39 Weeks Pregnant

Bossy Jocie: 39 Weeks Pregnant

^^Woah! A different shirt!

How far along? 39 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yerp a derp

Best moment this week: Taking Evelyn to the splash pad was a lot of fun..except that it was a little uncomfortable for me to move and whatnot but that’s a daily struggle.

evelyn splash pad

^^I know she doesn’t look happy but she was having a blast.

I loved having my sister over this weekend. She came ready to help when the baby decided to make his appearance, which of course he still hasn’t but she helped a lot with Evelyn and with cleaning and she’s also just good company. I wish she’d just come stay with us already. (She’s planning to once my parents get here in a few weeks.)

Miss anything? Comfort. I seriously can’t remember what that’s like. I miss wanting to do my hair and makeup. Standing that long in front of the mirror makes me want to pass out. I miss wearing normal clothes that don’t feel like they’re trying to strangle me and wearing heels without being seriously concerned that I will trip at any moment. I miss not being pregnant.

Movement: lots and lots of rolling and shifting. Hopefully getting in a good birthing position.

Food cravings: watermelon mostly.

Anything making you queasy or sick: the thought of eggs.

Worst symptom: all the aches and pains. Sleeping is so miserable and it makes me so sad.

Have you started to show yet: and then some.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty moody. I’ve grown pretty impatient.

Looking forward to: putting aside the whole meeting my baby thing, I’m looking forward to seeing how Evelyn interacts with him. And I’m looking forward to doing all those things I said I miss above. And completely aside from that I’m super excited to start working on some house projects!

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38 Weeks Pregnant

38 week collage

How far along? 38 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Only when I’m breathing.

Best moment this week: Nothing sticks out. I really thought that I’d have the baby this week and that didn’t happen. So I was a tad disappointed. But at the same time, I know he’ll be born when he’s done cooking and I don’t want him to come a minute before he’s ready.

Oh except doing my nails with my sister. I love hanging out with her and she was nice enough to do my toenails that I cannot reach. So at least they’ll be pretty when I have the baby. That’s what’s most important right?

nails 38 wks

Miss anything? I just want one good night of sleep. Just one. I know I won’t get one and then I’ll be up all night with a newborn but that’s what I want. My hips are so sore from sleeping on my side all night and I hate it!

Movement: Not a whole lot of kicking. More rolling/shifting/stretching.

Food cravings: Nothing specific.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not one particular thing. I have been getting nauseous every so often though. It might be from being hungry but I don’t always know when I’m hungry on account of being constantly full of baby.

Worst symptom: Big-ness. Haha. I’m just at this point that I’m so huge that literally nothing I do is comfortable. Sitting, standing, walking, laying down…NOTHING. What is comfort?

Have you started to show yet: And then some.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m pretty irritable. I feel so sorry for my poor husband. Thankfully he knows that I don’t mean what I say when I’m yelling about nothing in particular but I’ve been doing a lot of apologizing. It’s hard to be happy when you’re never comfortable.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little boy! Come out already!! Also I’m really looking forward to my parents getting here but that will happen after the baby is born so…One and then the other.

He’s coming this week..I just know it! Cross your fingers for me, kay?

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Apparently I’m too impatient to wait until 40 weeks to make this collage. So here ya go…

weeks 16-38 collage

Urban Maternity Photo Shoot

As it turns out I am much more motivated to work on painting and organizing and decorating my house than I am to write on my blog. So, sorry for being so neglectful. But the good news is that I’m actually feeling like the house is ready enough for the baby to come. Not completely done, but ready enough.


It takes a talented photographer to make a million weeks pregnant woman feel and look pretty during a photo shoot but somehow my friend Malae pulled it off.

My maternity shoot with Evelyn was just me, and it was very wild child in the forested mountains. It was so beautiful and I love how the photos turned out but for this one I wanted it to A. be with Chris and Evelyn and B. I wanted it to be an urban maternity photo shoot. For some reason I felt like the urban scene was more rough and tumble like boys are as opposed to the flower child vibe I was going for when I was pregnant with Evelyn.

I’m really happy with the way everything turned out! Evelyn cooperated for just enough photos that I got some cute shots that I love and let’s be honest, by the time Evelyn was done, Chris was done too. Which means that the rest of the time could be focused on me and my little (I’m lying, it’s huge) baby bump.

