Mom date

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I have some shocking news folks. This whole being a mother business is not easy. This may come as a surprise. In fact, it’s so ‘not easy’ that it makes me wonder how people who fail at life can pull it off.  Cause I like to think that I’m pretty good at life but this whole mothering thing is a doozy.

In my head I’m this perfect mother who has it all together. I keep the house clean, the laundry done, and when my husband comes home from work there’s dinner on the table. I’m in a beautiful dress with my hair perfectly coiffed and I’m wearing a strand of pearls.

And in all my spare time I play with my daughter to help her development, I bake everything from scratch, I exercise and read to further my own personal development. In my head this is how other mothers are so this is how I need to be.

And yet, that dream is so not reality. Not even close.

When I’m at the grocery store with no makeup on, in my sweats and Uggs and I see the women with infant carriers and perfect makeup and adorable spit up-free clothes I can’t help but think I’m doing this all wrong.

Today was just a rough day. It felt like Evelyn cried ALL. DAY. LONG. I couldn’t get anything done, I didn’t feel great and I just sat there and held her and felt like mush. So when Chris got home I rushed out the door wearing no make up, in my Uggs and sweats ,and went on a mom date.

Mom Date: A date a mom goes on with herself when she literally doesn’t want to be near anyone with whom she would be expected to converse, be interesting, or look presentable including but not limited to spouse, children, friends, acquaintances, and enemies.

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Croup: The things nightmares are made of

croup baby

We awoke to the stomach wrenching sound of a tiny voice gasping for air. I bolted upright and reached for the lamp on the nightstand. Chris instinctively scooped up our daughter and held her close, speechless, etching worry lines into his forehead. Her throat sounded full and the more she struggled to take a full breath, the more worked up she became which only worsened her condition.

Every breath drew a hoarse wheeze from her chest. She had colds before, but nothing like this. She wailed with such ferocity it appeared as though her small face was all open mouth. I’ve never felt such fear and worry.

My angel, this precious being, was in so much pain and discomfort and couldn’t tell us what hurt. Likewise, we couldn’t use words to comfort her.

My efforts to comfort her by nursing were in vain. She couldn’t stop screaming and catch her breath long enough to do anything. I held her, rocked her, kissed her. My stomach was one big knot. I shushed  and cried and pleaded with my Father in Heaven to protect and heal my baby.

Working well under pressure, my husband thought to look up her symptoms on his phone and narrowed it down to two possibilities, one of which was croup. Our best case scenario was utilizing our resources and counting on the steam from the shower to clear her tiny congested body.

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5 Reasons to use Cloth Diapers

diapers 001

What kind of crazy person would use diapers that you have to wash as opposed to ones that you could just throw away?! Oh wait. I would.


To save the planet of course. Ok that’s kind of a lie. I mean yeah, that’s a great side effect but definitely not the primary reason I decided to cloth diaper. I was all aboard the Throwing Away Baby Waste train until I talked to my sister-in-law who opened my eyes to new ways of living. Turns out you don’t have to do everything the way everyone else does it. Go figure. So if you’re wrestling with the idea of cloth diapering, this post is for you.

5 Reasons I decided to use cloth diapers

1. Money

diapers 004

Cloth diapers are quite the investment to start off with. I would highly recommend throwing a diaper baby shower and asking everyone to bring one cloth diaper. Relatively inexpensive as far as gifts go but if it works out you could get your whole supply just like that. (I didn’t do this but I did get half of my diapers as a gift.)

In the long run, cloth diapering saves you money. We decided to start out with disposable in the newborn stage and then transition into cloth. In the disposable phase of our lives we spent about $35 a month on diapers. Let’s assume baby is in diapers for 2 years. That’s roughly $840. Per child. A full set of the diapers we chose to use is $394 when purchased in a package. Those diapers can last through multiple children if you take good care of them. Let’s say they last through 3 kids. I could save roughly $2,126 on diapers!

2. Potty training

diapers 003

Disposable diapers wick away moisture, so a child wearing them is relatively comfortable in a soaking wet diaper. Cloth diapers are…well they’re cloth. So when they’re wet, they feel wet. Many children have more success potty training after they’ve been wearing cloth diapers because they’re sick of hanging out in wet pants. Go figure.

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Birth Announcement Ideas

Announcement 005

We never sent out birth announcements which makes me sad. I had even scoured the best of the interweb for birth announcement ideas and found some real winners. Not that anyone didn’t know she was born thanks to Facebook, but I love sending and receiving paper mail. It’s such a lost art. I love sending out Christmas cards too, but with postage that can get so expensive.

Anyway, I just got my newborn photos from my very talented sister-in-law, Kensie M Photography and was looking at birth announcements on Pinterest and said to myself, “Self, you could make these. So I did. Just because I didn’t mail them out doesn’t mean I can’t show them off here. I used picmonkey and a little creativity and this is what I came up with.

I was really in favor of more colorful fun designs as opposed to classic or simple. There were a lot more birth announcement ideas that I liked but didn’t play around with. You can see them here on my Pinterest board.

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5 Reasons I loved my natural birth center birth

I know I promised natural birth center birth details, but first a quick update on my growing baby girl:

two month 001

My sweet angel grows bigger by the moment it seems. She’s about 2 1/2 months now. At her 2 month appointment she was 9 lbs 7 oz. She’s just teeny.

two month 002

She still takes a lot of naps during the day but when she’s awake she’s so playful. She’s turning into such a little person with the cutest personality. Before she only randomly smiled like it was a facial tick but now when I talk to her and I smile, she smiles back and tries to giggle sometimes. It’s heart melting stuff people.

two month 003

She sleeps really well at night. She only wakes up once to eat and since I’ve mastered nursing while horizontal in bed I barely have to even wake up. The hardest part is going to be when Evie stops sleeping with us and we put her on her own bed. Not as hard for her as it is for us. We love cuddling with her and we don’t have to go far to ensure that she’s ok.

