Remington’s Winnie the Pooh photo shoot

IMG_8656 copy

I just can’t help myself when it comes to silly styled photo shoots including a disney element and my cute babies. And with the inclusion of Winnie the Pooh into the mix, I just couldn’t say no. This little shoot is the product of a lazy afternoon. It required quick costume changes and keeping Evelyn occupied so she didn’t see that her brother was playing with her Pooh toys.

I bought Remi’s Tigger outfit for our trip to Disneyland and then opened a suitcase to pack for the trip and found this Pooh costume. Seriously. I just found it. Like what is that? Full disclosure, I knew it sister bought it for Evelyn and then lost it and I just happened upon it in a suitcase in my attic. So with two outfits from Winnie the Pooh for the same little boy, I had to work in a faux twin photo. Am I cray or what?

Anyways, scroll down for some amateur shots of my cute little nugget and all his Winnie the Pooh pals.

IMG_8662 copy

IMG_8665 copy

IMG_8690 copy

IMG_8744 copy

IMG_8696 2 copy

Remi twins copy

Hey Girl Memes– Baby edition

Remember those 8 month photos I had taken of Remi? Well one of them was just so cute and studly that I couldn’t help myself but turn it into a meme. Or 8.

You know those “Hey Girl” meme of Ryan Gosling? That’s what these were modeled after. Obviously. These are really the most pleasing things an infant could ever say to his mother. Anyway, that’s all I really have to say. The memes can say the rest.


I present to you, Hey Girl memes, Baby style.


“Hey Girl, I know you’ve had a hard day. You relax in the tub and I’ll take an extra long nap.”


“Hey Girl, get ready for a full night’s sleep. I’m feeling extra sleepy.”


“Hey Girl, No, don’t get up. I’ll put myself to bed tonight.”


“Hey girl, That extra baby weight looks good on you.”


“Hey girl, you can finish your book. I’ll just play quietly by myself.”


“Hey girl, Don’t worry, I’ll change my own diaper.”


“Hey girl, I’m really craving some mashed peas. Can I get you anything while I’m in the kitchen?”


Which would you add to the mix?

Remi 8 month baby photo shoot


I had every intention of doing a 6 month photo shoot for Remi like I did for Evelyn. Well I kept having to reschedule and bottom line is, it ended up being more of an 8 month shoot. (Full disclosure, Remi is like 11 months now). Which is still adorable. It happened right after I bought the kids Easter outfits and right before our Disney trip so we got some really adorable Mickey and Minnie shots (in a post coming your way soon) and Easter shots.

At 8 months Rem is a moving machine. He pulls himself up on everything and cruises from couch to table to chair. He loves playing with his sister who would rather play with ANYONE else. He loves jumping in his bouncer chair. And he finally has two cute little teeth!

These incredible photos were taken by Malae Tally Photo, my go-to photographer and BFF.

















{Baby Boy Update} 6 months old

So keeping up with monthly updates while having two kids is exponentially more difficult than when I had one. Just saying.


Remi boy turned 6 months old on Christmas! Chris was convinced that he would be crawling by then and while he isn’t full on crawling, he’s doing a kind of army crawl thing which gets him from point A to point B. He’ll be real crawling soon though. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He’s moving way more, way faster than Evelyn ever did.

He can totally sit up on his own like a champ.  When he doesn’t feel like army crawling he just rolls everywhere. Like seriously all over the floor! I think it’s time to start baby proofing!


Remington will sleep well for like a week and then the rest of the month he’ll be up 3 or 4 times. There really is no normal for him. I just put him in bed with me to nurse him though, so for the most part I don’t really have to wake up. We moved him out of our room and into his crib in Evelyn’s room a couple months ago. Evelyn does great at sleeping through his cries in the middle of the night.

He takes roughly three naps a day in varying length. Usually one of his naps is around the same time as Evelyn’s nap, so I get a small break from both kids (for like 30 minutes. At least it’s something).