So without further ado, my urban maternity shoot. Make sure you scroll down far enough to check out my Pinterest fail shot.

maternity 001

maternity 002


^^I love her up on her tip toes to reach my belly!

So Pinterest fail time… This is what we were going for:


And this is what happened:

maternity 003


Evelyn kept leaning backwards and wouldn’t sit up straight, let alone lean forward to kiss me and as I pulled on her arms it smashed Chris’ face further into my belly. It was absolutely hilarious. Even though the pics weren’t what I had envisioned, I like how they turned out. It’s definitely us in a nutshell.

maternity 004

maternity 005

maternity 006

maternity 007

maternity 008

maternity 009

maternity 010

maternity 011

maternity 012

maternity 013

maternity 014

maternity 015

maternity 016

maternity 017

maternity 018

maternity 019

maternity 020

maternity 021

maternity 022

maternity 023


pinterest fail

maternity collage

37 Weeks Pregnant & Nautical Baby Shower

37 week collage

How far along? 37 weeks

Maternity clothes? Absolutely. There is really no other way. I’m as big as a house. Although if I had my way, I would never wear clothes. Nothing is comfortable.

Best moment this week: SO many great things this week–

Getting slowly settled in upstairs has been so exciting. I have gone from spending every day hanging out on the couch and chillin’ to working on moving and organizing and sometimes painting. It’s a tad exhausting but I’m just so eager to feel all moved in and ready before the baby comes.

I had a super fun girls night this week. A few friends and I went to see Age of Adeline. It was so good! But more than the movie, I just had fun hanging out with friends without Evelyn. It was nice to feel like I was more than just a mom.

I have been combing indoor yard sale sites on Facebook, online classifieds and yard sales and I have gotten some KILLER deals! I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve gotten couches, end tables and coffee table and mattresses (plus some toys for baby girl and clothes for baby boy).

One of the best parts of this week was my baby shower! See more on this at the bottom.

Also, (this is technically onto week 38 but it just happened Sunday so whatevs) Evelyn stayed in nursery at church by herself for all three hours!! It was so amazing to be able to actually go to class with Chris. In other news, Chris and I should not be allowed to sit next to each other in Sunday school. Turns out that without the burden of parenthood, we act like teenagers. We were passing notes back and forth and giggling like schoolchildren. I love my husband.

Miss anything? Sleep. Sleeping has been absolutely miserable. I get so tired that all I want is a nap or to go to bed at night but I cannot get comfortable and then I wake up with a sore back, hips, and legs. I’m in agony.

Movement: Yep. It’s fun to just watch my belly move on it’s own. It’s kinda creepy…but cool at the same time.

Food cravings: I don’t think I’ve really had any cravings but now that we have a new fridge with an ice and water maker thingy, I’ve been LOVING crushed ice. My teeth will probably not thank me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Worst symptom: Back pain and waddling.

Have you started to show yet: Why yes, yes I have.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? I’ve officially stopped wearing them. I’m done with rings.

Happy or Moody most of the time: You know I’ve been pretty dang happy despite everything. Not to say I haven’t had some mood swings but living upstairs has changed my whole demeanor. I’m actually cooking and keeping the kitchen clean without complaint! I guess something about having such a pretty kitchen is motivation to keep it clean and pretty.

Looking forward to: I have super mixed feelings. I’m really looking forward to having this baby and meeting him and cuddling him and loving him. However, I’m feeling really anxious that things aren’t ready for him. And I’m feeling surprisingly anxious about labor, namely pushing. I think it’s because I roughly remember the 2.5 hrs of pushing from last time. I wasn’t at all nervous leading up to Evelyn’s labor but this one has me worried. I need to do some more hypnobabies to prep. And then there’s the whole taking care of two kids thing…that’s a tad daunting.

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36 Weeks Pregnant

36 week collage

How far along? 36 Weeks

Maternity clothes? All over the place!

Best moment this week: Watching the house start looking like a forreal house! And finally getting to move upstairs! What? That’s right, we’re out of the dungeon/pit of despair/basement. But more on that on Wednesday’s post.

Miss anything? Coughing without peeing. Yep, that’s happening. I’m still sick and cough a lot and if there is anything in my bladder…I have some problems. dontaskanyquestionsidontwannatalkaboutit.

Movement: So much all the time. He never stops moving. He rolls and kicks and pokes out elbows and knees all over the place. It’s a little hard to get comfy sometimes.

