Arizona Adventures

Boy oh boy do I love me some alliteration. I guess that’s pretty much a given…Make Something Monday, Writing Prompt Wednesday…. Speaking of which, today is supposed to be Make Something Monday, it being Monday and all, but Evelyn and I took a last minute trip to Arizona to enjoy the last little bit of summer and I haven’t made anything except waves in the pool. (See what I did there?)

So today you’re going to get my travel diaries and I call them

Arizona Adventures


az 001

Last Thursday afternoon, Evelyn and I hopped on a plane at the Provo airport and hightailed it to Mesa, Arizona. That hour and a half long journey taught me that gone are the days of a relaxing flight where I can read a book, take a nap, or stare off into nothingness wondering when the plane is going to land. Now my hour is spent wrangling a baby who desperately wants to be crawling down the aisle of the plane to meet some new friends. Only she can’t. Because the flight attendants aren’t down with that, yo.

az 002

That evening we went to dinner at the Gecko Grill and decided to bypass the wait and eat on the patio. That turned out to be the best option because Evelyn hates sitting in a high chair, so I let her crawl around on the ground and eat rocks. Most nutritious dinner ever.


az 003

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Fourth of July Festivities

july 001

Yesterday was so perfect. We spent the first part of the day chilling out and getting ready for our evening cookout. In my book, it was the way a fourth of July should be. Chris has really perfected our yard with a great pathway, fire pit, tree swings, and even a little pond for the ducks. Yes…we have ducks. We had a few friends over and ate yummy food and just enjoyed each other’s company. And the evening ended the way all summer evenings should: with s’mores.

july 005


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2013: A Year in Review

It’s been a big year. Here’s a brief review:


I turned 22 while we were living in Hawaii.


honeymoon 006


We explored Hawaii, visiting Maunawilli Falls, Goat Island, and Laie Point And went on a belated honeymoon in Ko’olina.


reveal 005

We found out we were having a girl and moved back to Utah where we were homeless for nearly a month.


Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary and moved into our new apartment.


I started school again.


My mom moved in with us for a few months.

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College Graduate

College graduate

This is to those of you who said, “Don’t get married so young, you’ll never finish school,” to everyone who said I shouldn’t take any time off of school (like I did in Hawaii) cause I’ll never want to go back, for everyone who said, “you’re too dumb for college,” (Okay no one said that), for all the people that advised me to wait until I finish college to have a baby I just want to rub it in your face, I DID IT! I am officially a college graduate! Stick that in your juice box and suck it!

It’s such an odd yet liberating feeling. For the majority of my life everything I do has been ruled by school: whether my weekends are spent catching up on homework, how early I have to go to sleep to get to class in the morning, the way my worth is determined by the grades I get.

But now, there’s nothing. Nowhere I have to be, no teachers to please, no papers to write, no stress! I remember telling a teacher in high school that I wish I had all the free time in the world to read everything and anything I want to. And now I can! I’m a college graduate and I can do whatever I want!

Okay that’s not exactly true. I am a mother of an infant and I’ve got stuff to do. Like housework and raising a child and an at-home job.

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A two part Halloween

I have always LOVED Halloween. Probably because I love dressing up and I’ve come up with some great halloween costumes. It took some convincing after I got married to convince my husband to follow suit. In the past his costumes haven’t been all that elaborate.

Past Halloween Costumes

halloween 002

Mario and Luigi

halloween 001

Tyler Durden and Marla Singer

halloween 003

Scarecrow to scare children trick-or-treating

halloween 004

Barbie (Chris wouldn’t even put on a suit to dress up like Ken)

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4 Reasons I’m going to be anti-social

Dear Friends,

My life is getting crazier by the moment. I just wanted to let you know that I love you all but because of the following four reasons, you may not see or hear a lot from me in the next 2-3 months. Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful busy.

1. We Bought a House!!!

reasons 001

Before you get too excited, realize that Chris comes from a construction background and he was set on looking for a fixer upper. So the house we bought is the epitome of a fixer upper and not cute AT ALL. But it will be because we are fixing it up. To make a long story short the house is a basement…just a basement. Over the next several months we’ll be remodeling and eventually putting on a top level.

Right now we’re in the process of moving and we’re starting renovations on the basement so things have been kind of crazy. It’s a super exciting new adventure, but it’s come at a somewhat hectic time.

2. I Have an Awesome Job!


After I got over wanting to be an actress and a movie star, I found my love of writing. Sure right now I’m just writing for a wedding blog but it’s actually something I really enjoy. However, it is pretty time consuming. Lots of phone calls and writing and it doesn’t leave me with a wealth of free time.

3. I’m This Close to my Degree!

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A Funeral: Until we meet again

funeral 001

As my visit with my Aunt and cousins came to an end Chris got a phone call from his mom, a call that we had been dreading. My mother in law had been battling breast cancer for nearly three years. She was diagnosed shortly after Chris and I were married.

funeral 002

The phone call was to let us know that it was time to come and say, “we love you and we’ll see you soon.” We left on Saturday afternoon and got to Chris’ family’s house on Saturday evening. His mom wasn’t able to talk to us by the time we got there but she could hear us. I know she knew we were there. The baby started kicking like crazy when we were talking with his mom. I think she was excited to be with her Grandma.

funeral 003


^^Chris sitting with his mom shortly before she passed

In the wee hours on Sunday morning, she passed away. It was a sad day, but we were grateful that she wasn’t suffering anymore. We left to head back home on Monday afternoon. Chris spent the morning building lego castles with his little sisters.

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Full House

My family got into town this past week!! My Aunt Darla, and her three kids Savannah, Sierra and Jack and then my mom and little sister, Maddie. I had 8 people in my itty bitty two bedroom apartment! But it was such a blast and I was so happy that everyone was here. It had been over a year since I’d seen them and that’s just too dang long!

In lieu of telling you everything we did, take a look at these fun pictures:

full 001

full 002


Chris helped my cousin make his own vivarium

full 003

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Guess who got a haircut?!

haircut 001

We had so much fun growing Chris’ hair out in Hawaii! Okay, well I had a lot of fun with it. His hair had never really gotten long, and Hawaii seemed like the place to let it all hang out.

I really think he pulled off the long hair well. I mean look him. Cute little beach bum with his sun bleached hair.

haircut 002

It was even more fun once we got back to Utah where no male has hair this long. I kid you not, random people at some public establishment or another would comment to Chris that they really liked his hair. At first he thought they were making fun of him. Then he realized they genuinely liked his hair.

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Home is where your husband is

Home is where your husband is

Christopher and I are a little bit homeless right now. Just a little.

We got things squared away pretty quickly when we got back to Utah. The first day we were back, we bought a car. The next day we did some apartment hunting and found our apartment (we just can’t move in until April 27). The third day Chris secured a job. Just like that. Bam, Bam, Bam.

Now that Chris has been working, I’ve been…um sitting I guess. I’ve been doing a lot of research on baby stuff so that’s been keeping me busy but to be quite honest, I just miss my husband most of the time.

We are so lucky to have awesome friends who are letting us live with them until our apartment is available. How cool is that?! But it’s just a little frustrating to not be able to unpack or set up anything before school starts. We’ll be in our apartment for four days before I start classes. Hrmph.

The worst part about this whole arrangement is not that I just sit around all day, it’s not that I can’t set up my apartment yet. It’s not even that we’re pretty much broke. The worst part is that I miss my husband so gosh darn much!

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