6 months means starting solids! We started him on baby oatmeal and after a few eating sessions complete with full body shudders, he’s finally getting used to the taste and texture and just laps it up.

He reaches with his hands and head towards the spoon which makes for a messy experience but super cute all the same.


 This little boy loves to coo and trill his lips. He will crack up if you tickle him or make faces at him. And seriously, his laugh is the cutest thing. He loves stealing Evelyn’s toys and she doesn’t love that so much. She’s already mastered the, “He’s touching me!”

I don’t think he has a favorite toy but without fail he will reach for an iphone if it’s anywhere near him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s figured out my passcode already.


What is hypnobabies?

It’s been a little over two months since my fabulous, natural, hypnobabies, home birth. When I was preparing for a hypnobabies birth, a lot people asked me what hypnobabies is, how it works, etc. Now that I’ve used it successfully I feel like I’m qualified to talk about what it is and how it works.

complete control


^^I made a bunch of signs to hang around my room and bathroom to encourage and remind me during labor.

What is Hypnobabies?

[My own definition] Hypnobabies is a form of pain management to use during childbirth. It uses hypnosis techniques which is essentially mind over matter: using your mind to calm yourself down and tell yourself how to feel. It’s a way for you to go inside your head to your ‘happy place’ and take a break from what’s going on in the real world. It’s also helpful to change your mind about the way childbirth should be and release any fears you may have about what will happen.

But hypnosis isn’t as weird as it sounds. It’s not “When I snap my fingers you will quack like a duck.” Hypnobabies is self hypnosis. You can’t be ‘hypnotized’ if you don’t want to be and the things you’re telling yourself are more about how pleasant childbirth will be and less about quacking (let me be clear, there is no quacking involved.) We all do self hypnosis nearly every day. It’s as simple as when you zone out and forget what you were doing. Or when you’ve been driving on the freeway and realize you missed your exit because you were just in your own little world. All versions of self hypnosis.

Hypnobabies involves a lot of visualization. Like imagining you can see your breath enter, fill, and exit your body. You could imagine that each breath is cleansing or calming or strengthening, whatever you need it to be.


During labor, you visualize your breath pushing your baby out and it helps keep you calm during contractions.

Speaking of ‘labor’ and ‘contractions’, in hypnobabies they use different terms for those things as a way to make it sound more comfortable. Labor is ‘birthing time’, contractions are ‘pressure waves’, transition is ‘transformation’. Perception is reality. So once you believe that childbirth can be comfortable it’s more likely that it will be.

How does Hypnobabies work?

You can take a self taught home course or go to a physical class. In the class you learn all about childbirth and pregnancy and healthy things to do and all that jazz. But you also learn about self hypnosis and how to do it correctly and practice. The biggest key is that you have to practice or else you’re body won’t know what to do when you’re trying to hypnotize it.

calm confident at eas

Having never done self hypnosis before, I opted for the physical class. I will say that the first part of the class where we learned about natural childbirth was a tad boring for me because I’d already had a natural child birth and taken a class on it and knew how it works and what to expect. But I did feel like it was important for me to be in class for the hypnosis practice.

The in class practice was a lot like guided meditation. The teacher reads a script that has you get comfortable, relax, breathe deeply and the rest of the script just talks about the comfort and excitement of childbirth.

All the scripts that we read in classes plus some others are given to us in the form of Mp3s and we’re encouraged to practice on a daily basis.

release and relax

Honestly, the daily practice was like the best part of the whole thing. I’d put Evelyn down for her nap and climb into bed and turn on one of the tracks and get relaxed into a nap. I pretty much fell asleep right away. It was such a nice sleep too.

Hypnobabies during Childbirth

So after a few months of practice, I felt pretty calm for the big event. As soon as I knew that my labor, or birthing time, was really happening I turned on a hypnobabies track and got comfortable.


For each contraction, or pressure wave, I would close my eyes, breath deeply and focus every inch of my energy on the voice on the hypnobabies track. The words would remind me to breath deeply and relax. It would encourage me to breath my own ‘anesthesia’ to the places that I was feeling discomfort.