Food cravings: Mmm nothing comes to mind. If I could I would take a magic pill that would give me all my nutrients and I wouldn’t have to eat or cook or shop for groceries anymore.

Anything making you queasy or sick: When I’m too lazy to get up and get food. Not eating will do that to a preggo lady.

Worst symptom: I’m a bit indifferent to the state of my house and I’m going to chalk that up to pregnancy fatigue. So we’ll go with that one. Also I’m a bit tired of having to get up during the night to pee.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah and I just keep growing. Although I feel smaller than I did with Evelyn. Not sure if that’s really the case or not…

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly moody with like a hint of happy on occasion.

Looking forward to: Getting all settled in and ready for this kid.

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35 Weeks Pregnant

35 weeks

How far along? 35 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Yeah. I got rid of a lot of maternity clothes from Evelyn’s pregnancy, so I didn’t have a whole lot, and the bit that I do have is starting to get small (Or rather I’m getting big) so I actually went out this week and got a few new shirts and a pair of jeans. I know it may seem silly to buy clothes that will last a month but it’s either that or not leaving the house again until this baby pops out. And that’s not really an option.

Best moment this week: My maternity photo shoot. I was actually a little under the weather (read: feeling awful) so I hope that doesn’t show in the pictures, but I think they may have turned out pretty cute. If not because of me, then because of my awesome friend Malae who took the photos.

Miss anything? Such a loaded question right now. This week has been really, really rough. I miss life pre-pregnancy, before I was this large, off-balance, hormone ridden, emotionally unstable creature. Sleeping is sort of impossible. My back hurts whenever I lay down in any sort of position. I miss good sleep. I’m sick for like the milliontyeth time this pregnancy and I just can’t function at anything. I super miss my body being able to do something besides grow a child.  I think it’s given up all other responsibilities. Which is great and all because a well developed, healthy newborn is exactly what I want. It just sucks that it comes at such a great expense.

Movement: I guess I just don’t remember Evelyn moving this much. This little boy rolls and pokes and jabs and is just constantly pushing on me. I guess he’s getting a little cramped in there.

Food cravings: None. I haven’t had much of an appetite. I think that does have to do with the head cold and not being able to actually taste food. You know what sucks, is when you do have a craving for something delicious but you can’t bother actually eating it because you wouldn’t be able to taste it anyway.

Anything making you queasy or sick: My cold. Boo! I feel so miserable. As if being nine months pregnant wasn’t difficult enough. I also get a cough that makes me throw up, a completely congested head and nose, inability to sleep, and body aches. yay.

Worst symptom: Pregnancy.

Have you started to show yet: Yeppers. And then some.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Haven’t really been wearing jewelry. The last time I put them on they still fit.

Happy or Moody most of the time: So moody. So emotional. Pretty sure I have pre-partum depression. Is that a thing?

Looking forward to: In the shortest term, I’m looking forward to getting better from this cold. Next, I’m looking forward to moving upstairs (hopefully by next Saturday). After that, it’s not being pregnant anymore quickly followed by meeting my son and super quickly after that is having my mom come take care of me because I’m useless I tell you!

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34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks collage

How far along? 34 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Oh yes, but the most comfortable thing is sweats and a t-shirt. Listen guys, I’ve sort of reached the point where I stopped caring. I’m huge and uncomfortable and hardly ever do my hair or make-up let alone shower. Don’t judge. Growing a human is hard.

Best moment this week: Getting to see some serious house progress. Chris’ dad is in town and things are moving so FAST! Trim and doors, primer, tile, I can’t even handle it!!

Miss anything? Movement is kind of laughable. Like you should see me try to get off the couch or out of bed (which is a mattress on the floor). It’s a bit like a beached whale. Standing for long periods of time is miserable too. So I basically miss being a normal human.

Movement: Oh my goodness yes. It’s insane. Lots of braxton hicks too. It’s giving me a chance to practice my hypnobabies.

Food cravings: I haven’t really been craving anything.

Anything making you queasy or sick: A lack of food.

Worst symptom: Probably just the general body aches and pains. My lower back and hips are KILLING me. Plus the heartburn hasn’t let up at all so that’s rough.

Have you started to show yet: You better believe it.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? On most of the time. Depending on heat.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly moody.

Looking forward to: Decorating! The house is coming along so quickly, which is good cause this baby is coming pretty fast too. In a matter of weeks I’ll be moving everything upstairs (and by I, I mean Chris, obvi) and setting up my house and having a dishwasher and fabulous bathtub and shower. BAH! I’m so excited!

