22 Month Milestones

Oh Miss Evelyn Deon, you amaze me every single day.

22 months 001

22 months 002

For real this girl is a total sponge, constantly learning new words and phrases and songs…SHE’S SINGING SONGS! Sometimes I just stare at her and think about how she used to be inside me like this other little one I’m growing and look how far she’s come since then? How is she growing up so dang fast?!

I figured it’s about time I do an update on all her cool tricks since soon I’ll have a baby and probably be taking a bit of a blogging break. Plus, I want to remember how fun she is being right now. I think this might be my favorite age so far. But I’ve said that about most of the ages so…


It is so hard to get Evelyn to eat. Like anything. Her memory is growing, so she’s aware that sugary goodness exists in the world and frequently in our house so if she’s offered food it better be covered in sugar, or cheese, or she wants nothing to do with it.

It also really helps if you make her food, put it on her Hello Kitty plate with her Hello Kitty fork and then start to eat it yourself. Then she’ll want it…at least a couple bites. Or anything on your plate, as long as she gets to sit in your lap while she eats it.

A typical day includes pancakes, mac and cheese or hot dogs, a cheese stick, goldfish, and whatever we’re having for dinner. I’m such a good mom…always the healthiest food. Or at least the most convenient to prepare at a million months pregnant.


22 months 007

She is finally in her big girl bed! We figured that we might as well make the transfer when we moved her to her new room upstairs so we could make all the changes at once. The first few days were fabulous! She stayed in her bed and went right to sleep. But after that something changed.

She suddenly realized that she wasn’t in a crib and could get out of bed if she wanted which usually includes coming out of her room to find me. Either that or she gets up and climbs into her car where she’ll sit crying with her blanket and sippy cup. (Speaking of sippy cup, she usually just likes to hold it as she goes to sleep. Not necessarily drink out of it…)

I’ve resorted to locking her door so she can’t get out but she gets so sad and cries when I leave the room saying, “Mama stay. Mama lay down. Song again.” It breaks my heart. But usually by the time I’m gone she’s already asleep.

22 months 006

The best part of her not being in a crib is that when she wakes up in the morning she comes and gets in bed with us and watches a show on our phones while we sleep for another hour or so. It’s wonderful.


This kid has got an imagination on her! When she’s not begging to watch TV (Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Daniel Tiger, Little Einsteins, Backyardigans) she’s playing with her stuffed animals and toys. We’ve got a few empty cardboard boxes that she decorated with markers and she uses them as sail boats or rocket ships and gives her friends rides. Sometimes she puts them to sleep in her bed or the bottom drawer of her dresser complete with a wash cloth as a blanket. I also find them ‘sleeping’ all over the house.

22 months 004


Occasionally I find them sitting in her booster chair at the table, presumably waiting for food or lined up on the couch ‘watching’ TV.

22 months 008

Playing outside is like the best thing ever and she’ll go from swing to trampoline to slide over and over again. She also likes to walk up the little mound of earth at the foot of the trees and run down them. To her, I’m sure they seem like mountains.

22 months 005

We went to the splash pad for the first time this summer and she LOVED IT! At first she was a little timid about having water splash in her face. And there was a little river type creek thing maybe shin deep for her and the fact that the water moved totally freaked her out at first but then she just loved it! I couldn’t pull her away. Hopefully I’ll have a fast recovery when this baby comes and we can spend most of the summer in the water.


Evelyn now talks so much that it wouldn’t really make sense for me to list all the things she says. She’s gotten pretty articulate…at least to me. It’s not until she starts using a phrase over and over again that I realize that I say it a lot.

For instance, she’s starting going into the pantry or fridge and saying, “How about…” Instead of saying “Yeah” when you ask her something, she responds “Okay.” So if she says something like, “watch Pooh” I’d respond, “You want to watch Pooh?” and she’d say, “Okay!” As if it was my idea all along. Or she’ll ask to do something and answer herself, “Alright!”

She’s pretty good at counting. When asked she can count to 5, no problem. I’ve heard her count all the way to 11 once when she was stacking blocks and didn’t know I was paying attention but I haven’t heard her do it again.

She knows the names of all the colors but has a hard time knowing which color is which. She’s really good with shapes. Circle and oval are easiest for her to remember but she also knows heart, triangle and hexagon. Yea…hexagon. I think it’s just from doing her tupperware puzzle ball.

But oh, the songs.

The songs are my favorite part bar none. Just thinking about how she sings makes me smile and get teary all at the same time.

Her favorites are Wheels on the Bus, Old Macdonald (or EIEIO), the theme song to Winnie the Pooh or really any of the songs from the movie (Little black rain cloud, up down, rain down, etc.) or the ABCs. She’ll request the theme songs from some of the other shows she watches but she doesn’t really sing them.

Her singing goes something like this: “Wheels bus round through town…” but it’s super drawn out and adorable.

The other day I asked her if she would sing to the baby when he was born and she lifted up my shirt and said, “Sing baby”. I said go ahead. And she sang, “Farm eieio, farm eieio, farm eieio, cow eieio, moo” It was the sweetest thing that ever happened.

When I was trying to do her hair a week or so ago I suggested we sing the ABC’s to distract her. When I started with A she sang, “O, P” and held the notes out until I actually got to O and P. Then she joined in again at “WXYZ, Know BCs, Sing me”.

Being a Big Sister

When asked where the baby is, Evelyn points to my belly. We talk a lot about when the baby will come out and how she’ll help him. We’ve started saying, “Big sister, big helper!” and she’ll exclaim, “Big helper!!” I ask her things like, will she help change the baby’s diaper or rock him or give him kisses and she always answers, “yeah.”

22 months 009

She frequently points to his crib or cradle and says [baby’s name]’s bed.

My parents got her these big sister books and she loves to read them. Whenever something happens with the baby in the book, I ask her if she’ll do that with her brother. I’m not sure how much she understands but here’s to hoping she won’t be too shocked when a baby appears.

One book says things like, “My baby brother needs help getting dressed, but I can get dressed all by myself.” So she’s started refusing Chris or my help and saying, “By self!” She won’t let us help her walk down the stairs or feed her usually. I guess that’s a good thing but I also don’t want her to fall down the stairs.


I only have limited time left with this little girl as an only child (like hopefully less than a week) and I’m trying to really take advantage of those sweet moments together.