Between the hypnobabies and the comfort of the bathtub my pressure waves were more than manageable. The only true uncomfortable part was when I got out of the bath and walked the stairs because I forgot to bring my hypnobabies tracks with me.

Chris cheat sheet for birth

During pushing, I had Chris turn on the pushing track. I only kind of heard it in the background but I think it really helped Chris to remember how to prompt and comfort me during pushing. In the end that was even more helpful because I appreciated my comfort from my husband.

Hypnobabies: Final thoughts

I would absolutely recommend hypnobabies to anyone who is planning a natural childbirth. The class is great for learning what childbirth actually is and the hypnosis/meditation is key for keeping discomfort during childbirth under control.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask. I’m no expert but I’d be happy to share more about my experiences.

Celebrating Evelyn’s Birthday

So you guys might not remember this..but I just had a baby. Shocker I know. But I haven’t really felt like I had the energy to make a big birthday celebration happen for Evelyn this year, not like last year for sure.

So this year was just kind of chill and as a 2 year old, Evelyn still loved it. It was a two part birthday.

Part one was the Museum of Natural Curiosity on Tuesday. Evelyn was insistent on inviting her friend Zaydree (or dree dree as Evelyn says). They both had a blast! Evelyn was a little overwhelmed by all the people at first but when she warmed up to it she had so much fun!

bday 011

bday 007

bday 008

bday 012

bday 013

bday 014

bday 015

Her actual birthday was pretty chaotic. I had all these grand plans of how I would make the day special for Evelyn but then Remi decided to be the snottiest, whiniest baby ever and wouldn’t let me put him down. It was causing me an excessive amount of stress and disappointment and Evelyn didn’t know what having a birthday meant and was happy to sit and play while I glared at my crying baby (Don’t worry, we’ve since made up).

My knight in shining armor (Chris..duh) came and took Remi to work with him for the rest of the day and gave me a chance to give Evelyn some one on one time. We had a ton of fun at the splash pad, then picked up her cake and her dad and brother and headed back home for a little family celebrating.

bday 006

bday 005

bday 004

She loved each one of her presents and wanted to play with them as she opened them. I think next year one present will suffice. But her favorite thing was those silly little characters on top of the cake. She takes them everywhere! But she also loves her bike from Grammy and PeePaw too. She just needs to grow a couple inches so she can ride it.

bday 010

bday 009

bday 001

bday 002

bday 003

^^Everyone had to wear a party hat. Even Pooh!

All in all the day turned out well in the end. And I don’t have to plan another party until Remi’s 1st next June. Whew.

Remington’s Home Birth Story

This is a long and detailed post on my home birth experience with my son. If you don’t want all the gory details, you’re welcome to skip this one. I won’t hold it against you. 

When you’re pregnant, do yourself a favor and when they tell you your due date, go ahead and tell yourself that it’s actually two weeks after that. And tell everyone else that too. That way if your baby comes anytime before the last day of being 42 weeks, it’ll be before you were expecting it.

I was so certain he was coming early. So when my due date came and he didn’t I was beside myself. I had been having contractions that were more than braxton hicks but not quite strong enough to do anything in the days leading up to my due date so I thought that had to mean something was coming soon. But I was so very wrong.

During week 40 I continued to have those light contractions and a few nights, the contractions got strong enough that I texted my sister, midwife and photographer to make sure they were ready just in case. Each of those nights I went to bed so I would be well rested when the time came and then woke up each of those mornings disappointed that I was still pregnant.

I tried plenty of ways to induce labor. But in the end, the baby was going to come when he was ready. When I talked to midwife about natural ways to induce she said that for labor to happen, all the stars have to be aligned. I have to be ready, the baby has to be ready, my husband and daughter have to be ready and we all have to feel calm and relaxed and happy and…well, ready.

