{Baby Girl Update} 1 Year Old

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I seriously cannot believe an entire year has gone by since Evelyn was born. (She can’t believe it either…just check out that 12 month picture^^.) I’m honestly amazed at how fast the time flew and how I can’t actually remember the pain of child birth or recovery. I read blog posts and journal entries from that time and I vaguely remember that there was pain but that’s the extent of it.

What I do know is that I am so lucky to get to be the mother of this incredible girl. She is so smart and full of life and attitude. It’s a little scary how much attitude she has.

In honor of my little 1 year old, take a trip with me down memory lane with this video:

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So what’s a one year old like?

  • She’s gotten a little braver about walking. She can take 8-10 steps before she face plants in a fit of giggle. She also loves to hold my fingers to walk around or to push her walker because it’s a little faster than trying it on her own.
  • She goes back and forth between wanting food and not eating anything. It’s a little hard and I find myself stressing over what to feed her. We think she has a milk allergy so it’s been strictly almond milk, which she loves.
  • As far as her “tricks” go: she waves bye bye, she gives open mouth kisses but also makes the kissy sound by popping her lips, she gives loves to everything from a sock she finds on the floor to her teddy bears. She’ll put whatever she’s giving loves to up to her cheek and say, “Ohhh”.
  • When she drops or throws something on the floor she says her version of Uh-Oh, “Uh-Uhm”. She’s figured out how to pull my shirt open and ask for milk…that’s gotta stop. She plays peek a boo by putting one hand in the center of her face and staring at you with a huge grin.
  • She loves her swing and bouncing on the trampoline. She climbs up on EVERYTHING and loves to dance whenever there is music playing.
  • She’s down to two naps a day and is FINALLY sleeping through the night. (Thank Goodness!)
  • She loves the bath and could seriously spend like 30 minutes in there, no problem.
  • She says mama, and dada and something that sounds like “cat” whenever she sees our kitten, Oatmeal.

I’m so in love with this cuddly girl and I swear that I love her more and more everyday. She is the light of my world and even though she’s stressful sometimes, I wouldn’t trade my life with her for anything in the world.