How to Survive an Amusement Park with a newborn

Chris’ family has been in town this week and today we met them for a fun filled day at Lagoon. For those of you not from Utah, Lagoon is a Six-Flags-type amusement park. I was nervous about bringing such a tiny baby to an amusement park but it turned out great.

lagoon 001

Chris’ dad was able to watch Evie so we could go on some rides with his siblings. I expertly nursed her on a park bench. And then returned the favor and watched Chris’ sisters so his dad could ride some rides. All in all it was a fun day.

lagoon 003

lagoon 002

Want to recreate it? Here are my tips on

Survive an amusement park with an infant:

1. Bring plenty of back-up

Make sure you have a good support group of family or friends who you trust to watch your wee one while you enjoy the rides. It’s important that you feel comfortable with these people. Otherwise you won’t want to leave your newborn.

2. Pack a perfect diaper bag

Along with a baby carrier, diapers and wipes, you’ll want plenty of water and snacks for yourself if you’re breastfeeding. This isn’t the time to pack light. You’ll have a stroller to do the heavy lifting for you. Grab an extra outfit or two for you and the baby. Maybe a bottle in case breastfeeding isn’t working for you…just think of everything and pack that.

3. Be prepared to go home early

If the price of the amusement park is too high for you to feel good about not spending the whole day there, maybe skip this adventure. You might feel prepared for a full day of fun and think you can handle that combined with the stress of a newborn but the truth is, you just don’t know how you’ll feel. Make sure that you prepare yourself for wanting to go home early and don’t feel bad about it. (Prepare your husband and fellow park attendees too).

Any tips to add?