In the days leading up to his birth, I was really starting to stress out. I was worried that I wouldn’t ever go into labor and I’d have to be induced and then (although I don’t condemn anyone for being induced, it just wasn’t what I wanted) I would feel like I had failed at the labor I wanted. I knew that was the wrong way to feel and that any way to get a baby into the world is the right way for you, but I just wanted the birth I had planned for.

I started to worry that my body was broken. I started to worry that my baby wasn’t okay anymore. I started to worry about pretty much anything that I could think of to worry about. I didn’t understand why my contractions kept stopping. However, my midwife explained that I lot of people labor this way. Labor can start weeks before hand and just slowly get you ready to give birth. It’s why so many women who are giving birth at the hospital get sent home time after time. My body was taking it’s time to dilate a little every day so that by the time I was in active labor, it wouldn’t take so long. And it was working. Three days before he was born, my midwife checked me and I was dilated to a 5.

But I continued to worry. The morning before he was born I had my midwife come and listen to his heartbeat and make sure everything sounded good. It did. She told me to stop worrying and stop Googling and just wait for labor to start.

My parents were set to get into town that evening. My midwife kept saying that she thought the baby was waiting for them to get here so they could help out or whatever. Turns out, she was right.

They got here, we went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe, I ate a ridiculous amount of pizza (like I was still eating while everyone sat there and watched me), and all the while I was having light contractions. Then when we got home I had a contraction that I couldn’t talk through. I got a little giddy and thought that this might be it. I sort of started timing contractions but I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. Everyone was in the backyard watching Evelyn play and I came inside to labor in peace. No one really seemed to notice I was gone.

I finally called for Chris to come in because things were getting uncomfortable and I wanted help. I assume that someone put Evelyn to bed, maybe I was there, I don’t actually remember. At 9:17 pm I texted my midwife that things had really starting picking up. I had Chris fill up the tub and take over texting so I could relax. He told her shortly afterward that she better come. We kinda figured things would go quickly.

I turned on my hypnobabies tracks and got comfortable in the water. With every contraction I closed my eyes and breathed through. I didn’t use pressure points or anything else. Between the tub and the hypnobabies guidance, the contractions didn’t seem too bad.

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Remington’s Baby Blessing

This photo pretty much sums up Remi’s blessing day:

blessing 001


With Evelyn we waited until she was 3 months old to bless her. She didn’t even go to church for the first month or so of her life because germs and whatnot. But for Remi we decided to bless him at only 1 week old since so much of our family would be in town.

The morning was a bit stressful. It was my first time trying to get everyone out of the house on a time table. Both Remi and Evelyn needed a bath and I wanted to get a picture of our little family before we left for church because I knew that after church it we wouldn’t look nearly so put together. I didn’t realize that everyone would have a meltdown before church…maybe after church would have been better.


blessing 002


^^This was the best shot of the morning. At least Evelyn isn’t crying and she’s actually looking at the camera!

We got to church minutes before it started. Chris took Remi and I rushed off to change Evelyn’s newly soiled diaper. I was already feeling pretty anxious and self conscious about making a public appearance so soon after giving birth (I don’t know how Princess Kate does it!) and all the rushing around to be seated in time was stressing me out.

The baby blessing is pretty early on in the meeting so we didn’t have to keep the kids happy for too long. Evelyn poured out her bag of toys and went to town on the floor in front of our pew. But when Chris went up to the stand with Remi for the blessing, she lost it. She kept yelling for daddy and crying. I did my best to keep her contained but all she wanted was daddy who was preoccupied with the new baby.

The chapel was silent as the blessing started, well silent except for my daughter. I tried my best to listen to the words and nearly missed Evelyn escaping our pew and booking it up to the stand to see her dad. I tried to have her sit down again but her shrieking was stressing me out and I couldn’t stand the thought that everyone else in the chapel was being distracted from what should have been a spiritual moment.

I yanked Evelyn outside into the sunshine where she immediately calmed down. I couldn’t hear the blessing. I was missing my son’s one and only baby blessing. I just stood there and watched Evelyn play in the grass and cried. And then I cried some more.

