{Baby Girl Update} 8 months old

8 mo 001

I can’t believe my little button is already 8 months old! I can hardly remember what it was like to have a squishy newborn. She’s at this age where she’s turning into an actual human being. Up until this point it was sea monkey all the way.

She laughs when I laugh, if I laugh at something that she does, she does it again. She plays with toys and drums on everything, she loves rattles. She likes to eat grass and loves going for walks. She chews on EVERYTHING because she has two cute little tiny teeth in the front on the bottom. She’s not crawling yet but she squirms like the cutest little worm with arms and legs you’ve ever seen. She’ll roll onto her belly and scoot herself backwards and move side to side. She just hasn’t figured out how to get up onto her knees and move forward. Details really.

8 mo 002

I started giving her three meals a day of real food and boy can that girl eat! (She takes after her Momma). But after a few days of eating more solid food something magical happened, she started sleeping WAY more! The first few nights, she only got up once and last night SHE SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! I’m talking 9pm to 8am. I had the hardest time waking up and I think it’s cause it’s like the first time I had a full night’s sleep in roughly 8 months.

8 months came just in time for Easter. It was a lot of fun because with a kid I finally had an excuse to do some kid stuff. Sure she was asleep when we decorated our eggs but again, details..

We started our celebration on Saturday afternoon. Chris was a super nice husband and blew out half a dozen eggs for me even though he said he hates doing it. Then we spent the next like 3 hours making these:

8 mo 003

8 mo 004

She loved her toys and she even loved playing with the candy she can’t eat. (We gladly ate it for her).

8 mo 005

8 mo 006


Overall, Evelyn’s first Easter was fantastic. Oh, and we all looked pretty dapper too. We even have the photo evidence:

8 mo 007

8 mo 008