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33 Weeks Pregnant

33 week collage

How far along? 33 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Yep. Note to self, when buying maternity clothes that will be worn towards the end of pregnancy (shorts for summer) buy them a little bigger than you’re expecting. I have a pair of shorts that I wore once and they’re too tight now. Hrmph.

Best moment this week: Uhh…nothing. I feel like it’s too early in my pregnancy to feel this way, I still have 6 weeks left! I am tired, and I have no motivation to do ANYTHING. I haven’t cleaned my house or gone grocery shopping in weeks. I just want to sleep all day every day. Well, I take that back, I did go on a couple walks this week to meet Chris at work. The weather has been so great and they really were lovely walks. Then I laid on the couch the rest of the day recovering.

Miss anything? Not being pregnant. Having energy. Moving comfortably. Life.

Movement: Yep. Lots of rolling and little kicks. I love when I can feel a little foot poking out.

Food cravings: Eating is getting harder. Nothing is appetizing and since I haven’t been grocery shopping, we’ve been eating out a lot, so I haven’t been super healthy either.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not eating enough. Or often enough. Can I hire a chef please?

Worst symptom: We’re back to that first trimester exhaustion. Thankfully it’s not coupled with the terrible nausea but it still sucks. I feel so bad for Evelyn, I don’t want to get up or move or play..I just want to sit there and do nothing. Or sleep. I really want to sleep too. All the time.

Have you started to show yet: Started and then some. My belly is hanging out of some of my smaller shirts…

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? I can start the morning wearing them but if I spend a lot of time outside in the heat, my fingers swell too much.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Lots and lots of moody.

Looking forward to: Nothing. I’m super ready to be done being pregnant but my house and general life is not ready for a new baby. The whole thing is stressful. So I guess I’m looking forward to like two months down the road when we’re in the house, the baby is born and we’re all settled.

32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks collage

How far along? 32 Weeks! I seriously can’t believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going!

Maternity clothes? Errday

Best moment this week: I can’t think of one specific moment this week that was great. It’s been awesome to spend time outside in the sunshine and get some exercise in at my favorite barre workout.

Miss anything? Most of all I miss the ease of moving around. I tried to take Evelyn down a twisty slide in the play place at Chik-fil-a and I thought I was going to die trying to get in and out. When I’m not pregnant I usually feel pretty agile and spry. I miss that.

Movement: Yep. I can feel where is little bum is and he’s definitely head down and loves kicking me directly in the ribs. Joy…

Food cravings: Well since I’ve recently discovered the joy of watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix naturally that is still a craving. Thankfully I have some self control and don’t give in as often as I’d like to.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not so much. I think I get queasy when I don’t eat enough.

Worst symptom: Acid indigestion.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on and going strong! I may not even need the cute fake one I bought at Icing several months ago. Which makes me kinda sad cause I intentionally got it big.

Happy or Moody most of the time: This week has been a bit moody. Everyday is different, not sure why it’s been so crazy this week.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little boy!

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31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks collage

How far along? 31 Weeks

Maternity clothes? More often than not. Although I love my yoga pants and those aren’t maternity.

Best moment this week: I had the most fabulous day with Christopher in Philadelphia while my aunt watched Evelyn. It was such a treat to be just the two of us when soon there will be four of us! (On a side note, the worst moment this week was having to come home from vacation).

Miss anything? Vacation. The ease of not actually having to do anything was absolute bliss.

Movement: For the most part it’s just been rolling around in there but every so often he kicks repeatedly and it almost surprises me. I sometimes forget there’s an actual person in there.

Food cravings: I had the yummiest seafood mac and cheese when we went out to dinner for our anniversary. I’d really like that everyday. Also I watched everyone drink a lot of soda (namely Mountain Dew) and I really, really wanted some.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anything specific really.

Worst symptom: Indigestion, heart burn, acid reflux, whatever you want to call it. It’s miserable.

Have you started to show yet: Uhm..yes.

Gender: It’s a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? On. Still going strong. I feel like I was a lot more swollen in my face, hands and feet with Evelyn by this point.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I’ve been in a pretty good mood. You’ll have to ask my husband for confirmation though.

Looking forward to: In the short term I’m looking forward to moving in upstairs. Although if I’m honest, it doesn’t feel that short term. But it has to be because I’m having a baby up there very soon!

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