The stress and anxiety and overwhelming-ness of having just had a kid was just too much for me. I composed myself enough to head back inside and sat down next to Chris and Remi. He leaned over and asked if I was able to hear any of the blessing. I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down my face as I shook my head no.

A moment or two later someone in the pew behind us handed up a sheet of notebook paper. She had transcribed the whole blessing. My heart was so warmed as I read through the words. And naturally, I started crying again. Those birth hormones are just great I tell you.

blessing 003


I skipped out on the rest of church and headed home with Remi, leaving Evelyn with Chris. I needed some quiet time to just decompress before all of our family came back to our house. It was only a couple short hours later that 13 people trickled into the house. I was able to keep myself composed for our visitors but it was a rough day. Thank goodness for the kind woman who wrote down the blessing.


Super ready to be done with the fourth trimester and all these crazy hormones.

blessing 004


On a happier note, I was so stoked to find this little blessing outfit for him. (Okay…my mom is actually the one who found it). I had no idea what baby boys were supposed to be blessed in and all the white suits I could find were so fussy. They were made of some satin type material and had like pants, a vest, a shirt, a bow tie and a jacket. Too much suit for such a little guy.

Chris tried to convince me that we should just bless him in Evelyn’s dress. Uhm what? He’s a boy. He insisted that he was blessed in a dress. I’m sorry but my boy will not a wear a dress thank you very much.

We picked this adorable little outfit up at Dressed in White and it was just the right amount of suit and adorable for our needs. I mean, just look at that little chunk!

Life with Child(ren)

Life with kids 001

^^Check it out.. I can totally watch two kids at once..I got this

I have had so much help since Remi was born. My parents got into town the evening he was born and my mom has been so great at keeping the house clean, meals on the table and taking care of Evelyn so I could focus on having a newborn again. So it wasn’t until she took some time away from the house to go shopping with my sister that I realized what having two kids is like. Let me spell it out for you.


It was noon. Nap time for Evelyn. Apparently lunch time for Remi. But Remi was asleep so I used the opportunity to get Evelyn in bed. We had made a quick drive thru run to Chik-fil-a so my food sat on the table while I attempted this little game of ‘make-all-the-kids-happy.’

I changed Evelyn’s diaper and started singing her a song just in time to hear Remi start to cry. I tried to sing louder to drown out the cries but Evelyn was too distraught to pay attention to the song. So I gave her a quick kiss, closed the door and rushed out to soothe baby boy. He had worked himself into such a frenzy that I had to calm him down before he’d start eating. But once he did start nursing there was glorious silence. He fell asleep after only eating on one side and since I was hungry I decided to put him in his swing until I finished my lunch.

As soon as I sat down at the table I could hear Evelyn from her bedroom, “MOM!!! MOM!!” *Sigh.

So I headed back into her room to sing to her a little more and get her calmed down enough to go to sleep. And what do you imagine happened by the time a slid her door closed? That’s right, Remi was up and ready to nurse on the other side. All the while, my food sat on the table getting colder and colder.


Things have gotten a little better since then. I’ve kind of figured out a system. But since I never really know when Remi is going to cry, the system isn’t fool proof by any means. The other night Remi started screaming while I was putting Evelyn to bed and I asked her if I could go feed him. She looked at me thoughtfully and said a resounding, “Yes.” and went to sleep on her own.

life with kids 002


^^Bathing two kids at once! Total pro. Okay, I’ll be honest…I only washed Remi. Chris washed Evelyn.

The hardest part is when I’m nursing Remi and Evelyn comes up to me with her puppy dog eyes and says, “Hold you mom?” (She gets me and you confused so that means ‘hold me’). I try to explain that I will pick her up as soon as Remi is done eating but I’m afraid that’s going to lead to lots of resentment.

It’s hard to figure out the whole discipline thing. I know she’s acting out for attention because of her brother so I don’t want to punish her. I want her to know that I love her just as much as him. But at the same time I don’t want her to think she can get away with throwing tantrums. It’s a fine line and it’s difficult to find.

