Our Trip to Georgia

Visiting my family in Georgia was such a blast! The downside was that Chris was still in Utah and both my parents had to go to work everyday.

My days with Evelyn were spent trying to keep her from pulling the cat’s tail or crying when the dog barked and visiting with my friends who still live in Georgia.

My evenings and weekends were reserved to spend time with my parents and let them get to know Evelyn a little better. But enough of my jabber. Take a look for yourself:



^^Rocking an outfit I wore as an infant


^^So polite at church


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Valentine’s Day Picnic


vday header

Poor Chris has been so overwhelmed with work and the house, that I told him to just relax about Valentine’s Day this year. I wasn’t expecting a romantic gift, a fancy date or anything else from him. I promised to take care of everything.

And it turned out to be one of the best Valentine’s Days ever!

The Breakfast

vday 001

 I attempted a heart shaped breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes (with a cream cheese frosting topping) and bacon. Some turned out better than others. The bacon was sort of a miss.

The Activities

vday 002

vday 003

After we cleaned breakfast up and got dressed it was time to make valentines. I helped Evelyn make some for her grandparents and Chris made one for me.

Evelyn was so cute and precise about where she put the stickers and heart cut outs. I was nervous that she would be too young to enjoy it but she loved it!

The day before, she helped me make some sugar cookies and then after card decorating we got to ice our cookies!


vday 004

vday 005

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Surprise, I’m in Georgia!

I have been DYING to post on all forms of social media about my then impending trip to Georgia but the whole goal was to surprise my mom and since she follows me on all forms of social media, that wasn’t really an option.

I was super sad not to be home with my family for Christmas this past year and my dad said that he would be willing to buy me a plane ticket for sometime in January or February so I could come visit then. That sounded all fine and dandy and we started keeping an eye out for tickets.

THEN I decided that for our 5th anniversary this year we should do something besides the typical dinner and a movie and I started looking for tickets to Maryland where my aunt lives. The goal was to stay with her and avoid hotel fees and then take day trips to NYC, DC and anywhere else nearby that strikes our fancy.

I had Chris nearly sold on the idea until he mentioned that he really couldn’t go on both trips. Not because of money or time, but more because of our unfinished house. He wasn’t happy about leaving the house so undone.

Since we haven’t really ever done a vacation thing I opted for doing that before the baby comes and going to see my family in the late Fall early/Winter so they could spend time with new baby.

I found an INCREDIBLE deal on tickets to Maryland and started planning out all the excursions we would take while we were there. But before anything else, I had to tell my mom that we weren’t coming to Georgia.

She didn’t take it so well.

I think the words “dead to me” were thrown around. Possibly in jest, but I’m sure there was some truth to it.

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Twenty Four Birthdays

So a few days ago I was having a sad, melancholy, emotional pregnant-type day and I started writing this blog post on turning 24. Thing is, it turned out pretty sad, melancholy and emotional and I’m excited about turning 24 (today)! So instead, take a trip with me down memory lane and check out my awesome birthdays and the reason my husband has to work so hard to live up to my mom’s birthday throwing skills.

Birthday the First

1st bday 001

1st bday 002

1st bday 003

I can’t say I remember this birthday but my mom made my cake, and it had a bunny on it!

Birthday the Third

3rd bday 001

Don’t so much remember this one either but I know I got a lot of Barbies, and that cool Barbie convertible car in the background.

Birthday the Fifth

5th bday 001

5th bday 001a

5th bday 002


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Wonderful White Christmas

I pretty much knew that we wouldn’t be able to make it to Georgia for Christmas this year to see my family. For a while I pretended that I would rather stay home anyway but when I dropped my little sister off at the airport for her flight back to Georgia, I couldn’t help but feel homesick.

Not so much homesick for my home because, truth be told, Utah is my home now. More homesick for the magic of Christmas I felt as a child; for the ease of being a kid and not having so many responsibilities. But as it turned out, my little Christmas here with Christopher and Evelyn (and Oatmeal) was perfect. In fact, I couldn’t picture a better Christmas day.


Our Christmas week was packed with holiday parties (read: two family events) culminating in the big Christmas Eve dinner on Wednesday with just our intimate little family. It was a minor remake of the Thanksgiving day feast and I realized how much more I enjoy ham than turkey. I don’t think I’ll ever cook a turkey again.




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chaos header

Life has been a tad chaotic lately. I’ve made a resolve not to whine so much because I’ve been doing more than my fair share lately. So I’m going to try and make this more of an update on our chaotic life rather than whining about the chaos. Deal? Deal.

In case you missed our movie trailer announcement, I’m pregnant. Due in June. (More on the details to come.) I’ve been pretty sick but thankfully my morning sickness is starting to peter off. It’s not gone, but it’s on it’s way.

