{Baby Girl Update} 6 month old photo shoot

Evelyn turned seven months old on Pi Day (3/14). And boy oh boy is this kid giving me a run for my money. Solid foods have got her…how shall I put this and remain a lady…hmm backed up. Which in turn has made her not sleep and cry. A lot.

The doctor suggested prune juice but since she’s not an 85 year old woman, she didn’t like it very much. Go figure.

She’s still not crawling but she sits like a champ. I think she’s going to be a little drummer because she is always patting her hands on the floor or her leg or my arm. She’s so rhythmic.

I got Evelyn’s pictures back from her 6 month photoshoot and I am thrilled with the results. I did a little pinteresting to come up with some 6 month old photoshoot ideas and passed along the shots I loved to my fabulous photographer and good friend, Malae of Malae Talley Photo and Design. As you may remember, she also did my boho maternity photo shoot.

Now without further adieu, My beautiful baby Evelyn:

6 photos 001

6 photos 002

6 photos 003

6 photos 004

6 photos 005

6 photos 006

6 photos 007

6 photos 008

6 photos 009

6 photos 010

6 photos 011

6 photos 012

6 photos 013

6 photos 014

6 photos 015

6 photos 016

6 photos 017

6 photos 018

6 photos 019

6 photos 020