And now, as promised,

5 Reasons I Loved My Natural Birth Center Birth

1. It was all about me.

Since this is my first baby, I’ve obviously never given birth in a hospital. But from stories I’ve heard and read, I’ve deduced that you don’t feel like everyone is at your beck and call.

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How to Survive an Amusement Park with a newborn

Chris’ family has been in town this week and today we met them for a fun filled day at Lagoon. For those of you not from Utah, Lagoon is a Six-Flags-type amusement park. I was nervous about bringing such a tiny baby to an amusement park but it turned out great.

lagoon 001

Chris’ dad was able to watch Evie so we could go on some rides with his siblings. I expertly nursed her on a park bench. And then returned the favor and watched Chris’ sisters so his dad could ride some rides. All in all it was a fun day.

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Evelyn’s newborn photo shoot

newborns 000

Teeny squishy babies are just the cutest! All I want to do is hug and snuggle and cuddle my perfect little baby girl. And after seeing the pictures, I bet that’s what you’ll want to do too.

My sister-in-law, Kensie, took these beautiful newborn pictures. Normally I wouldn’t think to spend the money on a photo shoot but I’m so glad I have these photos. Evelyn will never be this tiny again and this precious newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to remember her at just a few days old.

I also love that we got to do a lifestyle shoot too. It shows where we are in our life right now and we get to see our tiny family on our little family bed. It will be fun, as we have more kids, to see that bed get more and more full.

Kensie is so talented and has incredible skill when it comes to posing, photographing and tenderly taking care of newborns. As I brand new mother, I wasn’t at all concerned for my daughter’s safety during the shoot which is super important when it comes to a newborn baby. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, make sure the person you choose is well qualified and has dealt with newborns before.

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite?

newborns 001

newborns 002

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6 Things a new mother is paranoid about

I’ve always been pretty stoked about motherhood. I went through phases during my pregnancy and even in the first few days of Evelyn’s life that I was concerned I wasn’t going to be a good enough mother. But I chalk that up to hormones. I could have never imagined what new mother paranoia could be. In fact, Chris makes fun of me for it. But can you blame me? Babies are tiny and frail and look like they could break if you breath on them too hard. So for your enjoyment and future study I give you:

6 things a new mother is paranoid about

1. Driving

postpartum 004






















I am always positive that some idiot next to me or behind me or in front of me or three lanes over from me is going to lose their mind or have a seizure or try driving blind folded and run into me and kill my baby. Or me and leave my baby and husband stranded. This is especially nerve wracking driving in Utah.

2. Letting anyone else hold her



paranoid 002


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My Birth Center Birth Story


Last Tuesday, August 13, Chris and I got into bed a little after 11pm. Chris was playing a game on his laptop and I was sitting beside him, reviewing my Birth Boot Camp workbook. I flipped to the section on pressure points and tried out a couple that were supposed to induce labor. I wasn’t really expecting anything to come of it but I was certainly tired of being so huge and uncomfortable and excited to meet my little girl.

After a little while I started to feel some mild cramping (until recently I didn’t connect these to the acupressure). Honestly it just felt like menstrual cramps and I had felt some of those earlier in my pregnancy and so I thought nothing of it. I started falling asleep and then noticed that it wasn’t just a random cramp here or there, but they were coming in waves. They didn’t last very long but there was definitely some sort of pattern. I told Chris what was going on and he suggested a bath. Um yes please! I’m a huge fan of baths for cramping so I figured this would be a good way to combat these..whatever they were.

I hopped (ever so gracefully in my orbital state) into the shower and let it run until it filled up the bath. I continued to have these ‘cramps’ pretty regularly. Chris helped me time them because I couldn’t think long enough to do it myself. One would be about 30 seconds long and then the next one would be a minute long. I was still so convinced that I wasn’t actually having contractions. I made Chris promise not to be mad if this were not in fact the start of labor. I was so concerned that I was making all of this up and had kept us awake for no reason.

After about an hour in the bath (starting up the shower every time I got a little cold) I got out and laid in bed. Before I could get comfortable I was hit with a huge wave of nausea and threw up before I could get out of bed. Thankfully Chris was quick and caught it all in the towel he pulled off my head.

I was able to sleep in between contractions. I woke up to hit the timer, dozed off a little during the contraction and then woke up when it finished to stop the timer. A couple of times I had crazy strong contractions and woke Chris up to get something for me to throw up in. I actually preferred those contractions because the throwing up took my mind off the pain. Oddly enough I preferred the dry heaving to the contraction. I was supposed to be eating and staying hydrated but I couldn’t keep anything down, so I just concentrated on drinking plenty of water.

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I’m not pregnant anymore!

postpartum 001

I might have given birth, but you wouldn’t know by just looking at me. Oh the joys of postpartum.

Charlotte Evelyn Deon Langford was born at 10:48 AM on August 14, 2013. She is 7lbs 10oz, 20 1/2 in long. She was born after 11 hours of not awful labor that included 2 hours of agonizing pushing.

postpartum 002

^^I love this picture of Chris with Evelyn. He didn’t even want to put her down to do paperwork.

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