But since I’ve been feeling so sick the house has gotten pretty gross. The kitchen is probably the worst because the dishes smell and I feel sick washing them, and we don’t have a dishwasher, so dishes tend to just sit in the sink until Chris get around to doing them which is generally when we’ve run out of silverware.

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The BEST Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I basically just looked forward to because of the break from school. I prefer the ham at Christmas to the turkey at Thanksgiving, there aren’t any presents to open or buy and there aren’t a plethora of Thanksgiving decorations. This is the first year that I haven’t been in school during Thanksgiving and somehow it made me actually enjoy the holiday MORE. go figure.

It is so rare that things go exactly how you planned them, but this year, by some miracle they did (mostly). This year our turkey dinner was to be cooked by my little sister, Madeleine and I. The first one either of us had ever done. But besides, you know, wrestling with a raw bird, we had some of our own favorite traditions that we couldn’t miss. And we even added a few new ones.

Let me walk you through the BEST Thanksgiving:


Madeleine and I got a late start on our grocery shopping and had to take Evelyn with us. But miraculously she fell asleep in the car on the way there, and STAYED ASLEEP THROUGH MOST OF THE SHOPPING. And get this, when she did wake up, she was content to just sit in her carseat. It was a Thanksgiving miracle. We found every last thing on our list and made it out of the store in about an hour.

That evening, with the help of our mom, we made a cooking schedule and planned out our music video to a T. Which brings us to…


::a little background::

Last year was the first time I had been home for Thanksgiving in 6 years. One night Madeleine and I decided to have a girl’s night and make a music video. Turns out that making a music video was a lot more work and less fun than we were expecting. We sort of quit halfway through and the ending result, while kinda funny, is proof of our lack of follow through.

 It was an odd mashup of Walk Like an Egyptian and Wannabe.
tday 1
tday 2
tday 3

Somehow however, making a music video became a Thanksgiving tradition. Now, the video has absolutely NOTHING to do with Thanksgiving but alas…it’s now a tradition.

This year, after making a music video of my own back in February, I knew how we needed to plan out this one to make it go off without a hitch. It took us the whole day, but we did it. We filmed and I edited the whole thing by Wednesday evening. Granted, I left Madeleine making the rolls while I edited, but we were pleased with ourselves. Especially considering how we gave up last year!

Please enjoy a few screenshots. The video is a bit too embarrassing to reveal. Maybe if enough people want to see it, I’ll post it. Maybe. See if you can guess the four songs we used…

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Family Fairytale photo shoot


My oh my family photo shoots have changed A LOT over the past few years. It’s no longer the thing for everyone to wear white shirts and jeans and sit in a studio. Or even in a very posed position for that matter. People want pictures of their family in gorgeous locations doing things that they would do so it seems like them and not like robots.

Now granted, these aren’t strictly family photos. For one, it’s just me and Evelyn and for two this is the product of my incredible sister-in-law’s imagination. She had a vision and lucky for me, I got to help her make it happen.

Kensie M Photography is based in Northern Virginia. Go check out her website and her portfolio. She’s incredible!

The end result is breathtaking, if I do say so myself (I just have to pretend it’s not me in them so I don’t sound cocky). It’s such a romantic setting and the photos have this fairytale quality to them. Now I just need to figure out where to hang them in our house.




































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Mormons and General Conference

hinckley quote

monson quote

uchtdorf quote


Hey all you friends who do not happen to share my religion. How are you? During this past week you may have noticed your Mormon friends, me included, talking about General Conference. Or you may have read some inspirational quotes on Pinterest by cool guys like Thomas S. Monson, Gordon B. Hinckley, or Dieter F. Uchtdorf and pinned those suckers before realizing who exactly they were (Prophets and leaders in the LDS church). Maybe you even stumbled upon the hashtag #ldsconf and wondered what that’s all about.

I am here today, to answer that.

So what is General Conference anyway?

In the simplest of terms, it’s where we listen to the Prophet, Apostles, and other leaders of our church give uplifting messages that we need to hear from our Heavenly Father.

Twice a year us Mormons, (AKA members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS) don’t go to our regular church meetings but instead view and/or listen to a broadcast of the Prophet, his counselors, the twelve apostles, and other various church leaders in which they give, what we as Mormons refer to as, talks.

Each of the people who were asked to talk were not given a specific topic. Instead they determine what it is the Lord most wants to tell his children (us) by thoughtful prayer and meditation. General Conference is in April and October and has 5 different sessions, Saturday through Sunday. It is broadcasted internationally.

General Conference messages are not meant only for Mormons, LDS, or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. General Conference messages are directed to everyone in the whole world. They are uplifting, spiritual, instructive messages that are meant to benefit all of us. Every last one.

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Final Summer Musings

summer end 001

summer end 002

summer end 003

summer end 004

summer end 005

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