I’ve also found that I feel guilty like 85% of the time. My family and even Chris do a really good job of playing with Evelyn so she’s not always watching TV. And then I have a chance to take a nap or take care of Remi or whatever I need to do. But I start feeling so guilty that I’m not giving her more attention. Yes, she’s getting plenty of play time but she’s been with me 24/7 for so long that she struggles a bit with not having that anymore.

Getting mastitis didn’t help much. On top of being tired and having to take care of a newborn, I was also in a lot of pain and wasn’t spending time with Evelyn.

life with kids 005


The cool thing is that Evelyn is starting to learn how to play on her own. She has this doll house and barn and she can spend probably an hour playing by herself. She’s learned from playing with us how to pretend but if you sneak into her room and watch, it’s amazing to see how her imagination works.

It’s so strange to have two little minis that I love so desperately and not knowing how to divide my time with them. And for another level of confusion I have to figure out when I get a moment to myself to remember that I am more than the caretaker of my spawn. The struggle is real my friends.

I also realized how easy it is to do things with just one kid. Like when Evelyn was a newborn it stressed me out to try and do anything when it was just the two of us. But now it seems so simple as long as someone is watching Evelyn. I mean heck, newborns just sleep all the time.

life with kids 004

^^I love LOVE my double stroller. The seats can face in any direction.

And before I had Remi I thought running any errand with Evelyn was so much work. But the other day I had to run out and get my iphone screen fixed (thank you Evelyn) and I left Remi at home and thought the whole time how nice it was to just have Evelyn. It wasn’t that long ago that she was the only one I had to worry about. It’s funny how quickly your perspective can change.

I know I’ll get the hang of this parent of two thing because…well what other choice do I have? There are other people in the world who do this right?

So for all you seasoned mothers out there…What’s your advice on transitioning from one kid to two??

Postpartum take two

Now introducing…

Remington Bret Langford

Remi announcement front

page 2

^^Birth announcements that I will probably never print or send out. These are my super amateur attempt at newborn photos so don’t judge them too harshly.

Baby Remi was born on June 25 at 12:59 AM

9 lbs 15 oz 22 inches long

14.5 inch head


It turns out that I was so eager to not be pregnant that I totally forgot what postpartum life/recovery is like. Like totally forgot. Pretty sure it has to happen that way or else everyone would only have one kid.

I spent so much time dreaming of holding my sweet little boy and cuddling him and loving on him that I totally overlooked how I’d possibly not be walking so well for a while. Or that I’d be in bed for a few days. And how could I forget the discomfort of early breastfeeding or the disgust of wearing those fabulous adult diapers?? And then there’s the dreaded realizing how fat I got over the past 10 months as evidenced by the fact that I no longer have a basket ball belly to hide said weight gain. How did I forget?! How?!

I’ll admit, recovery this time around has been significantly easier than it was with Evelyn. As you may recall, she knocked my tailbone right out of place on her way into the world and I literally could not walk for 4 or 5 days. Remington’s massive head had similar results but not nearly as bad. I could walk, just not very gracefully. By some miracle, I did not tear one bit whilst pushing out my 10 lb baby boy so that was one aspect of recovery that I didn’t have to deal with this time (THANK GOODNESS!).

The only new thing this time around was trying to keep my toddler from jumping, kicking, bouncing on, or just mauling me in general. I assume she likes me a whole lot but she has a funny way of showing it.

As nice as it has been to have all my family here to play with Evelyn and meet Remi, it’s been a little hard too. For one thing, relearning how to breastfeed with a new baby isn’t as easy as you may think. Nursing discreetly is pretty much impossible and not very effective. Plus I feel a little guilty every time I need to decompress and lock myself in my room, leaving them to their own devices. I’ll rethink how we handle house guests if we ever decide to have another kid.

I know you’re all super eager to hear all the details of Remi’s home birth story, but be patient. It’s coming. In the meantime I promise to keep up with this here blog, so you don’t have to be without my witticism for too long. Pinky swear!