Adventures in Altering Jeans

jeans 002

jeans 001

When I was in my early months of pregnancy, I visited my brother and his wife and got a bunch of hand-me-down clothes. I hadn’t gained much weight by that point, but enough that some of the clothes that enticed me, namely some pants, wouldn’t fit over my expanding hips. But they looked cute so I took them anyway. Once I lost my baby weight and was able to fit into the pants, I noticed something about 3 pair of seemingly cute BKE jeans: they all had a wide leg. Not super in style in our skinny jean generation. Heck, I’d even settle for bootcut.

So despite the cute, butt accentuating pockets, all three pair of jeans made it into the, “donate” pile and were safely stored in the garage until I found the energy to take them somewhere. A few months later I went to Arizona and stayed with my Grandma who helped me make a quilt for Evelyn. I had so much fun sewing that I was desperate to undertake another sewing project and decided that since I really had nothing to lose with the jeans that I was just going to give away, they would be my next trial project.

I am by no means a seamstress. Like seriously. I have sewn a little here and there but nothing very complicated and I always had help. So even though the rest of you may look at these jeans and say, “Yeah…so?”, I’m actually really proud of myself for how they turned out. I definitely see more sewing projects in my future.

Without further ado, I present, my adventures in altering jeans.

jeans 003

For the first pair, I tried to pin them using another pair of skinny jeans as a guide. That didn’t work out so well. There was a bubble and in trying to fix them with the seam ripper, I ripped a hole in them.

So they turned out to be shorts. I used a brick on my concrete driveway to fray the bottoms and get rid of the dreaded straight edge. I ended up with some pretty cute cut offs.

jeans 004

jeans 005

jeans 006

Using some advice from a friend, I did the second and third pair a little differently. I put them on inside out and pinned them according to my leg. Those turned out much better and I finished a lot faster.

jeans 007

jeans 008

I decided to cut the second pair into capris when I was done and leave the third as plain ol’ skinny jeans.

jeans 009

jeans 010

jeans 011

jeans 013

jeans 014


All in all it was a fun project and I’m looking forward to sewing something again!

Any advice for a super beginner like me?