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Everyone knows that Mom is the boss, and that’s me,

Jocelyn, or as I’m more affectionately known, Jocie. I’m your average outspoken 20-something with a knack for crafting and the urge to write, who just can’t stop exploring. I love to document all the hilarious and exhausting adventures that come with being a mom.Take a look around. You’ll find projects to do, advice to follow (whether you like it or not), fun stories on life as a newlywed and then as a new mom, and tips on great places to see.

I’m just a girl who became a wife and then a mom but much to my husband’s dismay, never stopped being bossy, .

Meet the whole Bossy family:

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^^This is my husband, Christopher and my daughter, Evelyn and pictured but not visible is our new son, baby no-name-yet.

I’m from Georgia, he’s from Colorado and we met in college. Read about how I couldn’t remember his name on our first date, here. We were married 7 months later (You can read about how I forgot his ring on the big day, here), and then had Evelyn 3 years after that. In the meantime we moved a few times, or seven, and found ourselves living in Florida, Hawaii and Utah (see some of our adventures here). Right now we’re even building our house and it has been INSANE! (see the whole process here)



I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at contact.bossyjocie@gmail.com or hit me up on Twitter:@bossy_jocie, Instagram:bossyjocie_ or facebook: Click here.