My parents house is split level and so guests arrived to a view of the stairs. Pictures along the staircase served as a timeline of Maddie’s life, starting with her infancy and ending in her senior pictures.

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DIY Faux Canvas Tutorial

canvas 007

Canvases are a gorgeous way to display your favorite photos but they are a tad pricey. Even purchasing an already-made faux canvas similar to the one you’re about to make runs at roughly $20 a pop. This DIY faux canvas tutorial will let you make them for under $10 each and just a little bit of time.

canvas 001


  • Photos (See shopping tip)
  • Plywood (See shopping tip)
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Paint (Mine was leftover spray paint but any leftover paint will work)
  • Nailess Sawtooth Hangers


canvas 002

001 First you need to paint one side of your wood and the edges. The other side will be covered with your photo.

002 Next take your mod podge and slather it on the unpainted side of your wood and the back of your photo. Then smooth the photo into the wood.

canvas 004

003 Now brush the mod podge on the top of the photo. Yes, I said the top. Don’t worry, it dries clear. It gives it a great textured look. When my husband saw the finished product he thought the texture was the wood showing through the photo. That is the magic of mod podge.

I brushed it horizontally and then after it dried, I did it vertically.

A word of warning: if you want to do this project on the carpet in front of the TV make sure you cover the carpet first. Not for the sake of the carpet but to avoid getting carpet fuzz stuck in the mod podge. I speak from experience.

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About to Pop Baby Shower

party 004

party 005

party 006

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{Pregnancy} Week 36 & Baby Showers

wk 36

How far along?  36 Weeks

Total weight gain? 40lbs (I know right?!)

Maternity clothes? Yeah, although the belly is starting to hang out of some of my shirts…

Stretch Marks? No, and I’ve made it this far..

Best moment this week? Baby Showers!!

Miss anything? Walking normally, sleeping through the night, not having hip pain or heartburn, not feeling constantly uncomfortable. I better questions would be what don’t I miss and to that I say, nothing.

Movement? Yes! I love that I can feel it from the inside and outside and watch it happen.

Food Cravings: None really.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Bad smells

Worst symptom: Everything is uncomfortable.

Labor signs: Nope.

Belly button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time? So much Moody!

Looking forward to: Meeting my baby!!!

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DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

bottles 000

This tutorial is so easy, you  just need a little extra time and patience. Once they’re done, the bottles add the perfect rustic touch to any room.

bottle collage


  • 3 bottles of varying shapes and sizes (See shopping tip)
  • twine and yarn, your choice of color
  • craft glue and or hot glue & gun
  • a few flowers to garnish it

001 Starting with the first bottle, squeeze some glue around the top in a zig zag shape. Do enough glue that you can wrap your yarn around a few times. The glue won’t dry too fast.

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