Manoa Falls, Oahu

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Out of all the things there are to do in Hawaii, I think hiking is my favorite. That’s all apart of the fun of coming to a place like this; enjoying the beauty of nature and how different it is from wherever you came from. Because believe me, it’s different.

And out of all the hikes, Manoa Falls, Oahu is by far my favorite.

The hike is so beautiful and green and you see plants and trees that you have never seen before.

manoa falls 004

You are hiking through this jungle of trees and tropical rainforest and then all of a sudden there is bamboo all around you that came out of nowhere. It’s so incredible.

manoa falls 008

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Turtle Bay, Oahu

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My time spent at Turtle Bay, Oahu was way too short! The beach is gorgeous and is the backyard of a resort. I went there on my second day here and we just walked around and waded in the water a little.

Turtle bay 001

We were lucky to be there for the sunset and it was absolutely incredible. And I have the pictures to prove it.

I definitely want to go back and spend more time there.

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How we ended up living in Hawaii

I have made a goal to live my life in constant search for adventure. Life is just too short to waste time doing something that you hate. Now granted I am not a very big fan of school, but school is just one of those things that you do so that you can have bigger and better adventures in the future. And school is really an adventure all on its own. I mean my school adventure included getting married for goodness sake.

So now you’re wondering what in the world this adventure is that I keep going on and on about. Obviously I must have some sort of adventure planned or else I wouldn’t even be bringing this up.

Well how about this. I’ll let you guess, here are your clues:


ended up in HI 001


ended up in HI 003


ended up in HI 002

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